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German dog breeds at a glance

Learn everything about the most popular and well-known German dog breeds - from the Great Dane to the Dachshund. Here you will find all the info, pictures and tips on keeping.

The 10 most famous German dog breeds

In the diverse world of dog breeds, German breeds hold a special place as they are valued for both their impressive abilities and unique character traits.

Germany is home to some of the world's most famous dog breeds, which are used in a wide variety of fields, be it as working dogs, companion dogs or simply as loyal family members.

In this article, we would like to give you an overview of the most famous German dog breeds, highlight special characteristics and areas of use, and show you why these dogs are so fascinating and popular.

Hund, Säugetier, Deutscher Schäferhund läuft über eine Wiese und ein Feld, Wirbeltier, Ähnliche Rasse wie Altdeutscher Schäferhund, Canidae, Hunderasse, Fleischfresser, Rasse ähnlich Osteuropäischer Schäferhund, Hund ähnlich Königlicher Schäferhund, Shutterstock / ANNA TITOVA

German Shepherd Dog

The German She pherd is one of the most popular and versatile dog breeds in the world. Originally bred in Germany for herding work, the German Shepherd has evolved over time into a true all-rounder. With its intelligence, loyalty and willingness to work, it is not only a sought-after family dog, but also indispensable in many fields of work such as the police, rescue services and as a guide dog for the blind.

The German Shepherd is a medium sized, strong dog with a height at the withers of 60-65 cm for males and 55-60 cm for females. Its coat is dense and straight, with two varieties: the stock coat with undercoat and the long stock coat with undercoat. The colors vary from black to gray, with the so-called "saddle markings" (black-red-brown) also common.

The dog breed is known for its learning ability and adaptability. Sheepdogs are very active and need a lot of exercise and mental workout. Their strong protective instincts and desire to bond make them excellent guard and protection dogs. They are also very social and usually get along well with other dogs and pets.

In the right environment and with adequate education and training, German Shepherds develop into loyal, reliable and versatile companions. It is important to recognize and respond to their needs to ensure a harmonious relationship between dog and owner.

Säugetier, Hund, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, schwarzer Dackel, Fleischfresser, Hund, Jagdhund, Sausagedog Shutterstock / NORRIE3699


Dachshund, also known as dachshund or dachshund, is a German dog breed originally bred for hunting badgers and foxes. With their elongated build and short legs, they are perfectly adapted to penetrating underground burrows. Today, the Dachshund is most popular as an affectionate family dog with a strong character.

Dachshunds come in three different sizes: standard, dwarf and rabbit. Depending on the size, the height at the withers varies between 25 and 35 cm. There are also three coat varieties: Shorthair, Roughhair and Longhair. The coat colors range from red, black, chocolate brown to various drawings such as the tiger or dapple pattern.

The Dachshund is known for its bold, confident and sometimes stubborn character. Despite its small size, it has a strong hunting instinct and can be very active. Therefore, he needs sufficient exercise and mental occupation. Dachshunds are affectionate and loyal, which makes them wonderful companion dogs. With proper training, they also make good family dogs that get along well with children.

Overall, the Dachshund is a charming, versatile and intelligent dog breed. Its special appearance and lively character make it a distinctive and much appreciated companion.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Fleischfresser, Rottweiler, Schnauze, Wachhund, Rasse ähnlich Beauceron, Shutterstock / EKATERINA SOLODILOVA


The Rottweiler is a powerful and imposing German dog breed that has a long history. Its roots go back to Roman times, when they were used as working dogs. The name "Rottweiler" comes from the southern German town of Rottweil, where the dogs were used as butcher dogs and to herd cattle. Today, the Rottweiler is a versatile working dog and loyal family companion.

Rottweilers are medium to large dogs with a height at the withers of 61-68 cm for males and 56-63 cm for females. They have a muscular build and a short, glossy coat that is predominantly black with clearly defined rusty brown markings.

The Rottweiler is an intelligent, self-confident and courageous dog, characterized by its loyalty and protective instincts. With consistent and loving training, it becomes a reliable companion that integrates well with families. The breed requires plenty of exercise and mental activity to develop a balanced nature.

Despite their reputation as a guard dog, Rottweilers are basically loving and affectionate animals that form close bonds with their owners. When properly housed and trained, the Rottweiler makes an excellent and loyal companion, serving well as both a working dog and a family pet.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Boxer, Welpe, Schnauze, Fleischfresser, Begleithund, Boxerhund im Laub gestromt, großer Hund mit Schlappohren Shutterstock / larstuchel


The Boxer is a medium-sized German dog breed that originated in the 19th century from a cross between a bull bitch and a bulldog. Known for their versatility, Boxers are now used as family, rescue and police dogs.

With a muscular build and a withers height of 57-63 cm in males and 53-59 cm in females, the Boxer is characterized by its short, smooth coat in brindle and fawn (dun) colors, often with a black mask.

The Boxer is a lively, energetic and intelligent dog with a protective instinct. His child-loving and playful nature makes him an ideal family dog. He needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to channel his energy in a positive way.

With consistent training, the Boxer will develop into a loyal and reliable companion, demonstrating his abilities and charm in many areas of life.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Dobermann mit kupiertem Schwanz und Stehohren, Canidae, Wachhund, Rasse ähnlich Manchester Terrier, Toy Manchester Terrier, Rasse Pinscher, Shutterstock / OlgaOvcharenko


The Doberman is a German dog breed that was bred at the end of the 19th century by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. Originally designed as a guard and watch dog, the Doberman has evolved into a versatile working dog and is now also used as a police, rescue and sporting dog. In addition, he has established himself as a loyal family dog.

