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Tattoos with dog theme: We have the cutest net finds for you

These are the cutest and coolest dog tattoos.

Dog Tattoos - The Cutest Ideas

Dogs have always been the friends of man. They accompany their humans as guardians and keep watch over the house and yard. They also serve as herding dogs and ensure that flocks of sheep can graze safely.

Not least since cute YouTube videos, the relationship qualities of dogs have also become popular, which lovingly snuggle up to a newborn or almost roll over with joy when they are allowed to greet a loved one again after a long time.

You can certainly tell one or the other anecdote about your dog. You're sure to have funny pictures and videos on your smartphones that have captured beautiful moments forever.

When your dog passes away one day, the pain is great, because it is not just a dog that dies, but a family member, a loyal friend and a loyal companion.

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Dog tattoos: memories that get under your skin

To pay their last respects to the beloved family member and keep him with them forever, many opt for a dog tattoo.

In addition to a likeness of the beloved four-legged friend, many also opt for paw prints or even a copy of the collar including the dog tag. The reason: Dogs integrate strongly into family structures and a collar including the brand represents a sign of belonging for many owners, which is why many people also bury their beloved friend with his collar, so as not to let "the ribbon" break and to show even after death that he still belongs to the family and remains an integral part of it.

Spoilt for choice when it comes to dog tattoos between size, motif, popular spots and style.

Popular places for this are:

  • Upper arm inside/outside
  • Inner side of forearm
  • Shoulder blade
  • Calf
  • Chest
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English bulldog head tattoo, modern tattoo of a dog, dog head tattoo, get dog tattoo on upper arm inside, hungarian tattoo artist

The size of the tattoo varies depending on the motif. Some only have the head of the animal engraved, others opt for a full body representation. Many also prefer to have only the paws tattooed and these with the name of the beloved four-legged friend and possibly its date of birth.

In terms of color can be chosen between black and white tattoos and colorful tattoos. Colorful tattoos are recommended if the animal had a special fur color or you choose a motif with your favorite cuddly blanket in a certain color or similar.

The preferred styles are usually photorealism or even comic styles. Photorealistic styles depict your dog exactly as he lived and lived. Comic styles, usually oldschool or newschool, are very colorful and rather abstract with thicker outlines and exceptionally large eyes. They can emphasize special features of your friend.

For special ideas, the tattoo artist of your choice can also advise you based on his experience, so that you get exactly the motif that suits you best and that you can enjoy for a long time.

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Dog head tattooed on forearm, dog head of Maltese or small dog breed, modern petite tattoo, dog tattoo
tattoo of a dog, labrador dog tattoo, mixed breed tattoo, dog head tattoo, modern tattoo on arm, four legged tattoo, dogtattoo
Maltese dog tattoo, get dog tattoo, small dog head tattooed on inner arm, modern tattoo, realistic tattoo of a dog
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