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Origin of the Kleinspitz

The Kleinspitz is a direct descendant of the ancient Spitz breeds native to many parts of Europe. Originally, he was used for a variety of tasks, from hunting to guarding. Its exact origins can be traced back to the Middle Ages in Central Europe, with Germany considered the central country of origin.

Historical background

  • Middle Ages: The Kleinspitz was popular with farmers and craftsmen, as it was not only a good guard dog, but also an excellent rat and mouse catcher.

  • 19th Century: The popularity of the breed grew in urban areas, where they were often kept as social dogs. Breeding began to consolidate specific characteristics and sizes, with the Kleinspitz emerging as a smaller version of the German Spitz.

  • 20th Century: With the rise in popularity of Toy dogs in Europe and North America, the Kleinspitz also gained prominence. He became a popular companion in many households.

Suitability: An ideal companion

The Kleinspitz is characterized by his adaptability and intelligence. He is:

  • Family Friendly: Thanks to his lovable and loyal nature, he is a great companion for families.

  • Suitable for city apartments: Due to its compact size, it is perfect for city living.

  • Active and playful: He needs regular exercise and mental stimulation, which means he is best suited for active owners.

Despite his small size, the Kleinspitz has a strong personality and protective instincts. He can sometimes be reserved around strangers, which makes him a good guardian.

Overall, the Kleinspitz is a versatile and charming dog that is able to adapt to different lifestyles while always being a loyal and alert companion.

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Two dogs of breed Miniature Spitz on green grass Two dogs of the breed Miniature Spitz on a concrete track Two dogs of breed Miniature Spitz on green grass Dog breed dwarf spitz sits on a track
Alternate Name -
Origin Germany
Life expectancy 13 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group European Spitz
AKC group Foundation Stock Service
KC group not recognised

Nature of the Kleinspitz

The Kleinspitz is known for its lively and friendly nature. Due to its long history as a companion and guard dog, it developed a special attachment to its people and a strong need to protect its territory.

Most Distinctive Character Traits:

  1. Loyal & Devoted: Once a bond is established, the Kleinspitz remains loyal to his owner for life. He enjoys spending time with his family and always wants to be there.

  2. Alert: Despite its small size, the Kleinspitz has a strong guarding instinct. He is always alert and will defend his home and loved ones with loud barks.

  3. Intelligent & Learning: This breed is characterized by its perceptive nature. With the right upbringing and training, it shows impressive abilities.

  4. Playful: The Kleinspitz often remains playful into old age. He loves to play with toys and have fun games with his family.

  5. Adaptable: Although an active dog, he adapts well to living in apartments and townhouses as long as he is walked regularly.

Possible handling challenges:

  • Stubbornness: sometimes the Kleinspitz can have a mind of its own. Consistency in training is therefore essential.

  • Loudness: His strong alert instinct can cause him to bark excessively at times, especially when he notices new noises or movements.

On the whole, the Kleinspitz is a charming, loving and loyal companion that can be easily integrated into everyday family life with proper training and socialization. His bright nature and adaptability make him an ideal pet for many households.

Dog breed miniature spitz on a tote bag background

Care of the Kleinspitz

The dense and fluffy coat of the Kleinspitz is its trademark and requires regular grooming.

  • Brushing: At least two to three times a week, the coat should be brushed through to prevent matting and remove dead hairs.

  • Bathing: Although the Small Spitz does not need to be bathed often, it should be bathed with a mild dog shampoo if it is very dirty.

  • Ears & Eyes: Regular checks and cleanings, if necessary, are important to prevent infections.

  • Claw Trimming: Claws should be checked regularly and trimmed as needed.

Health of the Kleinspitz

The Kleinspitz is generally a robust and healthy dog, but there are some health issues that should be considered:

  • Diet: A balanced diet is essential for the health of the Kleinspitz.

  • Exercise: As an active dog, the Kleinspitz needs regular walks and playtime.

  • Preventive checkups: Annual checkups with a veterinarian are recommended.

  • Potential Health Problems: While rare, patellar luxation and eye problems can occur.

Breeding the Kleinspitz

If you are considering breeding a Kleinspitz or buying a puppy, there are a few things to consider:

  • Breeder selection: A reputable breeder should always be chosen who places importance on the health and welfare of the animals.

  • Genetic testing: this can help identify hereditary health problems.

  • Socialization: early socialization of the puppies is very important for their development.

All in all, the Kleinspitz needs regular care and attention to live a long and healthy life. With careful breeding selection and proper care, he will be a loyal and happy companion for many years.

Dog breed dwarf spitz sits on green grass

The most striking feature of the Kleinspitz is its dense and fluffy coat. This double coat consists of a soft undercoat and a harsh topcoat.

  • Coat Care: Despite its dense coat, the Kleinspitz is not prone to excessive shedding. However, it is recommended that he be brushed regularly to keep the coat in good condition.

  • Color Variations: The coat of the Small Spitz can come in a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, orange, gray and other shades.


The Kleinspitz is known for its lively and expressive appearance. With its pointed ears and sparkling eyes, it often attracts attention.

Size and weight

The Kleinspitz is, as the name implies, a small dog. The exact measurements can vary, but on average they are:

  • Size: between 24 and 29 inches in shoulder height.
  • Weight: Usually between 4 and 6 kg.
PropertyAverage value
Size24-29 cm
Weight4-6 kg

The Kleinspitz is popular with many dog lovers not only because of its manageable size. His distinctive coat and expressive appearance make him a real eye-catcher. With proper care, his coat will remain in impressive condition for years. However, it is important to consider his size and weight to ensure proper nutrition and care.

Fur length long
Fur -
Ear shape Standing Ears
Tail -
Anatomy dainty
Size ♀ 24 - 30 cm
Weight ♀ 3 - 6 kg
Size ♂ 24 - 30 cm
Weight ♂ 3 - 6 kg
Suitable For Beginner, Children, Seniors
Two dogs of breed Miniature Spitz on green grass
Dog breed dwarf spitz sits on a track
Dog breed miniature spitz on a tote bag background
  • Patellar luxation

    Patellar luxation is the term used to describe a displacement of the kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs.

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