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The 12 smallest dog breeds in the world

Discover the 12 smallest dog breeds in the world in a fascinating ranking with pictures - perfect for dog lovers and mini dog lovers!

The smallest dog breeds in the world cast a spell over animal lovers. With their adorable looks, compact size and loving personalities, they exude a unique fascination. Although small, these dogs are often intelligent, lively and confident, making them ideal companions for people in small apartments or for those who prefer handy dogs.

From the world-famous Chihuahua to the lesser-known Russkiy Toy, the range of smallest dog breeds offers an impressive variety of coat colors, temperaments and backgrounds. In this article, we present the top 12 smallest dog breeds in the world and provide insight into their unique characteristics. Learn more about their origins, traits and needs to find out which of these tiny dog breeds best suits your lifestyle and preferences. Get enchanted by the world of miniature dogs and maybe discover your new four-legged friend!

Top 12 smallest dogs in the world

Below we present you the top 12 smallest dog breeds in the world. Dive into the fascinating world of these adorable four-legged friends and discover the perfect companion for your home.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Welpe, Rasse ähnlich Maltepoo, Begleithund, Fleischfresser, Havaneser Welpe mit braunem Fleck im Fell, Shutterstock / michaelheim

Rank 12: Havanese - The cheerful Cuban companion.

The Havanese is the national breed of Cuba and is one of the smallest dog breeds in the world. With a height of 23-27 cm and a weight of 3-6 kg, this small dog is an ideal companion for city dwellers. The Havanese is characterized by its long, silky coat and lively, cheerful personality traits. He is known for his adaptability and intelligence, which makes training easier.

The origin of the Havanese can be traced back to the 18th century, when he was brought to Cuba by Spanish settlers. His popularity grew, and he became the favorite of the Cuban upper class. Today, with his affectionate, friendly nature and playful temperament, the Havanese delights dog lovers worldwide.

Bichon Frise mit frisch geschnitterem Fell, Schur beim Hund, kleiner weißer Hund, Begleithund Shutterstock / Eudyptula

Place 11: Bichon Frisé - The petite cloud breed

The Bichon Frisé is one of the most charming small dog breeds and originates from the Mediterranean region. This charming breed is characterized by its curly white coat, which reminds of a small cloud. With a height of 23-30 cm and a weight of 3-5 kg, the Bichon Frisé is a compact and handy companion.

The Bichon Frisé has a long history dating back to the 13th century. As a favorite of the French nobility, he quickly gained popularity. The main characteristics of this breed are its lively personality, adaptability and intelligence. The Bichon Frisé is an extremely friendly, outgoing dog that gets along great with children and other pets.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Shih tzu, Fleischfresser, Rasse ähnlich Löwchen, Hund ähnlich tibetischer Terrier, kleiner weißer Hund mit langem Fell der viel Fellpflege hat, Anfängerhund, Begleithund Shutterstock / Chin Kit Sen

Rank 10: Shih Tzu - The Lion Dog from Tibet

The Shih Tzu is one of the smallest dog breeds and originated in ancient Tibet, where it was revered as a sacred dog. This breed is characterized by its long, silky coat, which is often elaborately styled, and its characteristic "chrysanthemum face". With a height of 20-28 cm and a weight of 4-7 kg, the Shih Tzu is a small but robust companion.

As early as the 7th century, Shih Tzus were kept as guard dogs in Tibetan monasteries and were closely associated with Buddhist culture. Later, they became favorites of the Chinese imperial court. The Shih Tzu is an affectionate , friendly dog that loves to be around his people. He is fun-loving, playful and well suited for families with children.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Canidae, Hunderasse, Fleischfresser, brauner Dackel Welpe, Schnauze, Begleithund, Dackel, kleiner brauner Hund im Wald mit Schlappohren Shutterstock / Shedara Weinsberg

Rank 9: Miniature Dachshund - The small relative of the classic Dachshund.

The dwarf d achshund is one of the smallest dog breeds and is a smaller version of the well-known dachshund. Originally from Germany, this breed was bred to hunt badgers and other small animals. With a height of 13-20 cm and a weight of 3.5-6 kg, the dwarf dachshund is a compact and light companion.

Characteristic of the dwarf dachshund is its long body and short, strong legs. Despite its small size, this dog is courageous, self-confident and has a strong hunting instinct. The Miniature Dachshund is an affectionate, loyal companion that fits well in families with children, but requires consistent training.

The Miniature Dachshund has three different coat types: short haired, long haired and rough haired.

kleiner braun weißer Hund der aussieht wie ein Kooiker oder Duck Tolling Retriever aber in klein, Hund mit kurzer Schnauze, Qualzucht, Pekignese kann auch Pekinese genannt werden und ist sehr klein Shutterstock / Sasa Dzambic Photography

Place 8: Pekingese - Chinese imperial dogs in mini format.

The Pekingese is one of the smallest dog breeds and originates from China, where it was valued as an imperial lap dog. With a height of 15-23 cm and a weight of 3-6 kg, the Pekingese is a small but proud companion. Its long, dense coat and flat nose give it a striking appearance.

The Pekingese's origins date back to the 8th century, when it served as a status symbol in Chinese imperial palaces. The Pekingese is a confident, independent dog that forms a strong bond with its owner. He is affectionate and loving, but also alert and courageous.

