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Allergy dog: Hypoallergenic breeds really exist?

So-called allergy dogs are suitable for dog hair allergy sufferers because they shed little to no hair. But do hypoallergenic breeds actually exist? What are they allergic to?

Dogs for allergy sufferers - it's the coat that makes the difference

Teary eyes, sneezing, sniffling ... it's not nice. And it can be the result of an allergy, for example a dog hair allergy. Then good advice is expensive.

Dog hair allergy - what is behind it?

Dog hair allergy' is actually the wrong term. It is the body's own proteins, which are found in the dog's saliva, for example, to which you are allergic. The dog licks its fur - this is how the allergens get to the hair. Fortunately, dogs are less allergenic than cats. And the allergy can vary from dog to dog. 8% of the population has a dog hair allergy (see video below!).

Simple measures

But what can help? First of all, do an allergy test to see if you have an allergy. Don't let the dog sleep in the bed under any circumstances, keep him away from sofas too. It is best not to let him in the bedroom at all. An apartment without carpets is ideal. Brushing the dog should also be done by someone who is not allergic.

Often, as mentioned above, you are not allergic to the hair but to the saliva. Thus it can be stated that allergy dogs do not exist in reality. This is more or less a marketing aspect for dogs that do not shed much.

Poodle as a hypoallergenic breed

Solution for some allergy sufferers: non-shedding dog breeds

If you are considering getting an allergy dog, you may want to consider a low shedding or non-shedding breed. Spend a lot of time with the dog before you get it, then you can determine whether it triggers allergic symptoms. If necessary, take the dog to the doctor for an allergy test.

Suitable dogs for allergy sufferers

Dogs suitable for allergy sufferers include the Poodle, Schnauzer, Havanese and water dogs such as the Portuguese Water Dog. Bred specifically for allergy sufferers are the Labradoodle and the Goldendoodle. They all do not have a seasonal coat change. However, the Poodle, Havanese, and Schnauzer must be trimmed regularly, and the Labradoodle must be clipped. The Havanese and the Portuguese Water Dog do not even have undercoats and accordingly shed even less. All of these dogs need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and minimize shedding.

Breed called hypoallergenic. Why the breed is suitable and great
Portuguese Water Dog
The Portuguese Water Dog is not very common. He rather large, intelligent, loyal and brave. At the same time, he is easy to train and has hardly any hunting instinct. He must get enough exercise.
Schnauzers are very affectionate, lively and alert. They also get along well with children, but must be kept sufficiently busy.
The Havanese is a family-friendly, small dog. He is cheerful and trusting, intelligent and loves to move. This makes him suitable for almost every dog lover. However, his coat needs a lot of care.
The Poodle is very fond of children, but he has a lot of urge to move and is very eager to learn. Therefore he needs a lot of activity. Dog sports are great for him.
hybrid breeds with Poodle Goldendoodles and Labradoodles are crosses of the friendly Golden Retrievers and Labradors and the non-hairy Poodle. They are friendly and good-natured like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, and have allergy-friendly coats that should be clipped every two months. Note, however, that there are no breed standards for these two hybrid dogs (yet). That means you have to be prepared for a surprise with these dogs. It's never quite clear which genes are coming through now.

Even as an allergy sufferer you do not have to do without a dog. Choose a dog of a suitable breed, spend some time with it before buying and then take a few precautions, then nothing will stand in the way of dog ownership.

For tips for those allergic to dog hair, check out the video pinned above!

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