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Dog training 28.01.2020

3 tips for the perfect recall

Thomas by Thomas, Thomas has contributed the technical know-wau uh know-how to dogbible and is not only enthusiastic about Japan, but also calls the Shiba his favorite dog, which hopefully will soon be allowed to take up residence in his Rooftopgarden.

Recalling the dog from any situation is extremely important for the dog owner. Actually, who can not call back his dog safely, should not let him off the leash in public at all. How else will he be able to react to critical situations?

On the other hand, recall is not that easy. Especially since dogs are typically called when they are doing something enormously essential and exciting: Digging up mouse nests, sniffing out the latest news on tufts of grass, growling at favorite enemies, or eating dead rabbits.

Dog, Mammal, Vertebrate, Dog Breed, Canidae, Carnivore, Companion Dog, Sporting Group, Nova Scotia Duck Toll Retriever, Brown Happy Nova Scotia Duck Toll Retriever in Meadow

Dogs do not call each other away from something pleasant with the urgency that humans do with their dogs. Dogs themselves announce claims when it comes to something interesting, or they call the others to make contact. In this respect, the recall is doubly difficult for the dog to learn.

Probably every dog owner has practiced the recall with his puppy. In the flat, with a treat in the hand, with enthusiastic hugging and praise, if the little one then also comes.

But so that the recall also works with the adult dog, a little puppy training is not enough.

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In order for the recall to work safely, you have to keep at it and practice with your dog again and again. Not too much - otherwise he will eventually get bored. But every now and then, so that the recall remains present to him.

In reality, recall is not that hard. If you follow three simple tricks:

  1. Don't overwhelm your dog with what you want him to do.
  2. Tell your dog clearly what you want him to do
  3. Make your dog comfortable

1. do not overload your dog

Recall is difficult for a dog. The more attractive the alternative program is, the harder it is. Recall when he was about to come to you anyway is less difficult than recall in the middle of a game or even on the trail.

Only call your dog from situations he can (already) do it from. Then you both have a nice sense of achievement and the exercise will work all the more confidently the next time. If your dog repeatedly experiences that you call him back and he does not come, he will, on the contrary, store up that your recall is not so important.

2. say clearly what you want

Your dog is a dog, not a human. Verbal messages, i.e. the pure wording, don't tell him much. He orients himself to the sound of your voice, to your posture, to your smells. If you call him with a stern face and a loud voice while standing erect and stiff, possibly even walking towards him, you are telling him the exact opposite of what you actually want to achieve. Make your voice sound friendly, smile, make yourself small rather than tall, stand a little sideways. Then you tell your dog much better that he should come.

3. make him comfortable with coming

If you always leash your dog when he comes and go home, he will associate the recall with the end of the walk. If you scold your dog for not coming until the second time you call him, he will associate the recall with the scolding. Always praise your dog when he follows the recall. And do it clearly, with voice and petting. Call him every now and then, and then let him run again. Make the recall desirable for him. Then he will also come when it is really urgent.

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