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KONG for the dog - the allround toy

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Dog toy KONG - The all-round toy

If you have a dog, you inevitably have dog toys. And not too scarce. Frisbees, play dews, cuddly toys, squeaky toys, chewing bones and balls, balls, balls! We fill whole boxes and chests with bits and pieces for our pets, because we want to spoil them and because it's fun for them. You would like to have more? Always here with it! A British company has been captivating dog owners worldwide with a toy since 1970. Here we introduce you to the unusual toy made of natural rubber.

Not just an (intelligence) toy for dogs

The British company "The KONG Company" advertises its toy as the absolute all-rounder for dogs. The dog KONG is said to not only bring fun to the four-legged friends, but also help with many aspects, from young to old. According to the company, the toy helps dogs with, among other things:

  • Chewing
  • Teething
  • Separation anxiety
  • Boredom
  • Barking and digging
  • Dog box training
  • Weight control
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Because especially young dogs have a pronounced chewing instinct, they can sooner or later show a destructive chewing behavior, under which then the favorite shoes or grandma's couch must believe it. Due to the durable and teeth-friendly material made of natural rubber, you can offer your dog a long-term occupation and your favourite shoes will be spared.

Also in case of separation anxiety or boredom, the toy should distract your four-legged friend and alleviate his fears.

Simple and ingenious at the same time

The clever thing about KONG toys is the design and the possibility to fill the toy with treatsor real dog food through an opening. Due to the construction of the toy, your pelt-noses are busy for hours to catch the last bit of treats. If your dog always gobbles his food too fast and gets stomach problems afterwards, the Dog Kong is a good tool to get your dog to eat his food more slowly in a playful way.

Despite the intense chewing attacks to which the toys are exposed daily, they score with a high longevity and do not require regular new purchases. Due to the shape and the material made of rubber, the Kong is also very suitable for throwing and retrieving games.

Very wide range

While the focus was initially on the classic dog cone, the company now produces a range of toys adapted to different needs and requirements, such as the size, age and chewing behaviour of the dog. Special toys are offered for tennis ball maniacs, as well as for puppies or older dogs. There are toys made of rubber, plush, tennis or PolyTruff and for different activities such as water or swapping games.

On their website, the company also offers useful tips like a size chart to find the right toy for different dog breeds or recipes for stuffing.

If you've been on the lookout for a new dog toy for a while, you should definitely check out KONG Company, maybe you'll find something you, pardon the pun, your four-legged friend will like. (NOT SPONSORED POST!)

Below we have posted videos of what you can fill your KONG with and how you can fill a KONG with variety - great ideas:

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