Welsh Springer Spaniel

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Welsh Springer Spaniel


Origin and history

The Welsh Springer Spaniel, a pride of Wales, is one of the oldest hunting dog breeds.

  1. Origin:

    • Originally from Wales, this spaniel is closely linked to the history of the British Isles.
    • It was used for bird hunting, especially for flushing and retrieving.
  2. Historical development:

    • It was recognized as an independent breed in the 19th century.
    • Previously often confused with other spaniels, it established itself through its unique red and white coloring.

Suitability and use

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is not only a talented hunting dog, but also a wonderful family companion.

  1. As a hunting dog:

    • He is adept at retrieving both on land and in water.
    • His excellent nose and stamina make him the ideal hunting companion.
  2. As a family dog:

    • The Welsh Springer Spaniel is known for its affectionate and friendly nature.
    • It is fond of children and fits well into active families.
  3. Sports and activities:

    • This breed is excellent for dog sports such as agility and obedience.
    • Their intelligence and trainability make them versatile participants in various disciplines.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a versatile dog that excels both in hunting and as a family member. With its rich history and distinctive appearance, it is a loyal and loving companion. For active people looking for an intelligent and adaptable dog, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is an excellent choice.

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Welsh Springer Spaniel sits in front of a white background Lovely sweet welsh springer spaniel, active happy healthy dog who plays outside. Cute welsh springer spaniel dog at home. Helthy adorable pretty dog. Lovely sweet welsh springer spaniel, active happy healthy dog who plays outside.
Alternate Name Springer spaniel galés
Origin UK
Life expectancy 13 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level high
FCI group Flushing Dogs
AKC group Sporting Group
KC group Gundog Group

Insight into the nature of the Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel, known for its lively and friendly nature, is a charming and versatile companion.

Characteristic traits

  1. Friendly and sociable:

    • This spaniel is known for its pronounced friendliness and sociability.
    • He is people-oriented and enjoys the company of his family.
  2. Energetic and ready to play:

    • An active dog, the Welsh Springer Spaniel has a high energy level and loves to play and run.
    • He is perfect for active families and needs regular exercise.
  3. Intelligent and trainable:

    • With its intelligence and willingness to learn, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is easy to train.
    • It responds well to positive reinforcement and is suitable for many dog sports.

Social behavior

  • Welsh Springer Spaniels are friendly towards other dogs and pets if they are well socialized.
  • They are fond of children and can be a wonderful playmate for children.

Adaptability and sensitivity

  • This breed is adaptable to different living conditions, but needs enough space and exercise.
  • Welsh Springer Spaniels are often sensitive and react to the atmosphere in their home.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel is an excellent companion for active people looking for an intelligent, friendly and energetic dog. Its loving nature and adaptability make it an ideal family dog. With the right training and enough physical and mental activity, this lively spaniel will be an asset to any home.

Adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed in the evening. Adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed in the evening.

Basic care of the Welsh Springer Spaniel

Grooming the Welsh Springer Spaniel is crucial to its well-being and health.

  1. Coat care:

    • The coat is medium-long and silky and should be brushed regularly to avoid matting and knots.
    • Particular attention should be paid to the ears and the fringes on the legs and tail.
  2. Bathing and grooming:

    • Regular bathing keeps the coat clean and healthy. Use a mild dog shampoo.
    • Ear cleaning is important to prevent infections, especially with drooping ears.

Health aspects

  • The Welsh Springer Spaniel is generally a robust breed, but certain health problems can occur:
    • Watch out for conditions such as hip dysplasia and eye problems.
    • Regular veterinary check -ups are recommended.

Breeding and genetic health

  • When breeding, attention should be paid to health screening tests to avoid hereditary diseases.
  • Responsible breeders attach great importance to the health and welfare of the animals.


Thorough care and regular health monitoring are crucial to maintaining the health and vitality of the Welsh Springer Spaniel. Responsible breeding practices help to reduce the risk of hereditary health problems. With the right care and attention, this loving and lively companion will lead a healthy and happy life.

Cute welsh springer spaniel dog at home. Helthy adorable pretty dog.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized hunting dog known for its attractive coat and robust build.

Coat texture

  • The coat of the Welsh Springer Spaniel is medium-long, silky and slightly wavy.
  • It offers good protection against the weather and is easy to care for.
  • Regular brushing is necessary to prevent matting.


  • A red and white coloration is typical for this breed.
  • The red can vary from a deep chestnut to a lighter shade.

Visual characteristics

  • The Welsh Springer Spaniel has a distinctive, harmonious build.
  • It has expressive eyes and characteristic, drooping ears.

Size and weight

  • Height:
    • Males: Approximately 48 to 51 cm shoulder height.
    • Females: Slightly smaller, usually between 45 to 48 cm shoulder height.
  • Weight:
    • Males: Normally 18 to 20 kg.
    • Bitches: Usually 16 to 18 kg.

Special features in grooming

  • Grooming the Welsh Springer Spaniel is uncomplicated, but requires attention.
  • In addition to grooming, it is important to check the ears for cleanliness and health.


The Welsh Springer Spaniel impresses with its attractive appearance and low-maintenance nature. With regular grooming and appropriate exercise, it is an ideal companion for active families or individuals. Its size and weight make it a versatile dog, both for use in the field and as a pet.

Fur length medium
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy rugged
Size ♀ 43 - 46 cm
Weight ♀ 16 - 20 kg
Size ♂ 43 - 48 cm
Weight ♂ 16 - 20 kg
Suitable For Children
Lovely sweet welsh springer spaniel, active happy healthy dog who plays outside.
Adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed in the evening.
Adorable Welsh Springer Spaniel dog breed in the evening.

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