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Advantages of mixed breed dogs to pedigree dogs

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Advantages of mixed breed dogs to pedigree dogs

If you are currently thinking about giving a dog a new home, then the question also arises, should it be a mixed breed dog or a pedigree dog and why. There are many opinions on whether or not mixed breed dogs have advantages over purebred dogs. Whether or not that can be the case for you depends entirely on your own perspective.

The view that mutts are healthier than purebreds

The opinion that mixed-breed dogs are generally healthier than pedigree dogs is very persistent. Statistically, however, this is not proven. This opinion certainly comes about because there are genetically caused diseases in some dog breeds. But today it looks like that in the breeding it is paid attention to the fact that dogs which are susceptible to diseases are no longer allowed to be bred. Not every dog breed is equally susceptible to diseases. Bad diseases like dachshund paralysis or hip dysplasia are less common today than in the past, because great care is taken in breeding to avoid passing on such diseases. A mixed breed dog can certainly be very stable, healthy and long-lived. If it is one, which comes from the animal protection abroad, this animal can have also bad years behind itself however and must not be necessarily particularly healthy, but only particularly needy.

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Would you like to rescue a dog?

If you are one of those people who care about rescuing a dog from a local shelter, from a foreign kennel, or even from a private person who can no longer keep it, the likelihood that you will then take in a purebred dog is very small. Very often these dogs to be placed are mixed breeds and not pedigree dogs. And if they should be pedigree dogs, it will certainly be difficult to get such a specific pedigree dog.

A big advantage for some people with mixed breed dogs is the price.

Most purebred dogs from breeders do not come with a small price tag. How expensive such a dog can be, of course, always depends on the particular breed of dog. Normally, a mixed breed dog, regardless of whether it was specially bred, came into the world by chance or is mediated through animal welfare, will usually be much cheaper than a pedigree dog. And a dog that is not a purebred can be just as much fun as a dog of a certain breed.

Any dog will grow on an animal lover over time

Another reason to choose a mixed breed dog as your new pet is that every dog has the potential to make a person or an entire family happy with its presence. This dog just has to be a good fit for you. Whether a dog is a good fit for you can be for many reasons. Are you young or old, a household with children or a retired household, a large family with a garden and more? Do you want to do a certain sport with the dog or just go for a leisurely walk? Do you have a lot of space for the dog or not much? Is he allowed to bark because of the neighbours or would that cause problems? Can you accommodate a dog with a lot of urge to move or should it rather be a small and rather comfortable animal?

Would you like to breed dogs?

If you would like to breed dogs, but you don't care about the breed and you don't want to make money, mixed breed dogs can also be suitable. In fact, there are many fans today who are specifically looking for mixed breed dogs - they are sometimes called hybrid breeds or designer dogs.

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