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Consejos para tener un perro 15.02.2020

Ojos abiertos al comprar un cachorro

Sissi by Sissi, Sissi es bloguera desde 2014, se subió al perro en 2018. Desde entonces, se pavonea con sus 10000 pasos por el mundo cada día con Loki. La Beagdor (mezcla de labrador y águila) es un perro de terapia para niños y también la acompaña a los colegios. En secreto, le gustaría tener un Bulldog Francés como segundo perro.

Are you an animal lover and desperate to have a faithful companion by your side? Your kids are desperate for a pet and swear they're the only ones who will take care of it? Time to pop into some website and buy a puppy! Or?

Buying a puppy - here's what you need to consider

There are a few things to look out for before you buy a puppy! These are the things you should consider:

pyrenean mountain dog, white pyrenean mountain dog or also called Patou, white small puppy, one of the largest breeds in the world, dog similar to Golden Retriever

Why a dog is not a cat

Many people love dogs and would like to have one themselves, but forget what a large amount of time they have to spend on such four-legged friends. A dog is a loyal companion and an extremely social animal. Unlike cats, which can be self-sufficient, a dog wants to be with its pack - in this case, its family. So before you buy a puppy, you need to think about certain things:

  • Is my time really enough for a dog?
  • Is my space sufficient?
  • Is buying a puppy financially feasible?
  • Who exactly will take care of the dog?
  • Can I do justice to a dog for ten to twenty years - depending on the breed?

All these points should be secured before you buy a puppy.

What should I look out for when buying a puppy?

If you want to have fun with your dog for a long time, you should pay attention to several things when buying a puppy, because not every breeder is reputable.

You should definitely visit the mother of the puppies and observe how she treats the puppies. If she acts aggressively towards them, it may well be that she is just a token animal and not the mother of the puppies on offer at all. Take time to make your observations. A serious breeder will understand.

Look for market prices if you want to buy a puppy. If the price is way too low, it may well be that the alleged breeder is an unscrupulous multiplier.

Dog, mammal, vertebrate, dog breed, Canidae, puppy, carnivore, St. bernard, pyrenean mastiff, brown and white bernard puppy struts across pathway
Dog, Mammal, Vertebrate, Dog breed, Canidae, Carnivore, Puppy, Rare breed (dog), Carpathian Shepherd Dog, Two Aidi puppies standing on gravel
dog, mammal, vertebrate, dog breed, canidae, puppy, beagle, carnivore, beaglier, pocket beagle, happy spotted beagle puppy lies on wooden floor

Never buy puppies from parking lots or backyards! A good breeder never offers his puppies to just any customer, but also wants to find out if his dogs will do well. He will also ask you questions and if necessary ask for photos of the new home. A contract of sale is obligatory and there should be several visits. If both puppies and dams are still in good condition - if they are well-fed, have shining eyes and a well-groomed coat - you can trust the breeder. Traders on parking lots, on the other hand, usually sell smuggled puppies that were born in deplorable conditions. Animal welfare is a foreign word for them.

The puppy equipment

What is needed for a puppy can depend on the breed, but certain things are part of the basic equipment:

  • a food and a water bowl
  • a basket or a blanket, so that the dog has its protected place in the house
  • a transport box for the car
  • treats and possibly a treat tin for on the way
  • puppy food and chewing bones
  • leash, collar and/or harness

The breeder may even give you a small starter pack, for example with your puppy's usual food, so that he feels at home in his new home straight away.

No matter what kind of dog you choose, it is important that the dog is doing well and that everyone feels comfortable together. After all, a dog is always a member of the family.

Imagen de la pancarta: Shutterstock / michaela.bilovska
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