Dogs from the United Kingdom (UK)

Dogs from Great Britain: A look at the four-legged friends of the United Kingdom.

Dogs are not only man's best friend, but also a reflection of a country's culture and history. When it comes to dogs in the UK, especially in England, there is a deep connection between these four-legged friends and British heritage. Here, we take a look at some of the most famous dog breeds from the UK and how they have become embedded in English culture.

Historical background

England and the United Kingdom as a whole have a long tradition of dog breeding. Many breeds we know and love today have their roots in the British Isles. They were bred to perform specific tasks - be it as hunting companions, shepherd dogs or guard dogs.

Dogs in the English culture

Dogs have always played a central role in English history and culture. They are not only loyal companions, but also work partners and status symbols. In literature, art and even in politics dogs have left their mark. Just think of the many pictures of British monarchs or noblemen proudly posing with their dogs.

In addition, there are numerous events and shows in the UK that focus on dogs. The most famous of these is Crufts, the largest dog show in the world, held annually in Birmingham.

36 Well-known English dog breeds

Dogs are more than just pets in the United Kingdom; they are an integral part of British identity and culture. From the hills of Scotland to the streets of London, the love and appreciation for dogs is evident everywhere. And while the world is constantly changing, the relationship between the British and their dogs remains constant and strong. Below, we introduce you to 36 well-known and beloved English dog breeds.


Hund, Pflanze, Halsband, Fleischfresser, Gras, Hunderasse, Begleithund, Kitz, Hundezubehör, Hundehalsband, Depositphotos / 5seconds

The Beagle, originally from Great Britain, is a medium-sized dog known for its distinctive short coat, often in tricolor (black, brown, white). Its large eyes and drooping ears give it a curious and affectionate expression. Bred for hunting, he has an exceptional sense of smell that makes him a valued scent hound, especially in security services.

Despite his hunting instincts, he is an exceptionally social and friendly animal. He proves his patience and loving nature especially in families, especially when dealing with children. His active and playful nature demands exercise and mental stimulation.

Intelligent, but sometimes stubborn, the Beagle needs consistent training. With proper care and attention, he will become a loyal and fun-loving family member.

Yorkshire Terrier

Junger Yorkshire Terrier hat viel Spaß im Freien Depositphotos / molka

The Yorkshire Terrier, often affectionately called the "Yorkie", originated in England and is known for its fine, silky coat and small size. Despite its petite appearance, it has the bold and energetic character of a true terrier.

Its long, shiny hair in characteristic shades of blue and gold requires regular grooming to maintain its elegant look. Originally, Yorkies were bred as rat catchers in textile mills.

Today, however, they are best known as loyal companions and lap dogs. Their confident demeanor and lively spirit make them perfect city dogs. Despite their size, they are bold and often unaware of their miniature size. They are intelligent, adaptive, and sometimes a little headstrong. With proper training and loving care, the Yorkshire Terrier will become a charming and affectionate companion.

English Foxhound


The English Foxhound, proud heritage of Great Britain, is known for its endurance and keen sense of smell. This sturdy, medium-sized dog is characterized by a dense, glossy coat that is mostly tricolor (black, brown and white). Historically, it was bred for fox hunting in large packs, showing both speed and endurance.

His conformation is strong and harmonious, allowing him to maintain consistent speeds for extended periods of time. Despite his hunting past, the English Foxhound is a sociable and friendly dog that fits well in family environments as long as he gets enough exercise. His even-tempered and loyal nature makes him a pleasant companion.

He is intelligent, good natured and loves the company of other dogs. With consistent training and sufficient exercise, the English Foxhound will become a loyal and happy family member.

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Lustiger Dandie Dinmont Terrier in einem Garten Depositphotos / CaptureLight

The Dandie Dinmont Terrier, a unique breed from the Scottish border region, is a rare and striking dog breed that immediately attracts attention. With its elongated body, short legs, and characteristic "pompom" crown of hair on its head, it is clearly distinguished from other terriers. His coat, which comes in shades of pepper or mustard, is soft and curly and requires regular grooming.

He was originally bred for hunting badgers and otters. His bold and determined character reflects this past. Despite his small size, he shows no fear while possessing a friendly and gentle nature.

He is intelligent, independent and sometimes a little headstrong. As a companion dog, he appreciates being close to his family and often demonstrates a clownish sense of humor. With loving and consistent training, the Dandie Dinmont Terrier will become an unforgettable and loyal companion.

