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How to become a professional dog trainer

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Course of dog trainer training - This is the HOW TO

Although training as a dog trainer is not recognised as an apprenticeship, there are still several ways to turn your hobby into a career. In many places special courses for dog trainers are offered. Such a course lasts about 24 months and consists of several units. These include basics of anatomy, nutrition and education. In addition to theoretical lessons, the course also includes a practical part. About 300 hours of practical experience are required for the dog trainer certificate. The training covers these topics:

  • Anatomy
  • Nutrition
  • Ethology
  • Training techniques
  • Problem behaviour

How do I become a dog whisperer?

A dog whisperer is a person who intuitively recognizes the needs of a dog and understands its reactions. It is hardly possible to go through a separate training, because as a dog whisperer one is born. However, experience also plays a big role here. Anyone who has had a lot to do with dogs and has shared their life with a dog from childhood will inevitably know a lot about these animals. While this knowledge may not equal that of an accredited dog trainer, it is especially valued by many dog owners.

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Doing dog training yourself: Is training necessary?

Anyone who wants to work as a dog trainer does not necessarily have to have completed a course. Just think of Cesar Millan, the "Dog Whisperer", who made it to fame without any training and only because of his innovative methods. As a dog trainer you have to show empathy and have a huge heart for dogs. Nevertheless, it is an advantage if one is familiar with the common education methods and also has an idea of the optimal nutrition for dogs.

Costs for dog trainers: What does the training cost, how much can one earn?

The cost of training as a dog trainer is on average around 5,000 euros. However, there are also courses of study that are much more expensive - for example, the DOGS study in the dog trainer school of the German dog expert Martin Ritter. As a dog trainer, you can set your own fee: As a rule, this is 10-20 euros per hour, experienced dog trainers also charge more.

Why should you train to become a dog trainer?

If you love dogs, you can't imagine anything better than being surrounded by furry noses at work. In addition, you enjoy the fresh air and can look forward to a varied working day. Dogs that are particularly energetic or have behavioural problems may demand a lot from you, but this adversity is made up for by the sense of achievement. As a dog trainer, you must also be able to respond to the dog owners and help them to implement what they have learned in everyday life. This requires psychological sensitivity and an open attitude, because this point in particular is not necessarily easy for many dog trainers. On the whole, the job of a dog trainer is fulfilling and interesting - a corresponding education is definitely worthwhile.

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