Irish Saint Terrier:Saint Bernard and Irish Terrier Mix

Hybrid Breed

Saint Bernard + Irish Terrier


What is an Irish Saint Terrier?

The Irish Saint Terrier, also known as the St. Bernard and Irish Terrier mix, is a hybrid breed that comes from the cross between the St. Bernard and the Irish Terrier.

History and origin

The exact origin story of the Irish Saint Terrier is not known, but the two original breeds, the St. Bernard and the Irish Terrier, have a long history. The Saint Bernard was originally bred as a rescue dog in the Swiss Alps, while the Irish Terrier originated in Ireland and was once used as a working dog for farmers. However, the first known crossing of these two breeds is relatively recent and probably dates back to the late 20th century.

Alternate Name -
Origin Switzerland - Ireland
Life expectancy 8 - 14 years
Care requirements high-maintenance - low-maintenance
Activity level average - low
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Character traits and nature

  • Temperament: The Irish Saint Terrier is known for its friendly andeven-tempered nature. He tends to get along well with children and other pets, and shows a high degree of patience and tolerance.
  • Courageous: Like the Irish Terrier, the Irish Saint Terrier is a courageous breed. He will not hesitate to protect and defend his family.
  • Loyal: The Irish Saint Terrier is known for his loyalty and close bond with his family. He is a great companion and will always be by his humans' side.
  • Intelligent: With both parent breeds known for their intelligence, it is no wonder that the Irish Saint Terrier is a smart animal. It is capable of learning and can handle many different tasks.

Housing requirements

These characteristics make it an ideal family dog. They have medium to high energy levels and therefore require regular exercise. The breed is also well suited for various dog sports such as agility, obedience or flyball. Dog training is recommended as both parent breeds tend to have a strong, independent streak.

The Irish Saint Terrier requires a moderate amount of exercise and should be walked daily . Also, this hybrid breed needs a lot of mental stimulation, so training or participating in dog sports is a great way to keep his mind and body equally occupied.

Care of the Irish Saint Terrier

Grooming an Irish Saint Terrier is not particularly complicated. However, due to its thick, wiry coat texture, it is important to schedule regular brushing to prevent matting and skin problems. Bathing should only occur when necessary to avoid stripping the natural oils in the dog's skin.

Health of the Irish Saint Terrier

Health-wise, Irish Saint Terriers are generally hardy animals. However, like all mixed breed dogs, they can inherit certain genetic health problems from their parents . Potential health problems include hip dysplasia, skin problems, and certain types of cancer. Regular vet visits and a healthy diet can help prevent or detect many of these problems early.

Breeding the Irish Saint Terrier

Breeding the Irish Saint Terrier should only be done by experienced, responsible breeders who carefully monitor the health of the parents and ensure that they are genetically suitable for breeding. It is critical that breeders recognize and actively prevent potential health problems.

With its striking bernard eyes and athletic Irish Terrier build, the Irish Saint Terrier immediately stands out among other dogs. There can be some variations in coat color, but the most common are red, brown and white.

Fur length medium - short
Fur flat coated - rough-haired
Ear shape -
Tail fanned out - short
Anatomy -
Size ♀ 35 - 80 cm
Weight ♀ 11 - 120 kg
Size ♂ 40 - 90 cm
Weight ♂ 11 - 120 kg
Suitable For -
  • Epilepsy

    Definition: Dog has epilepsy if, for example, at least two epileptic seizures occur more than 24 hours apart.

  • Cancer

    May be common in older dogs.

  • Skeletal disorders

    IPA, FPC and OCD occur in dogs at four to five months of age during the most severe growth spurt.

  • Skin inflammations

    Can be hereditary in certain breeds.

  • Metabolic diseases (cystinuria)

    Cystinuria is a hereditary metabolic disease. Affected dogs lack a transport protein for certain amino acids (protein building blocks). In the kidney, the task of this transport protein is a return transport of amino acids from the urine into the bloodstream.

  • An Irish Saint Terrier is a robust and sweet breed, which has a very good family adaptation. They are very intelligent, playful and cheerful. They have good stamina and are therefore very suitable for long walks or hikes.

  • Being a cross breed dog, they can be susceptible to hereditary diseases that are normally found in the two parent breeds. Therefore, before buying, you should choose a breeder who has healthy parents and performs regular medical examinations.

  • Yes. Since an Irish Saint Terrier is very affectionate and outgoing, it is also suitable to live indoors. But it is important that they get the necessary exercise to stay healthy.

  • Positive reinforcement is best achieved through praise and treats. Disciplinary training should be done consistently and in a calm voice. It is important to have short training sessions and give the dog regular breaks.

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