All St. Bernard crossbreeds at a glance

St. Bernard mixes are a popular choice among dog lovers looking for a large, loving and loyal companion. With a mix of the St. Bernard and another breed, these large dogs offer a variety of benefits to their owners.

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Saint Bernard


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Things we love about St. Bernard crossbreeds

Crossbreeds that have the genetic traits of a St. Bernard are known for their impressive characteristics. These large-bodied companions impress not only with their massive stature and thick, often wavy coat, but also with their calm and friendly nature. Particularly striking is their broad chest and powerful appearance, which gives them a majestic look.

These dogs are characterized by extraordinary patience and gentleness, which makes them ideal family dogs. Their ability to adapt quickly to the needs of their environment, coupled with an unwavering loyalty to their owners, makes them reliable companions. Despite their size, they are often surprisingly gentle and careful, especially around children.

In terms of grooming, due to their thick coat, they require regular brushing sessions to keep their coat healthy and shiny. Social integration also plays a major role, as they are very community-oriented and seek closeness to their family. With the right training and enough exercise, these crossbreeds will develop their full potential as loyal and protective housemates.

2 St. Bernard crossbreeds that are simply cute

In the following overview, we introduce you to some of these St. Bernard crossbreeds, accompanied by photos that highlight the unique characteristics and irresistible charisma of these coveted four-legged friends.

Saint Bernewfie: Saint Bernard & Newfoundland

Hund,Pflanze,Fleischfresser,Baum,Hunderasse,Begleithund,Schnauze,Sportliche Gruppe,Retriever,Gras, Denise Hörath

The Saint Bernewfie, an impressive cross between the Saint Bernard and the Newfoundland, combines the gentle nature and massive stature of both breeds. You will be impressed by the size and friendly nature of this crossbreed. Its dense, water-repellent coat, which can come in different colors such as black, brown and white, makes it an eye-catching companion.

You should provide him with regular grooming to keep his lush coat in good condition. Regular brushing sessions are essential, especially during shedding periods. The Saint Bernewfie needs plenty of space and daily exercise to stay healthy. Although he is large, he is known for his calm and patient nature, making him an ideal family dog.

It is recommended that you start socialization and training early to encourage his best qualities. With the right training, this loving and loyal companion will become an integral part of your life, ready to provide you with joy and companionship.

Irish Wolf-Bernard

Pflanze,Hund,Fleischfresser,Gras,Begleithund,Rehkitz,Hunderasse,Schnauze,Landtier,Blume, Rebecca Martens

The Irish Wolf-Bernard combines the impressive characteristics of the Irish Wolfhound with those of the Saint Bernard. Here you will experience an extraordinary mixture of size, strength and a gentle nature. This large dog impresses with its stately appearance and a dense, often long coat that comes in colors such as grey, brown and white.

You should be prepared to give him plenty of space and regular grooming to keep his magnificent coat in good condition. The Irish Wolf-Bernard needs regular exercise to keep him healthy, but he is also surprisingly calm and even-tempered indoors.

It is recommended to start training and socialization early. These dogs are known for their loyalty and protective instincts, which makes them excellent family dogs. With the right training and guidance, this lovable giant will be a loyal and reliable companion in your life, providing both security and friendship.

And so much more!

When St. Bernards are crossed with other breeds, the result is often great crossbreeds that take the hearts of dog lovers by storm. In the following table you will find a selection of other super cute St. Bernard crossbreeds to give you an impression of these adorable four-legged friends.

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