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Dog accessories 04.12.2020

Dog toys - what you have to watch out for

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Dog toys - this is what you should pay attention to

Dogs want to play. Dogs are allowed to play. Whether it's tug of war games that playfully clarify the position in the pack, intelligence games that provide material for the little head or rather search games for enthusiastic sniffers.

The choice is huge. Especially when a cute puppy moves in, you have to be careful not to indiscriminately buy everything that looks cute.

What should you look for when buying dog toys?

Of course, you don't want the toy to be dangerous for your dog. So the toy should definitely be sturdy and not contain small parts that can fall off or be bitten off. If small parts or possibly the whole toy are swallowed, there is a risk of intestinal blockage.

The toy should be made of non-toxic material - wood and rope are good options. Beware of plastic: softeners are highly toxic! Any paints and varnishes used must be of food quality - it is well known that young dogs will nibble at anything. Leather should not be tanned with chrome.

The toy should not splinter and have no points. Sure, there is no such thing as a truly indestructible dog toy. But it should be able to withstand a lot, whether wild romping or persistent gnawing.

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Which toy is suitable for which dog?

Balls are suitable for various games. They are especially popular for retrieving. They move surprisingly and quickly for the dog and can thus satisfy the dog's hunting instinct. Retrieving games are not yet suitable for puppies, as they can easily overload themselves. They are perfect for active adult dogs. The ball should not have a surface that damages the teeth. The dog must be able to grip it with its mouth, but not be able to swallow it. It is clear that the ball must be made of non-toxic material.

Other throwing toys are also suitable for retrieving. There are various shapes, such as Frisbees or clubs. The same applies to shape and material as to balls.

Tug games are loved by many dogs. They correspond to the social play of dogs among themselves. Suitable toys are available in different variations, from rope to plastic handles. You should not play tug-of-war with puppies, as their teeth and bones can suffer. Physically fit dogs can benefit greatly from a game of tug with you. Make sure that you win sometimes! Tug toys should be safe for the teeth and non-toxic - and fit the size of the dog's mouth.

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Chew toys are especially suitable for puppies or for other dogs that like to nibble. In any case, it should be free of toxins. If it is to help clean teeth at the same time, it needs a somewhat rough surface. Ropes or even edible toys with a rough surface texture are brilliant here.

Plush toys are loved by some dogs for cuddling or retrieving. Here you have to make sure that the plush toy is meant for dogs. Plush toys for children are much less sturdy and often have an interior or individual parts that your dog can swallow.

Intelligence toys are ideal for dogs who aren't allowed to move around much, but also for bright specimens whose heads you want to keep additionally occupied. There is a wide assortment here as well. Since the dog does not get it without supervision, it does not have to be quite as robust as chew toys. In any case, the size should fit the dog's size and everything should be saliva-proof. Which kind of toy your dog enjoys the most, you just have to find out.

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