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Dog ownership tips 26.04.2020

Bach flowers for dogs - an overview and tips

Sissi by Sissi, Sissi has been a blogger since 2014, got on the dog in 2018. Since then, she struts her 10000 steps through the world every day with Loki. The Beagdor (Labrador-Beagle mix) is a therapy dog for children and also accompanies her to schools. Secretly she fancies a French Bulldog as a second dog.

Bach flowers for dogs - what they can help!

For us dog owners, there is nothing better than going for long walks with our four-legged friends, achieving certain goals together in dog sports, romping around in the garden or simply cuddling with them at home on the sofa. From the very beginning we build up a close relationship with our dog and accompany him through all situations in life.

Sometimes, however, we notice that something is wrong with our little friend. From restlessness to constant barking to aggression or fearful behavior - the dog seems unbalanced, he seems to be out of balance with himself. This can be caused by upsetting life events such as the death of a beloved caregiver, moving to a new environment, abuse or constant confinement. Often, however, we don't understand what exactly triggered the change in behavior. Dogs, like us humans, can have fears of loss, build up aggression, or become stressed in certain situations.

The question is, how can you help your partner with four paws to come to terms with himself again? Here you will find help in the Blachblütentherapie! It was developed in the 1930s by the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach to help with mental imbalance and to act on it through certain substances. Fundamental to Bach Flower Therapy is the assumption that physical health is always related to mental well-being.

Examples of use for Bach flowers in dogs:

The administration of Bach flowers is useful if you feel that your dog needs support to cope better in certain situations.

Examples are:

  • it barks constantly

  • it cannot stay alone well

  • it is aggressive towards other dogs

  • it seems stressed in certain situations

  • it finds it difficult to calm down

  • it is afraid of fireworks

  • it tends to have epileptic seizures

  • it gets excited during car rides/travels

  • it finds it difficult to stay clean

  • it is too exuberant at greetings

  • it is afraid of the vet

Which Bach flowers are there for your dog?

There are a total of 38 Bach flowers, which in certain mixed forms lead to an improvement in specific situations. On thewebsite you can read in detail what effect the individual substances have and what treatment options are available.

Depending on the situation and your needs, you can have a mixture of selected Bach flowers put together individually for your dog. There are also ready-made Bach flower mixtures, which many dog owners like to use. They are filled in liquid form in small, practical glass bottles and can be easily dosed by the pimpette on the cap.

Among other things, there are Bach flower blends for:

  • Dog barking (No. 101)

  • Stress in dogs (No. 106)

  • Anxious dog (No. 107)

  • Emergency drops

  • Leaving dogs alone (No. 103)

  • Dogs and fireworks (No. 100)

  • Epilepsy dog (No. 104)

  • Urination in Dogs (No. 102)

  • Travel sickness dogs (No. 105)

On the page Bach Flower Information you can also get more information about Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs, prices and offers.

What you should consider for the well-being of your dog:

Bach flowers for dogs are a good support for certain mental and psychological imbalances. However, the basic prerequisite for the well-being of your dog is always a species-appropriate attitude and the regular health check at the vet. Changes in behaviour do not always have psychological causes, but can also be an indication of pain or injury.

It is just as important that you, as a dog owner, are able to assess your dog's behaviour and know the basic rules for living together with your beloved four-legged friend. In case of problems, a dog trainer is always a very good help!

Bach Flower Therapy Dogs
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