Gordon Setter

Typischer Gordon Setter im Frühlingsgarten Depositphotos / CaptureLight

The Gordon Setter, named after the Scottish nobleman Alexander Gordon, is the largest and heaviest of the setter breeds. It is distinguished by its glossy, jet black coat with chestnut red markings.

This long, wavy hair requires regular grooming to maintain its magnificent luster. Originally bred as a bird dog, he uses his keen sense of smell to track wild birds and then indicate them to the hunter through his characteristic standing behavior. He is an active and energetic dog that needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. His temperament is balanced: he is intelligent, reliable and very loyal to his family.

At the same time, he also shows a loving and gentle side, especially towards children. Although he can sometimes be reserved with strangers, with proper socialization he is a friendly and sociable companion. With consistent training and sufficient exercise, the Gordon Setter will become a loyal and elegant member of any family.

Labrador Retriever

Hund, Fleischfresser, Leber, Hunderasse, Jagdhund, Gras, Pflanze, Begleithund, Hundehalsband, Retriever, Depositphotos / tanitue

The Labrador Retriever, often referred to simply as the Labrador, is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Originally from Newfoundland, he was further developed and perfected in Great Britain.

He has a short-haired, water-repellent coat that comes in the classic colors of black, chocolate and yellow. As a retriever, he was bred for hunting and retrieving game, with his natural affinity for water and gentle mouth standing out.

But it's not just his working ability that makes the Labrador so popular. He is known for his friendly and even temperament. Intelligent, patient and with an unwavering desire to please, he is an ideal family dog and gets along especially well with children. His versatility is also evident in his role as a therapy dog, guide dog for the blind, and in search and rescue missions.

Despite his gentle nature, the Labrador needs regular exercise and mental stimulation. With proper training and care, he will be a loving and loyal companion for life.

Norfolk Terrier

Norfolk Terrier auf der Parkstraße im Herbst Depositphotos / PhotoDanis

The Norfolk Terrier, one of the smallest terriers, originates from the English county of Norfolk. With its wiry, weather-resistant coat and characteristic drooping ears, it is a sturdy little powerhouse.

Originally bred for rat hunting and fox digging, he displays typical terrier courage and is a brave, determined hunter. Despite his small size, he has a great personality: he is lively, curious and always ready for an adventure.

At the same time, he is also a sociable and loving companion who fits in well with families. His intelligence and eagerness make him a quick learner, although he sometimes has a mind of his own. With consistent training, socialization and enough exercise, the Norfolk Terrier will become a loyal and happy companion that enriches life.

Golden Retriever

Heller Golden Retriever sitzend im Gras Depositphotos / AllaSerebrina

The Golden Retriever, often considered a symbol of loyalty and reliability, originated in Great Britain. Its beautiful, wavy golden coat gives it not only its name, but also a majestic appearance.

As a retriever, he was bred for hunting and retrieving game, distinguished by his gentle mouth and love of water. More than a working dog, however, he is a family favorite: his friendly, patient and loving nature makes him an ideal companion for families and children. He is intelligent, eager to learn and eager to please, which makes training easier.

His friendly nature and adaptability have also made him popular in therapeutic roles. Regular grooming of his coat and adequate exercise are essential. With proper training, the Golden Retriever will become an indispensable family member.

Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie Hund, sitzend auf Gras Depositphotos / slowmotiongli

The Bearded Collie, often simply called "Beardie", is a charismatic herding dog from Scotland. Its long, silky coat, often in shades of gray, black, blue or brown, is accented by the typical "beard" hair on its face. Originally bred for working in the Scottish Highlands, he is characterized by stamina, intelligence and a bright disposition.

His friendly and playful nature makes him a beloved family dog. He is energetic and requires regular exercise as well as mental stimulation to be happy. His coat also requires regular grooming.

The Bearded Collie is known to get along excellently with both people and other animals. His intelligence and eagerness make training a pleasure. With loving training and care, the Beardie will become a happy and loyal companion.

Welsh Sheepdog

The Welsh Sheepdog, lesser known than some of its herding dog relatives, is a true treasure from Wales. He is known for his impressive herding abilities and tireless work ethic. His short to medium-length coat, which can come in a variety of hues, protects him from the often harsh climatic conditions of Wales.

