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Dog training 26.01.2021

3 tips to teach the "stay" and establish it permanently as a trick

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Why teaching the command "Stay" is so important

In dog training, the "Stay" command is an essential concept. Perhaps you have already learned it in dog school in the course of puppy training or read about it in books about dog training. The command is a very unspectacular and short word, and yet it is incredibly important. It can be applied in many different situations. It is important to teach your dog that you are leading him and signaling what it is allowed to do and where his limits are. The "Stay" command is therefore essential to building and maintaining a healthy relationship with your dog. It can be important in many different cases to let your dog wait or to put him down.

For example, if you go to the bakery to get rolls in the morning or to the drugstore on a walk, your dog needs to be able to wait for you in front of the store. Even if you have visitors coming, you can use the "Stay" command to prevent your dog from rushing to the door. Many dog owners incorporate this short command into feeding as well. Your dog will learn to wait until you signal that he can eat. "Stay" is an important command that clearly shows the hierarchy in your pack. You signal to your dog that he is dependent on you and that you give him clear instructions, but also that it can rely on you and that you allow him time in peace in which he may linger.

3 tips on how to do "Stay" quickly and easily

  1. Start in small steps
    The dog trick works best if you send your dog to "sit" or "down" beforehand. As soon as your dog has executed this command, give the command "Stay" loudly and clearly. Take a small step away from your dog and signal with your body language that it should stay in its current position. Practice the command at small distances and keep increasing the distance. Eventually you will see that being five or more steps away from your dog is no longer a problem.
  2. Train in different situations
    Since your dog should be able to perform this dog trick in every situation later on, it is important that you train with it in every relevant situation beforehand. The best time is the morning walk, the TV break in the evening or just in between in the garden or in the yard. If it doesn't work in a new situation, simply repeat the situations you have already learned.
  3. Reward correctly - this is the important tip to teach him to stay
    It is also important that you reward your dog at the right moment. Wait a short while when you take a few steps away and reward only when a few seconds have passed. Of course, this time span is much shorter in the beginning than after a while of training. As soon as your dog looks up before your command, it is not to be rewarded.
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A short summary to train the stay to your dog

  1. Choose a calm training atmosphere in the beginning
  2. Slowly increase the distance and duration
  3. Cancel the command again
  4. Reward at the right time
  5. If a mistake is made, lead the dog back to the starting position
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