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With these 4 tips, your dog learns to "sit pretty"

This is how your dog learns to "sit pretty".

With these 4 tips, your dog will manage to "sit pretty".

Of course, it's important that your dog is easily recallable and listens to the most important basic commands. But you'll also want your four-legged friend to be able to do a few extra tricks. First, it's fun to practice with your pelt-nose and second, it makes you proud when you can show off your tricks to others. How you can teach your dog one of these tricks in a simple and easy way, you will learn in this post.

Tips for the trick

If you want to teach your dog tricks, there are a few things that are especially important:

  • Patience
  • a calm environment
  • and of course treats

If these points are given, it can also already start with the training.

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Practising tricks with your dog - "sit pretty" made easy

You should be aware from the beginning that not every dog learns equally fast. Do not be impatient if your four-legged friend takes a little longer. Do not lose your patience yourself, always remain calm, because this is also transferred to your four-legged friend.

So that your dog is not distracted during training, you should provide a quiet environment. Train best in a quiet room, or in the far corner of the garden.

The four-legged friend should always be rewarded for its efforts. Dogs will do almost anything if they get a particularly tasty treat in return. For training, it is best to choose a treat that is not usually available every day and that your dog particularly likes.

Doing the "sit pretty", the first steps

It is best to start this exercise with the sit position. Now take the treat in your hand and hold it above your dog's head. The distance between the dog's snout and the treat should be about ten centimetres. If you hold the treat too low, the pelt-nose can snatch it from the sit. If you hold the treat too high, you encourage your dog to jump so that it can catch the reward.

You should also hold the treat slightly backwards. This way, the dog has to stand on its hind legs to get the longed-for "Gutti".

Doing the trick "sit pretty" - conditioning to a command

From the beginning you should condition your dog to a certain command. As soon as you say this command, your four-legged friend will know what you expect of it. "Roll over" is a good command, but "hop" or "balance" are also useful commands. In any case, you must commit to one command and use it consistently from the first training session.

If your four-legged friend does not want to understand what you want it to do, you can start by lifting it slightly by the front paws and gently bring it into the desired position. It is important that you use the command. As soon as it has arrived in the position "make a man", the treat also comes immediately into the dog. Even if you helped it do it. Everything works through the reward center in dogs. You will see that if you have helped it three times to roll over and it has received a treat, then the next time it will work all by itself.

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Johann is a passionate dog fan since 1986 and a proud dog dad of a Labrador mongrel since 2018. Besides his work as an IT expert, he also writes for dogbible and shares his knowledge and experiences about dogs there.
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