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18 Asian dog breeds with pictures

These are sugary cute Asian dog breeds that you need to meet.

Asia, the largest continent on our planet, is rich not only in culture, history and culinary delights, but also in an impressive variety of dog breeds. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the tropical islands of Southeast Asia, evolution has produced a wonderful array of dogs perfectly adapted to their respective environments. Some of these breeds are known and loved worldwide, while others are still waiting to be discovered. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey across Asia to introduce you to some of the most fascinating and characterful dog breeds that you must get to know. It's going to be an exciting journey of discovery that will delight both connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of dogs. So pack your virtual travel bags and let's dive into the world of Asian dog breeds together!

1. Akita inu

Dog, carnivore, grass, companion dog, plant, tail, dog breed, land animal, collar, old dog breeds, Depositphotos / f8grapher

The Akita Inu, often referred to simply as the Akita, is an impressive breed of dog that originated in Japan. It is characterized by its sturdy build, thick coat, and a proud, upright gait. The Akita is a courageous and loyal companion, often reserved with strangers but extremely loyal to his family. Its history dates back thousands of years and is highly prized in Japan, where the Akita is considered a national treasure. One of the most famous stories showing the breed's loyalty is that of Hachikō, an Akita who waited for his owner at a train station every day for nine years after his death. Akitas have a dense double coat that comes in a variety of colors, including white, brindle and various shades of red. Although they are loving family members, Akitas require consistent training and socialization from a young age.

2. Shiba inu

Dog,Carnivore,Fawn,Collar,Companion,Muzzle,Dog breed,Whiskers,Spitz,Dingo, LéWuff

The Shiba Inu is a small to medium-sized dog breed that originated in Japan and is known for its alertness, intelligence and independent character. With its fox-like appearance, pointed muzzle, alert, triangular eyes and curled tail, the Shiba always attracts attention. Its coat is short, smooth and dense and can come in a variety of colors including red, black and brindle. Despite its small size, the Shiba Inu is very bold and tends to appear larger than it actually is. Although he has an independent nature, the Shiba is also known for his loyalty to his family. However, he can be reserved with strangers and needs consistent training. His energy and lively spirit make him a great companion for active families, but he can also be stubborn and headstrong.

3. Chow chow

Chow chow dog. Summertime. Depositphotos / Bokstaz

The Chow Chow, often called simply "Chow", is an impressive and distinctive breed of dog that originated in China. With its lion-like, thick coat, unique blue tongue and dignified expression, it embodies majestic elegance. His round head, short muzzle and deep-set eyes give him a striking appearance. Despite its plush appearance, the Chow is a serious and independent dog, often described as reserved and aloof, especially toward strangers. However, he is fiercely loyal to his family and can be very protective. Its dense coat requires regular grooming to avoid matting. When trained, the Chow often proves stubborn, so early socialization and consistent, loving training is essential. This historic and culturally significant dog was once a companion of Chinese nobles and remains a fascinating and admirable quadruped to this day.

4. Shar pei

SHAR PEI DOG, ADULT, STANDING ON GRASS Depositphotos / slowmotiongli

The Shar-Pei, a distinctive dog of Chinese origin, is best known for its unique deep skin folds and blue-black tongue. Its name literally means "sandy skin," referring to the rough texture of its short coat. With its fleshy, drooping cheeks, scrunched face and small, low-set ears, the Shar-Pei has an almost melancholy appearance. Despite its rumpled appearance, it has a strong, compact stature. In character, the Shar-Pei is loyal, quiet, and often reserved toward strangers, but loving and protective toward his family. He tends to be independent and sometimes stubborn, which requires consistent but patient training. The unique nature of his skin requires special care to prevent skin problems. A testament to centuries of Chinese culture and breeding tradition, the Shar-Pei remains one of the most striking and fascinating dog breeds in the world.

5. Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff dog lying on the carpet and looking at the camera. Tibetan Mastiff puppy with red color in close up. The big brown dog is resting on the carpet. Depositphotos / tanyki88

The Tibetan Mastiff is a majestic and impressive dog breed that originated in the rugged regions of the Himalayas. This powerful dog embodies strength and dignity with its thick, long coat, massive build and deep, penetrating gaze. Originally a guard dog for nomads and monasteries, it was bred to protect herds from predators and guard territories. Its coat, which comes in colors such as black, gold and various shades of brown, provides protection against the extreme weather conditions of its homeland. In character, the Tibetan Mastiff is independent, intelligent and often reserved with strangers, but shows a deep loyalty and affection for his family. Despite his impressive size, he has a gentle side, especially when interacting with children. He needs consistent training and enough room to roam. His presence embodies thousands of years of tradition and culture of the highlands of Tibet.

6. Lhasa apso

A small young light brown, fawn, beige, gray and white Lhasa Apso with long silky coat that walks on the grass. The long-haired, bearded Lhasa dog has a heavy, straight, long coat and is a companion dog. Depositphotos / f8grapher

The Lhasa Apso is a small but sturdy dog breed deeply rooted in the mystical history of Tibet. Originally bred to guard monasteries and palaces in the high Himalayan mountains, this dog is characterized by its long, flowing coat and watchful eyes. Its name "Lhasa" refers to the sacred Tibetan city, and "Apso" could mean "long-haired guard dog." Character-wise, the Lhasa Apso is confident, intelligent, and often headstrong. Although small, he does not lack courage and is often wary of strangers, showing his watchdog roots. Towards his family, however, he shows a deep affection and loyalty. His thick, long hair requires regular grooming to keep it in top condition. With consistent training and lots of love, the Lhasa Apso is a charming and loyal companion that represents the rich culture of Tibet.

7. Tibetan terrier

Close up of pretty Tibetan terrier dog with curious look and open mouth sitting and relaxing in park Depositphotos / Slast

The Tibetan Terrier, despite its name not a true terrier, is a fascinating dog breed with deep roots in Tibetan culture and history. Originally bred in the harsh heights of the Himalayas, this versatile dog served as a companion, guard dog, and occasional herder for the nomads of Tibet. With its medium size, thick, wavy coat and lively, expressive eyes, it embodies a blend of strength and elegance. His coat can come in a variety of colors and provides protection against the extreme weather conditions of his native region. In character, the Tibetan Terrier is cheerful, smart and affectionate. He bonds closely to his family, but often shows an independent side. Early socialization and consistent training are important to bring out his best character. His happy and loving character coupled with his history make him a special and valuable family member.

8. Thai ridgeback

Dog breed Thai Ridgeback standing on the sidewalk Depositphotos / DevidDO

The Thai Ridgeback is a rare and impressive dog breed that originated in Thailand. Its most striking feature is the eponymous "ridge" or comb on its back, where the hair runs against the direction of growth of the rest of the coat. He shares this distinctive feature only with the Rhodesian Ridgeback. The Thai Ridgeback has an elegant, muscular build and short, smooth skin that comes in colors such as red, black, blue and brindle.

Historically, the Thai Ridgeback has been used for a variety of tasks, including hunting and guard duty. He is known for his independence, intelligence and high energy. While loyal and affectionate to his family, he can be reserved with strangers. Early socialization and consistent training are essential to having a well-balanced Thai Ridgeback.

With its long history and uniqueness, the Thai Ridgeback represents a fascinating chapter in the world of dogs.

9. Eurasian

Two cute Eurasier puppies in interaction Depositphotos / Madrabothair

The Eurasier is a relatively young dog breed that was created in Germany in the 1960s by crossing Chow Chow, Wolfsspitz and later Samoyed. The goal of this selective breeding was to create a good-natured, family-friendly and versatile breed that combined the best of these three breeds.

The Eurasier is a medium-sized dog with a dense, fluffy undercoat and a straight, harsh topcoat. His color palette ranges from black, red and gray to various shades of fawn. His eyes express intelligence and curiosity and may vary according to coat color. Character-wise, the Eurasier is calm, balanced and affectionate. He is deeply attached to his family and is especially good with children. Although he can be reserved with strangers at first, he is not aggressive. He needs regular mental and physical stimulation and is happiest when involved in his family's daily activities. The Eurasier, as a bridge between European and Asian breeds, symbolizes the union of different dog characters in one harmonious and loving breed.

