Turkish shepherd dog Kangal as a guard dog Dog guide 29.03.2024

Is the Kangal the most dangerous dog in the world? We clarify

A powerful protector between misunderstanding and truth - the Kangal.

The Kangal, an imposing and majestic dog breed from Turkey, is often the focus of intense debate. Praised on the one hand as an indomitable and loyal protector, it is often feared on the other because of its powerful appearance and strength. This blog post aims to paint a comprehensive picture of the Kangal by shedding light on both the prejudices and the true traits of this breed, reviewing news stories and incidents, and discussing the legalities of keeping them.

Origin and nature of the Kangal

Historical background

The Kangal originated in Turkey and was traditionally used to guard flocks of sheep against predators such as wolves and bears. This historical role has shaped the breed: Kangals are known for their fearlessness, independence and loyalty.

Character traits of the Turkish dog

The Kangal is an intelligent, courageous and patient dog. It is characterized by a deep bond with its family and is often reserved towards strangers. Its upbringing requires consistency and experience in dealing with dogs, as it has a natural leadership ability.

Prejudices and truths

The myths about the Kangal

Prejudices about Kangals range from the assumption that they are fundamentally aggressive to the conviction that they are not suitable as family dogs because of their size and strength. These ideas are often in direct contradiction to the experiences of owners who describe their Kangals as gentle giants.

But the reality is different!

While Kangals are undoubtedly powerful and protective, their aggression is usually not inherent in the breed, but is often the result of inadequate socialization, training or abuse. A well socialized and trained Kangal displays an even temperament and can be a loving companion.

Anatolischer Schäferhund alle Farben Clipart. Verschiedene Fellfarben und Posen.  Vektor-Illustration Depositphotos / A7880S

News and incidents

Kangals are sometimes mentioned in the media in connection with negative incidents. It is important to look critically at such reports and recognize that individual cases are not representative of the breed as a whole. Factors such as lack of experience on the part of the owner or lack of socialization often play a role in undesirable incidents.

Legal situation of keeping

Legal provisions

The legal situation for keeping a Kangal varies from country to country and even within countries. Some regions have specific regulations or requirements for keeping large and powerful dog breeds, sometimes including the Kangal. These can range from the requirement to obtain a dog license to the obligation to keep the dog on a lead and muzzle in public.

Responsible ownership

Irrespective of the legal requirements, the responsibility for keeping dogs in a species-appropriate and safe environment lies with the dog owner. This includes appropriate socialization, training and physical exercise of the dog.

Ein türkischer Kangal-Hund sitzt auf der Straße, umgeben von Schnee. Es ist ein obdachloser Hund; ein streunender Hund. Tiere in der Stadt im Winter. Tier Vs. kaltes Wetter. Haustiere, Haustier. Liebe Hunde. wilde Natur Depositphotos / Dr.MYM

The Kangal is an impressive dog breed whose strength and size often lead to misunderstandings. However, behind the powerful appearance lies a loyal and loving character that comes to the fore when properly trained and kept. It is important to challenge preconceptions and learn about the true characteristics of this breed. Only through understanding, respect and responsible husbandry can Kangals and people live together in harmony.

In the discussion of the Kangal, as with many other dog breeds, the focus should be on the importance of proper training, appropriate socialization and understanding of the animal's needs. A well-socialized Kangal can be a wonderful family dog and a reliable protector. The challenge and beauty of living with a Kangal lies in recognizing and nurturing its strengths while creating a safe and loving environment.

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