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The 10 most beautiful hiking routes with dog in Germany

These are the most beautiful places to hike with a dog in Germany.

The 10 most beautiful hiking routes with dog in Germany

Hiking holidays are perfect for all dog lovers with active four-legged friends. During the day you have enough exercise and in the evening you can relax and enjoy the hospitality of the most beautiful holiday regions. Here are 10 of the most beautiful hiking routes with dog in Germany:

1. Tegelberg in the Bavarian Allgäu with Neuschwanstein Castle.

The Allgäu offers hiking opportunities with mountains, lakes and wide valleys.

A particularly beautiful day route is the hike from Hohenschwangau over the Tegelberg.

Up you go with the Tegelbergbahn and down via the "Ahornreitweg". At the foot of the mountain, the panorama trail offers unique views of the famous fairytale castle Neuschwanstein. Finally, four-legged friends go into the cool waters of the Alpsee and you off to the next beer garden.

2. the Monbachtal hike in the Black Forest

Dog lovers will find great routes in the Black Forest. The Monbach trail near Bad Liebenzell is recommended. The hiker parking lot is located in the village of Unterreichenbach. The hiking trail is wildly romantic and winding. Here and there the dog can or even has to go into the water. At the shallow crossings there are no bridges, there is stone hopping announced. A huge fun for two- and four-legged friends. Great gastronomy is available at the parking lot and in between as well.

3. dog paradise Lüneburger Heide

The Heidschnuckenweg, which is about 223 kilometres long, runs through the entire nature park. You can start wherever you want and enjoy suitable daily stages or a whole hiking week.

The most beautiful time in the Lüneburg Heath is, of course, when the heather blossoms from the beginning of August to the beginning of September. And the best thing is: the whole nature park is car-free! A dream for Bellos.

4. hike along the Danube in the Swabian Alb

Along the young Danube stretches one of the most beautiful hiking trail networks in southern Germany. On the banks of the river it is almost always leisurely and without major climbs. The tours can be arranged freely over bridges and hiking trails on both sides.

If you like it adventurous, then take the Kloster-Felsenweg from Inzighofen and hike over the Amalienfelsen with bathing opportunity and the Höllenschlucht bridge.

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5. the Weserbergland Trail

The low mountain range between Hann. Münden and Porta Westfalica also offers great routes for people with dogs. It is particularly beautiful in the south of the Solling-Vogler region.

Idyllic landscapes, rolling hills, forests and quaint half-timbered towns are something for leisurely hikers. If you want, you can also walk the entire trail as part of an organised tour, including transport of the dog basket!

6. the Malerweg in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains

The Malerweg is something for fit four-legged and two-legged friends. The stretch with deep gorges and bizarre rock formations sometimes leads over ladders and adventurous bridges.

But there is pure nature and unique views. You can hike the 112 km long long distance trail in individual stages.

7. through the black forest on the west trail

Once along the entire Black Forest on one of the best developed long-distance hiking trails in Germany! It starts near Pforzheim in the north and ends near the sunny wine-growing region of Kaiserstuhl.

The stages in different difficulty levels offer remote valleys, gorges, forests and meadow landscapes.

8. steep coast hiking in Schleswig-Holstein

On the Baltic coast there are no less than five great cliff hiking trails along the rugged coastline. The Brodtener Steilküsten-Weg leads from Travemünde to Niendorf. A path that makes every sea dog's heart beat faster. The trail can be walked in various stages or variants of between 5 and 20 kilometres.

9. around the Mühlenbecker lake in Brandenburg

Only a few kilometres northeast of Berlin the hiking fun starts. Around Mühlenbeck-Summt there is pure nature and well-developed paths. The nature reserve is large, so you won't step on your toes here. In addition to hiking, there is swimming fun, castles and rustic places to stop for a bite to eat.

10. hiking with dog at the Mosel

Wine lovers get their money's worth in the holiday region of Bernkastel-Kues. Tours and paths are equally suitable for large and small, sporty and leisurely four-legged friends.

In addition to hikes in extensive wine-growing areas, there are shady forests and refreshing streams. The Grafschaft hike past Veldenz Castle and along the Veldenzer Bach stream is particularly beautiful.

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