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6 Dogs that look like a fox

These dogs look like foxes - we show you the breeds with pictures.

Dogs resembling foxes: a fascinating similarity

Over the years, it has often been noted how some dogs resemble foxes in appearance and appearance. This remarkable connection between the appearance of dogs and foxes has sparked interest and fascination among many animal lovers and observers.

The similarity between dogs and foxes is not only defined by coat color. Often, certain body characteristics, facial features, and behaviors are also observed to link the two animals. The pointed ears, bushy tail end, and slender bodies are just a few of the characteristics that can be found in both animals.

Why are dogs that look like foxes so popular

The question arises as to why this resemblance is so popular with many people. One reason could be human nature to associate the unknown with the known. Foxes, often depicted in myth and folklore as cunning and crafty creatures, are a symbol of cleverness and adaptability in many cultures. So a dog that resembles a fox could bring this mystical and intriguing quality to the home environment.

In addition, the attraction could also be due to aesthetics. The combination of the fox's wild appearance and the dog's familiar and loyal nature creates a unique blend that many find particularly appealing.

In addition, there is often a deep connection with nature associated with seeing a dog-like fox or a fox-like dog. It's as if a bit of wilderness is brought into domestic life, a reminder of the wild origins of our beloved pets.

After all, such a resemblance is often seen as a sort of "best of both worlds." While dogs are valued for their loyalty, social behavior and affection, foxes are often admired for their independence and survival instincts. So, a dog that resembles a fox is often seen as a combination of these wonderful traits.

In conclusion, the fascination with dogs that resemble foxes may be deeply rooted in the human psyche. It is a mixture of aesthetics, symbolism and a deep connection to nature that makes this particular relationship between dog and fox so interesting and appealing. It is hoped that this special charm will continue to touch many hearts in the future.


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The Shiba Inu is an ancient and esteemed dog breed from Japan, often admired for its resemblance to foxes. With its compact and muscular build, fluffy tail that curves over its back, and distinctive facial expression with slanted eyes, it reminds many of a wild fox. This dog breed is characterized by its independent, confident nature and sharp mind.

Their dense, straight and harsh upper coat, combined with a soft undercoat, comes in a variety of colors, including red, black tan and sesame, adding to their resemblance to the fox. Despite their independent nature, Shiba Inus are known for their loyalty to their owners and can make excellent companions with the right training. Their resemblance to the fox goes beyond just looks; they are also curious, clever, and sometimes a bit naughty. This makes them a unique and fascinating pet, popular in both urban and rural settings.


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The Akita, also known as Akita Inu, is a majestic dog breed that also originated in Japan. Although larger and more powerful than the Shiba Inu, the Akita also has some characteristic features reminiscent of a fox. With a strong, robust body and a dense, double-layered coat that comes in colors such as red, white and brindle, the Akita conveys an image of strength coupled with elegance. His pointed ears and the intense, penetrating look of his slanted eyes are also reminiscent of the sly wild fox.

Akitas have a dignified and calm character, but are also courageous and loyal to their owners. Their independence and intelligence can sometimes make them appear stubborn, requiring consistent training. Their fox-like curiosity and alertness make them excellent watchdogs.

The Akita's resemblance to the fox is not only external; their instinctive behavior, alertness, and intelligence also reflect the characteristics of this wild animal. Thus, the Akita is an impressive breed of dog, captivating in both appearance and temperament.

Finnish spitz

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The Finnish Spitz, often referred to as "Suomenpystykorva" or "Finkie", is the national dog breed of Finland and is known for its lively and friendly nature. With its bright red or golden coat, pointed ears and lively eyes, it strongly resembles a fox. This medium-sized dog has a dense, straight-set coat and a bushy tail that is often curled over its back.

The Finnish Spitz was originally used to hunt big game and birds. He has a unique yelp that was used in bird hunting to alert the hunter to the position of the game. His keen sense of hearing and sight make him an excellent watch dog.

Despite his hunting instincts, the Finnish Spitz is also very popular as a family dog. He is friendly, lively and especially good with children. However, its intelligence and independent nature require consistent training.

Overall, the Finnish Spitz is remarkable not only for its fox-like appearance, but also for its lively and affectionate nature, which makes it a valued companion in many households.

Icelandic shepherd dog

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The Icelandic Sheepdog, often referred to as the Icelandic Spitz or "Íslenskur fjárhundur", is a breed of dog specially adapted to the harsh climate of Iceland. This medium-sized dog is characterized by a dense, water-repellent double coat that protects it from the adverse weather conditions. The coat can be short or long and comes in a variety of colors, including gold, red, black, gray and white.

Its pointed ears, bushy tail, and expressive eyes give it a distinctive appearance that is sometimes reminiscent of Nordic game animals, although it does not explicitly resemble a fox-like appearance.

Originally, the Icelandic Sheepdog was used to guard flocks of sheep and as a general farm dog. Despite its working history, it is also known for its friendly and sociable nature. He is intelligent, adaptable and has a strong herding instinct, which is why he is now popular in dog sports such as agility and obedience.

In summary, the Icelandic Sheepdog is not only a working and companion dog, but also a symbol of Iceland's culture and history. His loyalty and versatility make him a valuable family member in the right hands.

Norwegian lundehund

Dog breed, carnivore, fawn, land animal, companion dog, plant, muzzle, tail, grass, whiskers, Depositphotos / slowmotiongli

The Norwegian Lundehund, a rare and fascinating breed, originates from Norway and was originally developed to hunt puffins. Its small, agile body, reddish-brown to fawn coat, and pointed ears strongly resemble a fox. One of its most striking features is its six fully functional toes on each foot and extremely flexible joints that give it unique climbing abilities. These adaptations enabled him to navigate the steep Norwegian cliffs.

His rough, water-repellent coat protects him from Norway's harsh weather conditions. Despite his specialized hunting skills, the Lundehund is a friendly and adaptable companion. His curiosity and intelligence, combined with his fox-like appearance, make him a particularly charming family dog. In recent years, there have been efforts to protect and promote the breed in order to preserve its uniqueness and heritage.


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The Corgi, with its two main varieties - the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi - is an iconic dog breed that originated mainly in Wales. With its short legs, elongated body, and alert, pointed ears, it is somewhat reminiscent of a fox. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi in particular, which often has a shorter tail, displays this fox-like appearance even more strongly.

Corgis are known not only for their distinctive appearance, but also for their intelligence, temperament and alertness. originally used as herding dogs, they have a strong drive, but are also playful and family-oriented. Their energy and sharp minds make them popular participants in dog sports such as agility.

The Corgi also became known worldwide for its association with British royalty, especially Queen Elizabeth II, who had a special fondness for the breed throughout her life.

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