Dobermans are medium to large dogs with a height at withers of 68-72 cm in males and 63-68 cm in females. They are characterized by their elegant, athletic build and short, glossy coat. Coat color varies between black, brown, blue and Isabella (Fawn), each with rusty brown markings.

The Doberman is an intelligent, confident and energetic dog that builds a strong bond with its caregiver. With consistent and loving training, he will develop into a loyal companion who is excellent as a guard dog as well as a family dog.

Because of its high energy level, the Doberman needs plenty of exercise and mental activity to keep it physically and mentally occupied. In the right environment and with the proper leadership, the Doberman proves to be a loyal, reliable and versatile dog that is an asset to the coexistence of man and beast.

Vergleich von grauer Dogge mit französischer Bulldogge, schwarz weiße Französische Bulldogge, Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Fleischfresser, Deutsche Dogge, Wachhund, Arbeitshund, Nicht-Sportgruppe, Shutterstock / Bianca Grueneberg

Great Dane

The Great Dane is one of the largest dog breeds in the world and is often referred to as the "gentle giant". It originated in Germany in the 19th century by crossing English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds and originally served as a hunting and guard dog.

With a height at the withers of 76-86 cm for males and 71-81 cm for females, the Great Dane impresses with its size and elegance. Their short coat comes in a variety of colors, including spotted, black, blue, fawn (dun) and yellow.

The Great Dane is a graceful, sensitive and friendly dog that can be well integrated into families despite its size. It needs sufficient exercise, but also rest periods to stay healthy and balanced.

A loving and consistent upbringing is important to make the Great Dane a well-socialized and obedient companion. Their loyalty and gentleness make them a popular and impressive family dog.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Canidae, Hunderasse, Riesenschnauzer, Fleischfresser,schwarzer Schnauzer mit Stehohren steht auf einer Wiese am See Shutterstock / Elena Kutepova


The Schnauzer is a versatile and robust German dog breed that was originally bred as a guard and working dog. Schnauzers are known for their distinctive appearance, which is characterized by a wiry coat and characteristic beard.

The breed comes in three sizes: miniature schnauzer, medium schnauzer and giant schnauzer. The height at withers varies from 30 to 70 cm, depending on the size. Their coat is low maintenance, and the most common colors are black, pepper-salt, black-silver, and pure white.

Schnauzers are intelligent, energetic and loyal dogs. They are alert and have a natural protective instinct, which makes them well suited as guard and companion dogs. Despite their guard instincts, they are friendly and good-natured, which makes them ideal family dogs.

With consistent training and adequate exercise, Schnauzers develop a close bond with their owners and show themselves to be loyal and reliable companions that excel in both working and family environments.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Canidae, Hunderasse, Weimaraner, Spitzrasse, Fleischfresser, Sportgruppe, Jagdhund im Wald, großer grauer Hund mit langen Ohren Shutterstock / DragoNika


The Weimaraner is an elegant and athletic German dog breed known for its versatile hunting abilities and characteristic shimmering silver-gray coat. Originally bred by the nobles of Weimar for big game hunting, the Weimaraner is now a valued all-around hunting dog and family companion.

With a height at the withers of 57-70 cm in males and 53-65 cm in females, the Weimaraner stands out for its size and slender, muscular body proportions. Its short, dense coat is easy to groom and comes in various shades of silver, mouse gray and blue.

The Weimaraner is an intelligent, energetic and loyal dog. He needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep his strong hunting instincts in check and to develop a balanced nature. Despite his hunting abilities, he is friendly, affectionate and good-natured, making him an ideal family dog.

With consistent training and sufficient activity, the Weimaraner will develop into a loyal and reliable companion who will excel in both hunting and family environments

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Kleine Münsterländer, Rasse ähnlich Deutscher Spaniel, Spaniel, Hund ähnlich Deutscher Langhaarpointer, Fleischfresser, Münsterländer liegt auf der Wiese und hechelt, Hund mit langen Schlappohren die behaart sind Shutterstock / Nagel Photography


The Munsterlander is a German dog breed that is divided into two varieties: the Large Munsterlander and the Small Munsterlander. Both varieties are versatile hunting dogs and are characterized by their elegant appearance and friendly personality.

The coat of the Munsterlander is long, dense and glossy with a brown and white or black and white coloring. It is an energetic, intelligent dog that is used as both a pointing and retrieving dog.

Both Münsterländer varieties make excellent family dogs, as they are good-natured, adaptable and fond of children. They need sufficient exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and balanced.

Consistent training and sufficient activity are crucial to making the Münsterländer a loyal and reliable companion that shines in both hunting and family environments.

Hund, Säugetier, Wirbeltier, Hunderasse, Canidae, Leonberger mit Welpen, Fleischfresser, Riesenhunderasse, Sporting Group, Rasse ähnlich  Estrela Sennenhund, Shutterstock / Akbudak Rimma


The Leonberger is an impressive German dog breed that was originally bred in the town of Leonberg. It is characterized by its majestic appearance, long, dense coat and friendly personality.

With a height at withers of 72-80 cm for males and 65-75 cm for females, the Leonberger is one of the larger dog breeds. Its coat comes in various shades from golden yellow to reddish brown and requires regular grooming to avoid matting.

The Leonberger is a calm, good-natured and adaptable dog that is suitable as both a family and working dog. Despite its size, it is gentle and fond of children, making it an ideal family dog.

Leonbergers require consistent training and sufficient exercise to stay physically and mentally balanced. With proper care and socialization, they will develop into loyal, reliable companions who will prove themselves in both domestic and working situations.

Other remarkable German dog breeds

Besides the most famous German dog breeds, there are a lot of other interesting breeds from Germany. Here are some of them:

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