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Dog ownership tips 24.02.2021

Hiking with dog in Saxon Switzerland

Johann by Johann, Johann has been a dog dad since 2018 and a dog fan since 1986.

Hiking with your dog in Saxon Switzerland

If you are thinking about where you could spend your next holiday with your four-legged friend, then a stay in Saxon Switzerland would be a wonderful idea. We'll give you some tips on how to make hiking with your dog in Saxon Switzerland a great experience.

Located in the middle of the beautiful Elbe Sandstone Mountains is Saxon Switzerland. The mountain range is located in the German state of Saxony and has Germany's only rocky national park as an attraction. A network of hiking trails, which extends to over 1200 km, invites you to walk and hike. Ideal for you dog owners, because of the variety of nature experiences - valleys, forests, gorges - an extensive walk with fun, variety and relaxation is guaranteed.

Special hiking tours for you and your four-legged friend

Although there are countless hiking possibilities in Saxon Switzerland, which all have their charm, some routes have special advantages for dogs and their masters and mistresses. For example, the Malerweg (Painters' Trail) with stages of varying lengths, where you can choose the length and altitude according to your mood. It's best to find out in advance on the web.

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Hiking with a dog in Saxon Switzerland

Basically, going on a hiking tour or a hiking holiday with your four-legged friend is an attraction is an activity that is fun for both you and your fur nose. But you should consider a few things in advance. Make sure that you bring along enough to drink for your dog - depending on the time of year. If you have decided on a hiking trail in Saxon Switzerland, then not only make sure that you have good shoes, but also pack paw protection for your dog if necessary.

What do you have to watch out for?

If you visit Saxon Switzerland with your dog, then you must observe the leash requirement in the national park if you want to cross it during the hike. The leash requirement - as well as a muzzle requirement - applies in public transport. What you should always check before your trip are the local weather conditions. It is best to check the weather forecast so that you can equip your four-legged friend accordingly. For example, in the form of a raincoat or a towel to dry the fur.

More tips for hiking with your dog in "Switzerland

If you have a somewhat further journey to Saxon Switzerland, then you can easily book accommodation in the region, here we also give you the tip in advance to look for a dog-friendly holiday apartment or hotel. This saves stress and trouble and contributes to a relaxed holiday. Beside an Internet search also the book " Fred and Otto on the way in Saxon Switzerland and Dresden " could be a good preparation for you the trip. It is a hiking guide for dogs.

Finally, it remains for us to wish you a lot of fun with your furry nose while hiking in Saxon Switzerland. With our five tips in mind, nothing can go wrong.

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