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Dog ownership tips 12.08.2020

Sedatives for dogs - alternative medicine and drugs

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Tranquilizers for dogs to calm them down alternatively.

Loud bangs on New Year's Eve, stressful car rides or meeting lots of new people or animals - dogs can react to a variety of stressful situations with anxiety and nervousness. Learn here how you can make such situations more bearable for your four-legged friend.

These exercises will make your four-legged friend more relaxed

If you want to train your dog to react more relaxed in certain situations, you should practice exactly these situations with him. It is important to proceed slowly and to move forward step by step. For example, if your dog is afraid of driving, you should first take him on short trips of about five minutes. Start with one or two rides per week. Each week, increase the driving time by about five more minutes. It is important to repeat the exercise at regular intervals. Sooner or later your dog will realize that driving is not a danger for him. He will gradually get used to the situation and lose his fear of driving. Be patient and give your dogs the time they need to forget their fears.

Calm dog

Sedatives for dogs

If practicing alone won't get you anywhere, there's another solution: homeopathic remedies for dogs. As with humans, every dog has its own character. One loves the hustle and bustle and can't get enough of meeting new people. The other is a bit more anxious and tends to be stressed by such situations. The solution for unstressed dogs: a herbal tranquilizer. Homeopathy for dogs has not been an insider tip for a long time.

The following active ingredients have a calming effect not only on humans but also on animals:

With regular use, the dog should become calmer after five to seven days.

  • Valerian: With daily use of valerian, dogs should become calmer after five to seven days.
  • CBD oil: CBD oil also has a de-cramping and calming effect.
  • Lavender: the smell of lavender also has a calming effect on dogs. Lavender can also be ingested through food.
  • St. John's Wort: The herb, which can lighten mood and relieve anxiety in both humans and animals, should only be used in extreme cases.

However, the most suitable products for calming dogs include Bach flowers in a bottle (e.g. Rescue drops dog).

Bach flowers dog

Bach flower blends help both humans and animals to stay more calm in stressful situations. For example, if your dog suffers from fear of other dogs or objects, Bach flowers are an optimal means to combat this fear. Even if he has to face a situation in which he has already had a bad experience, the flowers will help. Bach flowers for dogs can be found in special pharmacies, pet shops or directly here.

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