10. Shih tzu

Dog,Dog breed,Carnivore,Liver,Companion dog,Grass,Toy dog,Snout,Sporting group,Shih tzu, Pexels / Pexels

The Shih Tzu, whose name means "lion dog" in Mandarin, is a charming and historic breed that has its roots in the imperial palaces of China. With its luxuriously long coat, which often comes in a variety of colors, and its striking short face, the Shih Tzu embodies elegance and grace. Despite its small size, it possesses a proud and sturdy bearing. Character-wise, the Shih Tzu is known for his friendly and fun-loving nature, making him a popular companion dog. He is social, affectionate and often gets along well with children and other animals. His silky coat requires regular grooming to keep it in top condition. In centuries past, he was a favorite of Chinese royalty and remains a symbol of grace and affection in many households worldwide. The Shih Tzu is truly a small dog with a big heart.

11. Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dog running on meadow Depositphotos / YAYImages

The Chinese Crested Dog, often referred to simply as the "Crested Dog", is a distinctive and fascinating breed of dog. It is characterized by its partially hairless appearance, combined with tufts of hair on the head, paws and end of the tail. However, there is also a fully hairy variety, the "Powder Puff". Originally from China, the Crested Dog was revered as a temple dog and was considered a good luck charm.

Although he may appear fragile at first glance, the Chinese Crested Dog is a sturdy and lively companion. He is intelligent, alert, and often very affectionate toward his caregiver. His temperament is usually friendly and playful. His lack of fur makes him a good choice for allergy sufferers, but requires special care to keep his skin healthy.

His unusual appearance coupled with his charming character makes the Chinese Crested Dog a real eye-catcher and a loving family member.

12. Afghan greyhound

Afghan greyhound standing in the park Depositphotos / BiancaGrueneberg

The Afghan Hound, often referred to simply as the "Afghan", is one of the oldest and yet most majestic dog breeds. With its long, silky coat, curved tail and proud stance, it is reminiscent of the aristocracy of dogs. Originally bred in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, the Afghan was used to hunt big game such as leopards. Its dense coat offered it protection from the harsh climatic conditions. In character, the Afghan is independent, dignified, and sometimes a little aloof, yet he forms a deep bond with his family. He is intelligent, but often headstrong, which requires patient and consistent training. His luxurious coat requires regular grooming to prevent matting. Despite his regal appearance, the Afghan has a playful and often clownish character, making him a fascinating and loving companion.

13. Japan Spitz

White japanese spitz running in park Depositphotos / virgonira

The Japan Spitz is one of those dogs that enchant at first sight with their dazzling white, fluffy fur and bright eyes. Externally similar to the American Eskimo Dog and the Samoyed, the Japan Spitz is distinguished by its medium size and pointed build. Originally from Japan, this breed was developed in the 1920s and 1930s.

This dog is known for its friendly and outgoing nature. He is intelligent, obedient and often very affectionate to his family. Because of its adaptable and loving nature, the Japan Spitz makes an excellent family dog. Despite its fluffy appearance, the coat of this breed is surprisingly easy to care for, as it has a self-cleaning function. Regular brushing is often all that is required. With its blend of elegance, intelligence and friendliness, the Japan Spitz is an asset to anyone lucky enough to share their life with it.

14. Japan chin

Black and white Japanese Chin, curious and loving Depositphotos / rudyumans

The Japan Chin, also known as the Japanese Spaniel, is a charming little dog breed with a long and venerable history. He was once the favorite of the Japanese imperial courts and was often considered a luxury item and a sign of wealth and status. His silky, straight flowing coat, striking eyes and compact face give him a distinctive appearance.

In character, the Japan Chin is calm, graceful, and somewhat reserved. Despite his aristocratic origins, he has a playful and affectionate side. He is intelligent and a quick learner, but can also have a headstrong streak. His bond with his family is deep and he often shows a special affection for a particular person.

The Japan Chin is excellent for apartments and smaller living spaces. His gentle nature makes him an ideal companion for the elderly or for families looking for a less energetic dog. His fine structure and elegance are a real pleasure for all who know him.

