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Biting power in dogs: These 7 breeds have the most power

These dog breeds have the most biting power of all.

Biting power in dogs: These 7 breeds have the most power

Dogs have been man's friend and helper for many millennia. In order to also be able to protect humans, it is not surprising that they have also developed great biting strength over the years. Even if this characteristic is less important for dogs nowadays, the biting power is still present. Depending on the breed, this strength can vary greatly.

Many strong biting breeds are also listed dogs. However, this often has nothing to do with their temperament, but is only related to their high biting strength. An example of this is the Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is listed in Switzerland.

PSI as a measuring unit

In order to make the values comparable, scientists have developed a unit with which the biting force can be measured. The unit describes the mass that acts on a certain area. PSI stands for pounds per square inch.

In order to be able to classify the values better, you get three comparison values here:

  • Human: 120 to 140 PSI
  • Wolf: 400 PSI
  • Hippopotamus: 1800 PSI
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Rank 7: American Pit Bull Terrier with 235 PSI

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a very playful and sociable dog. Due to its active nature, however, it also needs sufficient activity. With its affectionate character, it is an ideal family dog despite its biting power.

Place 6: German Shepherd with 240 PSI

Of course, the German Shepherd Dog must not be missing from this list. He is one of the most popular dog breeds worldwide and is very teachable and obedient. While it used to be mainly used as a guard dog, nowadays it is often used by the police.

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Rank 5: American Bulldog with 300 PSI

Originating from the United States, the breed called American Bulldog is mainly characterized by its large head and muscular body. It is considered to be very temperamental, but is also suitable as a family dog, if it has been properly socialized.

Place 4: Rottweiler with 330 PSI

The Rottweiler was bred from the beginning to be a guard dog. While it does have a friendly disposition, the breed is considered very alert and is known for its strong protective behavior. Today, it is mostly used in protective services or by the police, partly because of its obedience.

3rd place: Mastiff with 560 PSI

The Mastiff is a very large and massive dog, which is why its high biting power is not surprising. Nevertheless, he is considered very calm and people-friendly, provided he is properly trained.

Place 2: Doberman with 600 PSI

The Doberman is often used as a guard dog. He is helped by his high alertness and biting strength, which makes him the dog with the second highest biting strength despite his comparatively small size. With the right attitude, however, he is also suitable as a faithful family dog.

Place 1: Kangal Shepherd Dog with 740 PSI

The Kangal originates from Turkey and is mainly kept as a guard dog, benefiting from its high biting power. As the dog with the highest biting power, it even surpasses lions, which have a value of up to 700 PSI and is three times stronger than the average dog. In this country, they mainly protect flocks of sheep from predators.

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