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Origin and history

The Basset Artésien Normand, a symbol of French hunting tradition, has a fascinating origin and history.

  • Origin: This breed originated in France, particularly in the Artois and Normandy regions, which explains its name.
  • Development: The Basset Artésien Normand was created in the 19th century by crossing various French hounds. The aim was to breed a smaller, yet powerful hunting dog.
  • Historical significance: Originally, the Basset Artésien Normand was used for hunting small game such as hares and rabbits. Its ability to hunt in dense undergrowth made it popular with hunters.

Suitability and use

The Basset Artésien Normand is not only a skilled hunter, but also a versatile companion.

  • Hunting skills: With its excellent sense of smell and stamina, it is ideal for tracking and hunting in various types of terrain.
  • Family dog: In addition to its role as a hunting dog, the Basset Artésien Normand is also known for its friendly and sociable nature, which makes it a suitable family dog, provided it gets enough exercise and mental stimulation.
  • Adaptability: This breed adapts well to life in the city or countryside and is a pleasant companion in active households as well as quieter lifestyles.


The Basset Artésien Normand is a versatile and robust dog breed, ideal for hunting activities and as a loving family companion. Its adaptability to different living conditions and its friendly nature make it a valuable member of any household. When acquiring a Basset Artésien Normand, its need for regular exercise and mental challenge should be taken into account to ensure its health and well-being.

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Artesian Norman Basset or Basset Artesian Normand sitting on grass Artesian Norman Basset or Basset Artesien Normand dog sitting on grass Norman Artesian Basset at the age of six years Norman Artesian Basset at the age of six years
Alternate Name -
Origin France
Life expectancy 13 - 15 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group Scent hounds
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Character traits of the Basset Artésien Normand

  • Balanced temperament: This dog is characterized by its balanced and calm temperament. It usually remains calm and is rarely aggressive or overly shy.
  • Friendliness and social behavior: The Basset Artésien Normand is known for its friendly and social nature. It gets along well with people and other animals, making it an ideal family dog.
  • Intelligence and trainability: Despite its sometimes stubborn nature, the Basset Artésien Normand is an intelligent dog that responds positively to consistent training.

Temperament and behavior

  • Attachment and loyalty: This breed develops a strong bond with its owners and shows a deep loyalty to its family.
  • Patience and calmness: The Basset Artésien Normand is known for its patience, especially when interacting with children.
  • Independence: Although sociable, the Basset Artésien Normand can also be independent and sometimes needs its own space.


The Basset Artésien Normand is a versatile, friendly and loyal dog, ideal for families and as a companion. Its even-tempered nature and adaptability make it a valued member of any home. It is important to consider his needs for regular exercise and mental stimulation to ensure a happy and healthy life.


Grooming the Basset Artésien Normand

The Basset Artésien Normand, a graceful dog breed, requires an appropriate grooming routine to ensure its well-being.

  • Coat care: The coat of this breed is short, dense and relatively easy to care for. Regular brushing, about once a week, is recommended to remove dead hair and keep the coat shiny.
  • Bathing: Frequent bathing is not necessary. An occasional bath with a mild dog shampoo is sufficient to keep the coat clean and preserve the natural oils.
  • Ear and claw care: The long, hanging ears should be checked regularly for signs of infection and cleaned. Claws need to be trimmed when necessary to support the dog's foot health.

Health aspects

The Basset Artésien Normand is an overall robust breed, but certain health aspects should be considered.

  • Regular veterinary check-ups: Regular visits to the vet are important to monitor the dog's general health and react early to any potential problems.
  • Balanced diet and exercise: A balanced diet and adequate exercise are critical to maintaining the dog's ideal weight and overall health.

Breeding and selection

When purchasing a Basset Artésien Normand, potential owners should proceed with care.

  • Responsible breeders: Choose a reputable breeder who places importance on the health and welfare of the dogs.
  • Health tests: Make sure that the breeder carries out the necessary health tests to rule out hereditary diseases.
  • Puppy selection: Observe the puppy's temperament and health as well as the behavior of its parents.


The Basset Artésien Normand is an easy-care, healthy and loving dog, ideal for families and as a loyal companion. Conscious breeding and careful selection are crucial to ensure a healthy and happy life for this special breed.

Norman Artesian Basset at the age of six years

The Basset Artésien Normand, a characteristic hunting dog from France, is known for its unique coat and distinctive appearance.

  • Coat type: The coat of the Basset Artésien Normand is short, dense and smooth, which makes it easy to groom.
  • Coloring: The typical coat colors are tri-color with a mixture of black, white and brown. The color distribution gives the breed its characteristic appearance.

Visual characteristics

The Basset Artésien Normand impresses with its unique appearance and build.

  • Build: This dog is characterized by its elongated but strong body and relatively short legs, giving it an unmistakable silhouette.
  • Head shape: The head is long and noble with prominent, drooping ears and expressive, dark eyes.

Size and weight

The physical dimensions of the Basset Artésien Normand are important for its agility and functionality as a hunting dog.

  • Size: The average shoulder height is around 30 cm to 36 cm, making it a medium-sized dog.
  • Weight: The weight varies between 15 kg and 20 kg, depending on sex, age and individual constitution.


The Basset Artésien Normand is a medium-sized, compactly built hunting dog with a characteristic, easy-care coat and an unmistakable appearance. Its size and weight make it an ideal companion for hunting trips and a lovable member of the family. When grooming the Basset Artésien Normand, attention should be paid to regular brushing and a balanced diet to promote its health and well-being.

Fur length short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy rugged
Size ♀ 30 - 36 cm
Weight ♀ 15 - 20 kg
Size ♂ 30 - 36 cm
Weight ♂ 15 - 20 kg
Suitable For -

Other medium dogs

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