Alpine Dachsbracke

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Alpine Dachsbracke

Life expectancy
12 - 14

The Alpenländische Dachsbracke is a friendly family and working dog with a pronounced hunting instinct. It is characterized by robust health and a working nature. The Austrian dog breed is best suited for keeping in a hunting family.

Origin of the Alpenländische Dachsbracke

The Alpenländische Dachsbracke was originally bred in Austria. The ancestors of this working dog are thought to be the Celtic Bracke from Lyon (southeastern France). Through constant pure breeding since the 19th century, its character and appearance became more and more distinctive. Since 1975 the dog breed is recognized by the FCI.

FCI-Standard: Alpine Dachsbracke (254); Group 6 - Running dogs, bloodhounds and related breeds; Section 2 - Bloodhounds.

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Alpine badger brown white on a meadow Alpine Badger Bracke Profile Alpine badger in the snow, brown small hunting dog from Austria with floppy ears and short coat Alpine badger dog sitting in forest, brown small badger dog from Austria, hunting dog
Alternate Name Alpine Erzgebirgler Dachsbracke
Origin Austria
Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group Leash (scent) Hounds
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Character of the Bracke from Austria

According to its use since the beginning of breeding, the Alpenländische Dachsbracke is characterized by a very good sense of smell and a very strong hunting instinct. The dog breed is eager to learn and willing to work. However, the downy working dog is also characterized by a stubborn nature, if he is not properly challenged every day. As a rule, the dog breed lives in a hunting family. Especially in the forest and on the hunt, the well-tolerated dog feels most comfortable.


Ideal for keeping an Alpenländische Dachsbracke is a house in the countryside, ideally with a forest connection. In part, the dog breed is a well-tolerated and child-friendly family dog. But its need for tracking and tracking down hunted game is more suited to hunter families. Consistent training and intensive daily activity are essential for the well-being of the working dog. Likewise the dense fur must be brushed regularly. If necessary, the claws also need regular trimming.

Use of Alpine Dachsbracke

Since its breeding, the Alpenländische Dachsbracke has been used for hunting. Their task is to find injured and shot game, if necessary by searching for hours. The dog breed is also often kept as a family dog. However, when underchallenged, the dog's "stubbornness" quickly becomes apparent. Search and tracking games alone are not enough to keep the dog busy. For this reason breeders give the dogs predominantly and expressly to hunters. There they accompany their owners as hunting help with unbroken enthusiasm.

Alpine badger puppy, small brown dog from Austria, dog with long floppy ears, Alpine Bracke from Austria

Diseases typical for the breed of the Alpenländische Dachsbracke

The Alpine Badger does not suffer from any diseases typical for the breed. It is rather an original, robust dog breed. With good coat care you can prevent matting. Occasionally it can come to ear infections. This is best prevented by regular control.

Breeding the Alpine Dachsbracke - this is what you have to pay attention to

Compared to other dog breeds, there are only a few breeders of the Alpenländische Dachsbracke. As already in the 19th century the breeding associations pay attention to a pure breeding. This is one of the reasons for the robust health of the breeding lines until today. Pay attention to the papers when choosing a puppy of this dog breed. This gives among other things information about a possible susceptibility to certain hereditary diseases. Ideal are papers without such entries.

Alpine Dachsbracke temperament and breed description
  • FCI-Standard: Alpine Dachshund (254); Group 6 - Running dogs, bloodhounds and related breeds; Section 2 - Bloodhounds
  • Appearance: strong, stocky build with dense coat of stock hair and also dense undercoat.
  • Breeding styles:dark stag red or stag red with black stippling; occasional white chest star; reddish-brown blaze on head, legs, chest, paws, and lower tail side
  • Other body characteristics: Well muscled torso, overall elongated and muscular; high set, smooth and wide dropping, rounded ears.
  • Head rather small in proportion to the body, but overall strong.

Appearance and coat of the Alpine Dachshund

The Alpine Badger is of low but muscular build with a comparatively long back. The coat of this working dog is dense and lies well over the entire body. Under the predominantly deer red coat sits additional dense undercoat. The strength in the search for injured game can also be seen in the dog breed's clearly strong bone structure.

Size, weight and age

  • Size: 34 to 42 cm, bitches are slightly smaller.
  • Weight: 16 to 18 kilograms (bitches are slightly lighter)
  • Average age: 12 to 14 years
Fur length short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy rugged, strong
Size ♀ 34 - 42 cm
Weight ♀ 16 - 18 kg
Size ♂ 34 - 42 cm
Weight ♂ 16 - 18 kg
Suitable For -


Alpine badger dog sitting in forest, brown small badger dog from Austria, hunting dog
Alpine badger puppy, small brown dog from Austria, dog with long floppy ears,
Alpine Bracke from Austria

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