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Dog ownership tips 16.01.2021

Second dog: This is what you have to consider when introducing each other

Johann by Johann, Johann has been a dog dad since 2018 and a dog fan since 1986.

Second dog: What you have to consider when getting to know each other

A report about getting to know each other.

The desire for a second dog

A second dog is moving in. Before your heart's desire comes true and a peaceful coexistence is possible, you need to consider a few important points when getting to know each other.

Animal companionship

You want to get a second dog and add a good friend to your existing four-legged friend? You will experience many great moments with your two dogs, but getting to know them is not always easy. It is important to lay the foundations for a new friendship between the first and the second dog. Otherwise your home will quickly become an animal fight zone.

Dogs are pack animals

Dogs are born ready to live in a group and to be subordinate. Nevertheless, with these very social animals, sympathy and antisympathy determine whether living together works well.

Second dog gets to know first dog

Tips and tricks for getting to know each other: Getting dogs used to each other tips

Puppy - puppy

It's not just for human children, but also for puppies: it's so nice to grow up with siblings. If you decide to have a puppy as a second dog to your dog who is only a few months old, they can form a friendship that will last for many years, but can turn your life upside down. You need to pay very close attention to placing an increased emphasis on the training of each dog.

Adult dog - puppy

Many puppies behave quite cheekily towards adult dogs. Getting to know each other is usually quite easy, because adult animals put up with a lot from puppies. Only when it becomes too much for your adult dog does he put the newcomer in his place.

Adult dog meets adult dog: Bringing second dog together with first dog

It's always interesting to note that whether you bring a male or female dog into your home makes a big difference. Male dogs like to show themselves as gentlemen when a female animal moves in. If, on the other hand, a same-sex animal comes along, there may well be major arguments and turf wars. The hierarchy must be established and only when it is clear which dog takes which place, peace reigns. How long this acclimatisation process takes depends decisively on your behaviour and your influence.

Getting to know your second dog - what you need to bear in mind

  • Respect the different character traits of your dogs.
  • Prevent competitive situations by giving each dog its own bowls, sleeping areas and toys.
  • Do not favour the newcomer.
  • Take your time and allow the dogs to get to know each other slowly and in small steps.
  • Be patient and try to get the four-legged friends used to each other through playful activities.
  • Before getting to know each other, have your new roommate checked by a vet for diseases and parasites.
  • Growling, bellowing and barking are normal behaviours when getting to know each other. However, if a dog is at risk of injury, you must intervene and physically separate the dogs.
  • It is helpful to create a good smell between the two dogs some time before they get to know each other. You can exchange blankets, toys, or fur brushes.
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