This agile and quick dog has been used for centuries to move flocks of sheep efficiently and with precision. His keen mind, combined with a natural herding instinct, makes him an indispensable companion for many sheep farmers.

Although primarily a working dog, the Welsh Sheepdog is also a loving and loyal family dog when given enough exercise and mental stimulation. He is intelligent, alert, and sometimes a bit independent. With proper education and training, the Welsh Sheepdog will become an invaluable and loyal companion.

Parson Russell Terrier

Porträt eines Parson Russell Terriers im Freien, der im Gras liegt Depositphotos / Madrabothair

The Parson Russell Terrier, often referred to simply as the Parson, is a lively and agile breed originally bred for fox hunting in England. Recognizable by its smooth or rough white coat, often with brown or black markings, this compact terrier is a bundle of energy. His bold and determined character reflects his hunting roots.

Despite his small size, there is a real go-getter in him. In the home, he becomes a loving and playful family member, often seeking the center of attention. He is intelligent, eager to learn and easy to handle with the right training. However, his high energy level requires regular exercise and activities to keep his mind occupied.

With consistent training and sufficient exercise, the Parson Russell Terrier will become a tireless and happy companion that enriches family life.

Manchester Terrier

Lieblicher Manchester Terrier Hund steht auf einer grünen Wiese vor grünem Hintergrund und schaut nach oben Depositphotos / thaka11

The Manchester Terrier, named after the English city of Manchester where it was originally bred, is a slender, elegant and athletic dog. His smooth, glossy black coat with sharp tan markings distinguishes him as a real looker. He was originally used as a Pied Piper and his speed and agility are still impressive today.

Despite his athletic nature, he is easy to handle indoors and adapts well to city life. His intelligent and bright nature makes him an enjoyable companion, but he needs clear leadership and regular mental and physical stimulation.

He is loyal to his family, but can be reserved with strangers at first. With early socialization and consistent training, the Manchester Terrier will become a reliable and charming companion who enjoys both active outings and relaxing hours at home.

Border Terrier

Hund, Fleischfresser, Begleithund, Kitz, Hunderasse, Gras, Arbeitstier, Schnauze, Landtier, Canidae, Depositphotos / CaptureLight

The Border Terrier, named for the border region between England and Scotland, is a small but tough dog originally bred for fox hunting in the rugged hill country. His wiry, weather-resistant coat, which comes in a variety of earth tones such as red, grizzle and tan, provides protection from the elements and gives him a distinctive, rustic appearance.

Despite his working roots, he has an incredibly lovable and adaptable nature that makes him an excellent family dog. He is active, intelligent, and always up for an adventure, whether it's an outdoor hike or a cozy game at home.

His size and temperament make him an ideal companion for city dwellers and country lovers alike. While he gets along well with children and other pets, he often retains his hunting instincts. With consistent training and adequate exercise, the Border Terrier will become a loyal and fun member of the household.

Smooth hair fox terrier

Foxterrier posiert im Studio auf grauem Hintergrund. Terrier mit blauem Halsband. isoliert Depositphotos /

The smooth-coated fox terrier, often referred to simply as the fox terrier, is an elegant yet robust little dog with a long history in Britain. Its smooth, glossy coat, typically white with black or brown markings, enhances its noble appearance. Originally bred for fox hunting, he is both courageous and intelligent, possessing a tireless energy.

His alertness and keen mind make him an excellent watchdog, while his lively and playful nature make him a popular family companion.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is not only an active dog, but also a very communicative one. He loves to be the center of attention and can be a real clown at times. Despite his size, he has a great personality and can be stubborn at times, which requires consistent training. However, with the right training and enough exercise, this terrier will become a loyal and fun partner that will enrich family life.



The Bobtail, often known as the Old English Sheepdog, originated in England and is famous for its thick, curly gray or blue coat. Originally used as a herding dog, it has a calm and even-tempered nature.

His fluffy exterior hides an intelligent and loyal heart. He is friendly with children and adapts well to family life. His dense coat requires regular grooming. With proper care, the Bobtail will become a loyal and loving companion.

Flat Coated Retriever

Flat Coated Retriever, Hund steht auf Gras Depositphotos / slowmotiongli

The Flat Coated Retriever is known for its glossy black or liver coat and its always cheerful nature.