15. Pekinese

Pekingese, also called lion dogs, are an ancient breed of dog that bears a resemblance to Chinese guardian lions when sitting on the ground. Depositphotos / PhotoVelum

The Pekinese, often affectionately called "Peki", is an ancient and venerable Chinese dog breed once reserved for the imperial courts of China. With its lion-like mane, short, flat face and compact body, it embodies the majestic presence of a small king. His long, dense coat can come in a variety of colors, giving him a distinctive appearance.

The Pekinese is a confident, independent and often proud little dog. He has a headstrong streak, but at the same time a deep loyalty and affection for his human. Although small, he has a big heart and can be very protective of his family.

Needy because of his thick coat, the Pekingese requires regular brushing. His size makes him an ideal companion for indoor living. With its royal heritage and remarkable personality, the Pekinese is a unique and charming companion that has captured the hearts of many for centuries.

16. Pug

Happy light brown pug (Pug) Depositphotos / belchonock

The Pug is one of the most famous and beloved dog breeds, characterized by its distinctive face, round eyes and characteristic short muzzle. Originally from China, this breed quickly became a favorite of European royalty, especially the Dutch royal family.

Compact, muscular and with a distinct personality, the Pug is a breed full of surprises. Despite its small size, it has a lively and playful nature that is often accompanied by comedic behavior. Its friendly and affectionate nature makes it an ideal family dog. The Pug is also known for his loyalty and attachment to his family, often "shadowing" his favorite member wherever he goes.

17. Combai

Combai dog breed on green grass, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, India Depositphotos / RealityImages

The Combai, also known as Kombai, is a rare and original breed of dog from the southern part of India, particularly from the Tamil Nadu region. Historically, this powerful dog was mainly used to hunt wild boar and guard homes and livestock. It is known for its strong jaw, deep chest, short-haired coat and unique coat color, which is often a reddish-brown tone with a darker muzzle.

Character-wise, the Combai is characterized by his fearless bravery and deep loyalty to his family. He is alert and has a strong protective instinct, which makes him an excellent watchdog. At the same time, when properly socialized, he shows a gentle and loving side towards his family. This sturdy and persistent dog, with a rich history in rural India, represents the essence of a true working dog and remains a proud symbol of his homeland.

18. Chippiparai

An Indian dog and a Chippiparai are looking in the same direction. Depositphotos / ellamaran007

The Chippiparai is a proud and original breed of greyhound from southern India, particularly from the Tamil Nadu region. Known for its elegance and speed, this slender dog was traditionally used for hunting deer, wild boar and hare. Its short, glossy coat, which is usually silver-gray, brown, or fawn, highlights its graceful stance and aerodynamic shape.

The Chippiparai is not only a skilled hunter, but also a loyal and loving companion. He is intelligent, alert and possesses a natural skepticism towards strangers, which makes him a good watchdog. Despite his reserved nature towards strangers, he often shows a deep affection for his family. A breed that requires little care and is hardy to tropical diseases, the Chippiparai symbolizes the unspoiled beauty and heritage of rural India.

Asian dog breeds offer impressive diversity, reflecting the continent's rich cultural and geographic range. From the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the dense jungles of Southeast Asia, different regions of Asia have produced dogs that are perfectly adapted to their respective environments.

Let's start in the East with Japan, which has produced breeds such as the Shiba Inu, Akita Inu. The Shiba Inu, with its compact stature and lively character, and the proud Akita Inu are two of the most famous breeds from this region. In China we find the Chinese Crested Dog, known for its unique appearance, and the Shar-Pei with its characteristic skin folds. The Tibetan Mastiff and the Lhasa Apso from the highlands of Tibet are robust and at the same time noble animals.

India presents us with the Chippiparai and Combai breeds that combine speed and endurance, ideal for hunting in the diverse landscapes of the subcontinent. The Thai Ridgeback from Thailand is known for the distinctive crest along its back. The Afghan Greyhound, with its luxuriously long coat, originated in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and was traditionally used as a hunting dog.

There are also smaller but equally charming breeds such as the Pekinese and Pug, both associated with imperial courts, and the playful Shih Tzu.

Each of these breeds represents a unique heritage and reflects the adaptability and versatility of dogs to a wide variety of environments and living conditions. Whether as guard dogs, hunting companions, or loyal family members, Asian dog breeds have much to offer and are a testament to the millennia-old relationship between humans and dogs in various Asian cultures.

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