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Do I have to bathe my dog?

Do I have to bathe my dog? What you need to know about dog shower gel and dog shampoo

Do I have to bathe my dog? What you need to know about dog shower gel and dog shampoo

When bathing your dog, the rule is - as often as necessary, but as rarely as possible. If your dog rolls around in cow dung, for example, there is usually no way around a bath.

However, you should not bathe your dog too often, as this impairs the natural protective film of his skin. However, proper bathing can also stimulate your dog's blood circulation and condition its coat.

How often should you bathe your dog?

How often you should bathe a dog - we've written about this in detail before, but we'll also briefly go into it again here. By nature, a dog does not need a bath. His coat protects him from all environmental influences, it repels dirt and moisture. The dog's skin underneath also has a protective layer of fat or talc.

So your dog never really needs a bath. However, if he is so dirty that he can't get clean any other way, you have no choice but to give him a bath. But then you should do it properly.

Puppies, on the other hand, really shouldn't be bathed at all. The protective layers of fat and skin are not yet properly developed. They dry out easily, start to flake and offer parasites and fungal infections the ideal breeding ground.

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Bathing suitable for dogs

For many dogs, bathing is hard work because they don't like it at all. It is important to make sure that the water is not too hot or too cold and that the shower spray is not too harsh.

Furthermore, a dog shampoo should be used which is ideally mild and does not contain any fragrances. Dogs have a good sense of smell and would be bothered by fragrances. Their own shampoo should never be used. Shampoos for humans contain chemicals. The natural acid protection of the dog is attacked by these. Therefore, always have a dog shampoo ready in case of emergency.

For the bathtub at best get a non-slip rubber pad, so the dog can not slip and has a safe stand. Also important is a large towel and of course treats.

Step by step: the right bath

  1. Set a pleasant water temperature, adjust the water jet to be pleasant and not too hard.
  2. wet your dog from the paws upwards (leave out head and ears first)
  3. gently shampoo the dog, massaging it lightly
  4. rinse off
  5. now carefully wet the head (be especially careful as water in the eyes and ears is dangerous for the dog)
  6. carefully treat the head with a small amount of shampoo and rinse off carefully right away
  7. rub the wet coat dry with a towel directly in the bathtub
  8. then let the dog out of the tub and shake off properly
  9. leave to dry in a warm place
  10. brush only when the coat is completely dry

If you follow these tips, bathing your dog will be much more pleasant for your pet. He will put up with it more easily and it will also be easier for you.

Basically, do not bathe your dog too often, but only when it is absolutely necessary. In any case, use dog shampoo and not your own shampoo for the sake of simplicity. Just buy a bottle of mild, odorless dog shampoo and keep it on the shelf for emergencies. This one is sure to come.

Conclusion: Please don't try those new "dog washing machines" or dog washing equipment similar to a car wash / car wash. This is really not a good idea and from our point of view animal cruelty. This can cause severe panic attacks and anxiety disorders in the animal and just really does not have to be.

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