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What is the origin of Affenpinscher?

Until 1896 one knew only dwarf pinschers. It was only later that a distinction was made between the short-haired Miniature Pinscher and the Affenpinscher. When the Pinscher-Schnauzer-Club was established, one finally separated between the Miniature Schnauzer the Affenpinscher. From 1920 to 1940, there were 50 puppies per year. Today, there are only about 20 to 30 puppies annually. Use as a house and companion dog is common in this country. Affenpinschers are listed under group two in section one. The AKC lists them under the "toy group" and the KC also lists them under the "toy breed group".

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Alternate Name -
Origin Germany
Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group Pinscher and Schnauzer type
AKC group Toy Group
KC group Toy Group

What are typical character traits of Affenpinschers?

They are extremely affectionate and loving dogs. Their other side is triggered by the quick-tempered temperament. Then they can become downright cheeky and forward and are not bribable by anything. Despite their small size, they have a great deal of courage and alertness. Therefore, they are absolutely no lap dogs, but convince with their intelligence and willingness to learn.

What is to be considered with the attitude of Affenpinschern?

The fur care takes a lot of time. To avoid matting, you should trim the coat regularly. Also a habituation to brush and comb should take place as early as possible. Claw trimming is best left to a professional. The black claws make the blood vessels invisible and you could injure your dog.

Also, Affenpinschers can become very possessive when it comes to their toys or food. Keeping them with small children should be avoided.


  • active
  • awake
  • funny
  • cheerful
  • curious


  • Family Dog
black german dog breed, small black dog, dog looks like ewok, ape like dog, ape pinscher

What are typical diseases of Affenpinscher Dogs?

The kneecap often pops out in this breed. They are also prone to hip dysplasia and tracheal diseases.

Affenpinscher breeding - where, how, what?

There are very few Affenpinscher breeders in Germany. You should try to get in contact with them early enough, because it is not uncommon that there are very long waiting lists.

Here are two kennels which belong to the Pinscher and Schnauzer Club:

Affenpinscher temperament

They are small compact dogs with a monkey-like face, so this is where the name Affenpinscher comes from (Affe=Monkey in German). The build should preferably be square. Their gait corresponds to a fluid triple gait with medium thrust. The rather spherical skull has a pronounced forehead. The nose is black with wide open nostrils. They have an inverted scissor bite and are sometimes missing two molars. Their dark eyes are framed by a ring of hair. The v-shaped prick ears are set high. The tight short back ends in a slightly rounded croup. The tail is said to form a sickle or sabre and remains natural.

Appearance and coat of the Affenpinscher

It has dense and hard hair, a handsome beard and cheek hair. The protruding head hair contributes to the ape-like facial expression. Only pure black fur and black undercoat is allowed.

What is the size of the Affenpinscher?

The height at the withers is 25 - 30 centimetres.

How much does an Affenpinscher weigh?

The small dogs weigh only about four to six kilograms.

How old does an Affenpinscher become?

It can live up to 16 years.

Fur length long
Fur rough-haired
Ear shape Tilt-ear
Tail lang
Anatomy slim
Size ♀ 25 - 30 cm
Weight ♀ 4 - 6 kg
Size ♂ 25 - 30 cm
Weight ♂ 4 - 6 kg
Suitable For Beginner


black Loh grey silver red
black Affenpinscher head
brown affenpinscher in snow, small dog breed, german dogs
black german dog breed, small black dog, dog looks like ewok, ape like dog, ape pinscher
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    The hip dysplasia or hip joint dysplasia of the dog (HD) is a maldevelopment of the hip joint.

  • Patellar problems

    Problems with the Patellar can be a displacement or weak kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs, also because of overweight.

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