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Origin and history

The Serbian Hound, a historically significant breed, has its roots deep in the culture and hunting tradition of Serbia.

  • Origin: This breed is native to Serbia, where it has been used for hunting for centuries.
  • Development: The Serbian Hound was created through the selective crossing of various hunting dogs to create a robust, enduring and versatile hunting companion.
  • Historical significance: Originally used for hunting large and small game in the various landscapes of Serbia, the Serbian Hound was particularly valued for its ability to work in difficult terrain.

Suitability and use

The Serbian Hound is not only an experienced hunter, but also an adaptable and reliable companion.

  • Hunting abilities: With its strong sense of smell and remarkable stamina, it is ideal for tracking and hunting in mountainous and wooded areas.
  • Working ability: Its intelligence and independent character make it an effective and independent working dog.
  • Family dog: In addition to its role as a hunting dog, the Serbian Hound is also known for its friendly nature, which makes it a suitable family dog, provided it gets enough exercise and mental stimulation.


The Serbian Hound is a versatile and robust dog breed, ideal for hunters and active families. Its adaptability to different hunting scenarios and its friendly nature make it a valuable companion both in the field and at home. When acquiring a Serbian Hound, its need for regular exercise and mental challenge should be considered to ensure its health and well-being.

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The portrait of Serbian Hound in the garden The portrait of Serbian Hound in the garden The portrait of Serbian Hound in the garden Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest
Alternate Name Balkan Hound, Serbian Hound, Balkan Hound
Origin -
Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average to high
FCI group Scent hounds
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Character traits of the Serbian Hound

  • Strong hunting instinct: This breed is characterized by a pronounced hunting instinct. The Serbian Hound has an excellent ability to follow tracks and shows great stamina during the hunt.
  • Intelligence and trainability: The Serbian Hound is intelligent and willing to learn, making it an easy companion to train. It responds well to consistent training and positive reinforcement.
  • Independence: When hunting, the dog often shows a high degree of independence and can make independent decisions.

Temperament and social behavior

  • Friendliness and sociability: Despite its strong hunting instinct, the Serbian Hound is known for its friendly nature. It is sociable and can integrate well into family life.
  • Loyalty: These dogs develop a strong bond with their owners and are known for their loyalty and devotion.
  • Adaptability: The Serbian Hound adapts well to different living conditions, but needs sufficient exercise and mental activity.


The Serbian Hound is a versatile, intelligent and friendly dog, ideal for hunting purposes and as a family member. Its friendly nature and adaptability make it a valued companion. However, it is important to consider its needs for regular physical and mental activity to ensure a balanced and healthy life.

Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest

Grooming the Serbian Hound

The Serbian Hound, known for its robust appearance and endurance, requires a specific grooming routine.

  • Coat care: The coat is short, dense and smooth. Regular brushing, at least once a week, is necessary to keep it clean and shiny. Special attention is required during shedding periods.
  • Bathing: Frequent bathing is not necessary. Only bathe the dog when necessary to preserve the natural oils in the coat.
  • Ear and claw care: Regular checks of the ears for signs of infection are important. Claws should be trimmed when necessary to ensure healthy paws.

Health aspects

The Serbian Hound is generally considered to be a robust and hardy breed.

  • Regular veterinary check-ups: Regular visits to the vet help to monitor the dog's health and react early to any potential problems.
  • Diet and exercise: A balanced diet and sufficient exercise are crucial for the well-being and fitness of the Serbian Hound.

Breeding and selection

Potential owners should be careful when choosing a Serbian Hound.

  • Responsible breeders: Choose a breeder who values the health and welfare of the dogs and provides transparent information about the pedigree and health of the puppies.
  • Health tests: Find out if the breeder carries out necessary health tests to rule out hereditary diseases.
  • Puppy selection: Consider the temperament and health of the puppy as well as the behavior of the parents.


The Serbian Hound is an easy-care, healthy and versatile dog, ideal for hunting and as a family member. Conscious breeding and careful selection are essential to ensure the welfare of this special breed.

The portrait of Serbian Hound in the garden

The Serbian Hound, a characteristic hunting dog from Serbia, has a distinctive coat that is both functional and aesthetic.

  • Coat type: The coat is short, dense and smooth, which makes it easy to groom and protects the dog from the elements.
  • Coloring: Typically, the Serbian Hound presents itself in a variety of colors, but mostly in shades of red, fawn or white, often combined with black or darker markings.

Visual characteristics

The Serbian Hound is characterized by its athletic and elegant appearance.

  • Build: It has a slender but muscular build, which indicates its speed and endurance.
  • Head shape: The head is well proportioned, with a prominent muzzle and alert, bright eyes.
  • Ears: The ears are medium sized, set high and drooping, giving the dog an alert and intelligent expression.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the Serbian Hound are important indicators of its physical performance.

  • Size: Male Serbian Hounds reach a shoulder height of around 45 cm to 55 cm, while females tend to be slightly smaller.
  • Weight: The average weight varies between 20 kg and 25 kg, making it a medium-sized hunting dog.


The Serbian Hound is a medium-sized, athletically built hunting dog with a low-maintenance coat and distinctive coloring. Its physical characteristics make it an ideal companion for active owners and an efficient working dog in various hunting scenarios. When grooming the Serbian Hound, attention should be paid to regular brushing and a balanced diet in order to maintain its health and vitality.

Fur length short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy rugged
Size ♀ 44 - 54 cm
Weight ♀ 12 - 22 kg
Size ♂ 46 - 56 cm
Weight ♂ 12 - 22 kg
Suitable For Beginner, Children
Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest
Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest
Serbian bloodhound hunting in the forest

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