This medium-sized breed is characterized by its youthful energy and optimism, which it often retains into old age. Originally bred as a retriever for hunting, the Flat Coated Retriever brings a natural playfulness and a strong desire to please his owner. He is adept in the water as well as on land, making him a popular companion for outdoor activities.

His friendly and sociable temperament makes him an excellent family dog. Regular grooming and adequate exercise are essential for this breed. With proper care and training, the Flat Coated Retriever will become a loyal and fun-loving companion.

English Bulldog

Hund,Fleischfresser,Bulldogge,Hunderasse,Halsband,Rehbraun,Begleithund,Hundehalsband,Schnauze,Sportliche Gruppe, Depositphotos / emmanuellegrimaud

The English Bulldog, with its distinctive wrinkled muzzle and stocky build, is one of the best known and most distinctive dog breeds. Originally bred for bull fighting, she has evolved into a gentle, quiet and often lazy companion. Her calm nature and loyalty to her family have made her a popular pet.

Despite her laid-back temperament, the Bulldog can also be headstrong and needs consistent training. Their short nose makes them prone to breathing problems, especially in hot weather. Therefore, it is important to monitor their physical exertion and provide a cool environment. Regular grooming, especially cleaning their skin folds, is also essential.

With proper care and attention, the English Bulldog will become a memorable and loving family member.

Curly Coated Retriever

Gruppe von Curly Coated Retriever-Welpen posiert zusammen im Freien Depositphotos / ots-photo

The Curly Coated Retriever, with its unique curly coat, stands in the spotlight as one of the oldest retriever breeds. Originally bred in England to retrieve waterfowl, this excellent swimmer excels in endurance and intelligence. His close-cropped curls, which come in black or liver colors, offer him not only a distinctive look, but also natural protection from water and rough terrain.

Although he excels in hunting season, the Curly is a quiet and gentle companion at home. He is reserved with strangers, but shows deep affection and loyalty to his family. With his intelligent nature, he is eager to learn, but can also be independent. Consistent training and sufficient mental and physical stimulation are essential for this breed.

With proper care and attention, the Curly Coated Retriever is a versatile and loyal companion that will shine in the field as well as in the family home.

English Setter

English Setter Hund auf einer Holzveranda liegend Depositphotos / ICherry

The English Setter, with its soft, spotted coat, is one of the most elegant of hunting dog breeds. Originally bred for tracking birds in England, he is a true gentleman both in the field and at home.

He has a gentle and loving nature, which makes him an excellent family dog. His silky coat requires regular grooming. Despite his aristocratic appearance, he needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. A well-behaved English Setter is a loyal and affectionate companion.


Jagdhund English Greyhound geht auf einen Hintergrund aus grünem Gras, Ansicht im Profil Depositphotos / Epitavi

The English Greyhound, often referred to simply as the Greyhound, is known for its impressive speed and elegant silhouette. Originally bred for hunting rabbits, this sleek dog can reach speeds of up to 70 mph. Despite its athletic nature, the Greyhound is surprisingly calm and often even lazy at home.

He is gentle, affectionate and good with families. His short coat makes grooming uncomplicated. While he enjoys short bursts of energy, he is equally content with a cozy nap. A well cared for Greyhound is a loyal and elegant companion.

Border collie

Schwarz weißer Border Collie im Platz Depositphotos / Ksuksann

Often considered one of the most intelligent dogs, the Border Collie is known for its remarkable herding abilities and tireless energy. Originally bred on the border of Scotland and England, he is characterized by his intense focus and need for constant mental and physical stimulation.

His medium-length, dense coat can come in a variety of color combinations. At home, the Border Collie is both affectionate and alert. Because of his intelligence, he requires consistent training and chores to keep him busy. A well socialized Border Collie is an invaluable and loyal companion.

Norwich Terrier

Porträt des netten Norwich Terriers Depositphotos / Lenkadan

The Norwich Terrier is a small, sturdy dog with a big heart. Originally bred in England to hunt rodents on farms and fox hunts, he is characterized by his brave and intrepid nature. His wiry coat, which can come in a variety of colors, gives him a distinctive appearance.

Despite its small size, the Norwich Terrier has a lively and energetic personality. He is intelligent, adaptable and often displays an independent nature.

In a home environment, he is a loving and loyal companion. With consistent training and sufficient activity, the Norwich Terrier will make the perfect family member.

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