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Calm dog breeds - list & what makes them so special

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Calm Dog Breeds

The dog, as they say, man's best friend, is also known for his loud organ. When something happens, when danger approaches or also for joy, he starts to bark loudly. In some breeds this is more pronounced, in some less. Here there are differences and definitely breeds that are known for their barking.

But then there are also breeds that bark less. With this you can already make a first classification, if you prefer to do without too loud barking. Here we present some breeds that are classified as quiet, which do not bark as much as others. How the individual dog is then really depends of course always on the respective character. After all, dogs have personalities too.

Golden Retriever puppy, calm dog


In the first place of the calm dogs are probably the retrievers. The English "to retrieve" means "to bring back", thus "to retrieve". The retrievers are originally hunting dogs, which were bred to bring back the shot small game to the hunter. So they always had to behave quietly and unobtrusively, persevering at the side of the hunters. Today we have two popular types, the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever. Both are known as calm family dogs. What you can't underestimate, however, is their urge to move. Retrievers need to run a lot too!

irish wolfhound, calm dog breed, calm dog
calm dog breed, Heidi Klum dog

Irish Wolfhound as a very calm dog breed.

These big, shaggy fellows are true cuddly dogs. They don't think too much of barking and so we also rank them in the list of quiet dogs. Wolfhounds are the largest dogs in the world. They are considered to be great family dogs. They are very trusting, affectionate and open.

Basset Hound - a family dog

It's not just the queen who loves bassets. They are, even if you don't immediately see it in their big eyes, very happy, funny dogs. The Basset is very friendly, a true family dog and he doesn't think much of barking. The Basset likes to follow - if he wants to! This breed is considered to be very smart and therefore a bit stubborn. But the big heart always makes up for that.

St. Bernard as a calm dog breed in the family.

The St. Bernard is also a calm dog. He does not have to bark to attract attention. The St. Bernard is also a very calm dog in character. A gentle giant, as they say. This breed is very stable and good-natured. One of the breeding goals of this breed is that the St. Bernard is an absolute family dog. He finds his place in the pack and is very compatible with children. He is friendly, but also a protector. So when he senses danger, he will go to great lengths to protect his people.

calm family dog breed, St. Bernard
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