Kontinentaler Zwergspaniel wird Papillon genannt, kleine Hunderasse aus Frankreich mit langem Fell und Stehohren Shutterstock / Fayzulin Serg

Rank 7: Papillon - butterfly-eared companion

The Papillon is one of the smallest dog breeds and originates from France. Its name means "butterfly" because of its large, fanned ears. With a height of 20-28 cm and a weight of 3-4.5 kg, the Papillon is a light, elegant companion.

The Papillon's origins date back to the 16th century, when he was popular with European nobles. It is an intelligent, lively dog that fits in well with families and learns quickly. The Papillon is friendly, outgoing, and well suited for dog sports such as agility.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Yorkshire Terrier Welpe, Fleischfresser, Terrier, Gras, kleiner brauner Hund mit gelocktem Fell, Anfängerhund Shutterstock / Steve Bruckmann

Place 6: Yorkshire Terrier - The charming miniature terrier.

The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the smallest dog breeds and originates from England, where it was originally used as a rat catcher. With a height of 15-23 cm and a weight of 2-3.5 kg, this miniature terrier is a light, handy companion.

Yorkshire Terriers are characterized by their silky, steel-blue-tan coat that requires regular grooming. They are intelligent, confident dogs that fit well into family life. Although they are small, they have a great personality and show a lot of courage and energy. With their charming charisma and lively temperament, Yorkshire Terriers are ideal companion dogs for people looking for a small but active dog.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Maltepoo oder Malteser, Welpe, Fleischfresser, kleiner weißer Malteser, Rasse ähnlich Havaneser, Hund mit Locken Shutterstock / Gustavo Escribano Delgado

Place 5: Maltese - tiny dog with a long history

The Maltese is one of the oldest and smallest dog breeds and originated on the island of Malta. With a height of 20-25 cm and a weight of 1.8-4 kg, this small dog is a light and handy companion.

Its long, silky, white coat is a characteristic feature and requires regular grooming. Maltese are affectionate, gentle dogs that enjoy spending time with their owners. Intelligent and docile, they adapt well to family life and make excellent therapy dogs. With their long history and lovable character, Maltese are a real treasure among the smallest dog breeds.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Canidae, Hunderasse, Welpe, Affenpinscher, Begleithund, Fleischfresser, schwarzer Affenpinscher Welpe Shutterstock / Sbolotova

Rank 4: Affenpinscher - Small dog with great character

The Affenpinscher is one of the smallest dog breeds and originates from Germany, where it was originally bred as a Pied Piper. With a height of 23-30 cm and a weight of 2.9-6 kg, this small dog is a handy companion.

The rough, wiry coat and ape-like facial hair give the Affenpinscher a distinctive appearance. He is a bold, lively dog with a great personality. Intelligent and adaptable, the Affenpinscher is well suited for city or country living. Despite its small size, it is an alert and energetic companion that fits in well with active families.

Russkiy Toy rot braun, kleine Hunderasse aus Russland, russische Hunderasse, Terrier, Russischer Toy Terrier, Hängeohren mit langem Fell, Hund ähnlich Chihuahua Shutterstock / Vivienstock

Rank 3: Russkiy Toy - miniature dog from Russia.

The Russkiy Toy is one of the smallest dog breeds and originated in Russia, where it was bred as a companion dog for the aristocracy. With a height of 20-28 cm and a weight of 1-3 kg, this petite dog is a light and handy companion.

The Russkiy Toy is characterized by its fine, smooth or long-haired coat and elegant proportions. He is a friendly, lively dog that fits well into family life. Despite its small size, it is bold and alert, which makes it an excellent watchdog. The Russkiy Toy is intelligent and docile and is well suited for dog sports such as agility and obedience.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Canidae, Hunderasse, Spitz, Pommerscher, Deutscher Spitz, Deutscher Spitz Klein, Welpe, Rasse ähnlich Shiba Inu, kleiner roter Zwergspitz, blonder Pomeranian Shutterstock / Iuliia Khabibullina

Place 2: Pomeranian - The fluffy Dwarf Spitz

The Pomeranian, also known as the Dwarf Spitz, is one of the smallest dog breeds and originates from the historical region of Pomerania. With a height of 18-22 cm and a weight of 1.4-3.2 kg, this fluffy dog is a handy and light companion.

The Pomeranian is characterized by its dense, fluffy coat and wedge-shaped head. It is a bright, confident dog that likes to be the center of attention. They are loyal and loving to their owners and adapt well to life in a family or as a single dog.

Hund, Canidae, Hunderasse, Welpe, Begleithund, Fleischfresser, Schuhe, weißer Chihuahua Welpe kurzhaarig, Seltene Rasse (Hund), Schuh, Shutterstock / Katrin_R

Place 1: Chihuahua - The Tiny King from Mexico

The Chihuahua is the smallest dog breed in the world and originates from Mexico, where it was revered as the sacred dog of the ancient Toltecs and Aztecs. With a height of 15-23 cm and a weight of 0.9-2.7 kg, this tiny dog is a feathery and handy companion.

The Chihuahua is characterized by its large, erect ears and spherical head. It is a bold, confident dog that is often unaware of its size. They are affectionate and loyal to their owners and make excellent companion dogs that can be taken anywhere.

Banner: Shutterstock / Olena Tselykh Fotografie
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