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Dog ownership tips 05.06.2020

Dog ran away - what to do if the dog is gone?

Sissi by Sissi, Sissi has been a blogger since 2014, got on the dog in 2018. Since then, she struts her 10000 steps through the world every day with Loki. The Beagdor (Labrador-Beagle mix) is a therapy dog for children and also accompanies her to schools. Secretly she fancies a French Bulldog as a second dog.

Even the most obedient dog may one day run away. The reasons for this are manifold: He smells the scent of a rabbit, a bitch in heat or is frightened by a loud noise. Many a dog that loves to run only notices after hours that he is missing his pack. If the dog has run away, the first thing to do is not to panic. Various authorities will help you to find the missing dog.

What to do if your dog runs away

If you have lost your dog while walking, sometimes it is enough just to wait on the spot. Some dogs don't realize they've wandered off until they've been away for a while, but then they return. It can also help to walk familiar walking routes to the dog and call out the dog's name. Ask some friends to help you find them. Maybe the friends can take dogs that your dog also knows. He might smell the friendly dogs and come up to greet them. In some cases, the dog runs ahead and is already waiting at your front door. These are the first steps you can take if the dog has run away.

dog runs away

Notify the authorities

If the dog has not returned after about three hours, or if you have not found it through the usual channels, you should contact the authorities. There are several places you can contact if the dog is missing. First, call the police and animal shelters. If he is missing in the woods or in the countryside, then you should also contact hunters and the forestry office. Also, in the worst case scenario, if something has happened to the dog, you should contact veterinarians, clinics, the road and highway department.

The order of authorities you should contact might go something like this:

  • Call police
  • Contact animal shelters, veterinarians and clinics, foresters and hunters.
  • Inform pet registry and pet search

Dog lost - what to do?

After this is done, you should create search notes and flyers. Preferably with a recent photo of the dog, details of any special features, the location of the lost dog and how you can be contacted. You can put the wanted posters in shop windows, on supermarket notice boards or in the vet's notice board. You can also place a wanted ad in the local press. You can also start social media appeals, preferably with a digital flyer that can be easily shared.

Dog missing - notify the pet registry

In Germany, dog chips are required by law. The chip, the size of a grain of rice, contains general data about the dog's owner. With it, the dog can be easily assigned to the owner by evaluating the data with a reader. However, this can only work if the dog is registered. The pet registers of Tasso and FINDEFIX are free of charge. With a simple form you can enter your data and the data of the dog. If the dog should be missing, then the associations support you with the search. Of course you have to register here before the dog disappears. Better safe than sorry. At Tasso you will receive a dog tag with your contact details, which you can attach to the collar of the animal. Tasso also offers you templates for search notes to print out and for social media.

Tip at the end: There are also several Facebook groups that post missing dogs or groups of your own city / municipality, where you can post pictures and ask for help.

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