Mastiff Shepherd:Bullmastiff and German Shepherd Mix

Hybrid Breed

Bullmastiff + German Shepherd


Bullmastiff and German Shepherd Mix- a hybrid breed.

The Bullmastiff-German Shepherd mix is a very hardy hybrid. They were originally bred by crossing Bullmastiffs and German Shepherds to create a perfect family dog: Loving, but also fearless enough to serve as a guard dog. These dogs are usually intelligent and very playful as young dogs and also as adults. They have a very strong bond with their humans and are very loving and alert. They are also very energetic and need some exercise at least once a day.

Alternate Name -
Origin England - Germany
Life expectancy 8 - 13 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average - high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Mastiff Shepherd - Such is probably his nature.

Bullmastiff-German Shepherd (also known as "Mastiff Shepherd") is a cross between Bullmastiff and German Shepherd breeds. This mixed breed is a very impressive dog that has a combination of the characteristics of both parent breeds. Although they have a powerful appearance, they are basically calm and fearless.

There are many reasons why people add a Mastiff Shepherd to your families. First of all, Bullmastiffs were originally bred as family dogs and are still revered as such. They are also considered to be very intelligent and calm dogs that love to interact with their owners.

But there is much more to the Bullmastiff German Shepherd than just its calm and friendly personality. These dogs are also extremely cuddly and lovable, especially towards children. Moreover, these dogs are true guardian angels that would bravely defend their families should it ever be necessary.

Finally, it is important to mention that the Bullmastiff German Shepherd is not an easy training project. These dogs require a lot of consistency and uncompromising education to ensure that they understand their position within the family. It is also recommended that owners* who choose a Bullmastiff German Shepherd socialize their dog regularly from the beginning, as poor socialization could lead to unpredictable behavior.

For the right owner, the Mastiff Shepherd is an extremely loyal and faithful combination of Bullmastiff and German Shepherd. With some training and patience, a Bullmastiff-German Shepherd can become a great companion that will give you and your family many years of happy moments.

What diseases can occur in Bullmastiff and German Shepherd mix.

Bullmastiff-German Shepherd mixes have a combination of the traits of both parents, so many people welcome them as a new favorite. Their friendliness, intelligence and size make them ideal family dogs for people who want to add a little extra grooming routine to their daily lives. Unfortunately, they also carry some health issues that can be potentially harmful.

Some potential diseases Mastiff Shepherds face are the same as other large breeds. These include hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia and osteochondrosis. These diseases pose a risk to the dog's skeletal and musculoskeletal system and can lead to pain and joint problems. In addition, these dogs are susceptible to allergies and eczema. They can also be prone to cancer, especially in places where tumors occur, such as the eyes or ears. Some also have an increased risk of developing heart disease, such as heart valve defects and atrial fibrillation.

To protect the health of your Bullmastiff-German Shepherd mix, it's important to have regular checkups. An annual checkup with your veterinarian can help detect potential diseases early and initiate treatments. Since these dogs are susceptible to genetic diseases, a health exam on the parents is highly recommended.

By paying attention to your dog's health, -regular exams, vaccinations, and proper feeding- you can help prevent the development of disease. In the event of a problem, it is always best to see a veterinarian immediately for early diagnosis and treatment.

A Bullmastiff and German Shepherd mix is a popular hybrid breed. They have a soft strong coat that is made up of the lush undercoat and the shiny top coat. The undercoat is usually thicker than in other dog breeds and provides extra protection against cold and wet conditions. The top coat is usually long and smooth, while the undercoat can be silky. The Mastiff Shepherd usually has a versatile color tone, also referred to as "tabby". Colors range from a light golden brown to a dark chocolate brown to a shade of gray. Some have black specks or spots.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Bullmashepherd is a mixed breed of Bullmastiff and German Shepherd that usually weighs about 45-60 kg and is 58-72 cm tall. The head is medium sized and elongated, with a short muzzle. The eyes are medium-sized and black, while the ears are attached to the sides and usually have sloping tips. The body is muscular and broad, with a short back. The tail is usually erect and of medium length. The coat covers the whole body and has a thick texture, usually black and brown.

Fur length short - long
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Standing Ears
Tail lang - fanned out
Anatomy square, hefty, massive, strong
Size ♀ 55 - 66 cm
Weight ♀ 22 - 54 kg
Size ♂ 60 - 68 cm
Weight ♂ 30 - 59 kg
Suitable For -
  • rolled Eyelid

    A rolled eyelid (entropion) is an eyelid malposition in dogs

  • Teat Tumors

    Tumours of the mammary gland, also known as mammary tumours, are among the most common cancers in dogs.

  • A Bullmastiff and German Shepherd mixed breed dogs usually reach a shoulder height of about 25-28 cm.

  • The coat color of these dogs is very diverse, from light brown to dark brown and cream.

  • These dogs are very intelligent and lively, loyal, playful, friendly and alert.

  • A Mastiff Shepherd will require between 1.5 and 3 cups of food per day depending on body size and activity level.

  • Training should be consistent, but friendly. The dog must receive regular endurance and obedience training. Obedience lessons are also important to teach the dog the correct behavior.

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