Labrador Corso

Labrador Corso:Cane Corso and Labrador Retriever Mix

Hybrid Breed

Cane Corso + Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso Mix - a hybrid breed.

The Labrador Retriever and the Cane Corso are a popular mixed breed. Both breeds are very different, but when you combine them, you get an intelligent, playful and friendly breed. The Labrador Retriever is an extremely adaptable dog that is a loyal companion. Its natural talent as a retriever makes it a great hunting dog. The Cane Corso is a powerful breed that was bred primarily by Italian farmers and originally served as a guard and protection dog. Its courage and loyalty make it a great companion. This mixed breed is ideal for active families and is often used as a family dog. They are usually described as friendly and lovable dogs that form close bonds with their owners.

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Alternate Name -
Origin Italy - UK
Life expectancy 10 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso Mix - Such is probably his nature.

The Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso mixed breed is a delightful combination of different character traits and attitudes. From the Labrador Retriever is inherited intelligence, friendliness, perseverance and love of work, while the Cane Corso is known for its courage, loyalty and protective instinct.

These mixed breeds are loyal and loving companions and family dogs. They are playful and cheerful and adapt to everyday circumstances. They are playful and bright and have an affectionate nature. These mixed breeds are also easily trained and have a keen ear for the owner's voice.

They are extremely intelligent and absorb new concepts quickly, but it can be difficult to retain this knowledge as they often have short memories. They are less sensitive to stress and respond well to training.

Because of their innate intelligence and abilities, these dogs tend to learn quickly. If properly trained at a young age, they are capable of meeting many expectations, including job training.

These mixed breeds are both persistent and energetic. They like to have extensive walks, playtime, and regular exercise. Therefore, it is important that they get plenty of exercise to stay healthy both mentally and physically. However, it should be noted that they can become overactive if they are not exercised appropriately.

Overall, these mixed breeds are friendly, loving, easy to train and intelligent dogs. They make great family dogs and perfect companions. If properly trained and appropriately maintained, they will be an enjoyable member of the family.

What diseases can occur in Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso mix.

Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixes are known for their loyal, friendly and good-natured personalities. However, this mix of two very popular dog breeds has some specific health concerns to be aware of.

The most common diseases in Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixed breeds are obesity, allergies, congenital musculoskeletal disorders and cardiovascular disease.

  • Obesity is more common in Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixed breeds than in other dog breeds. A healthy diet and regular exercise are important to prevent this.
  • Allergies can be common in Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixed breeds. They are usually due to foods or ingredients in the products they eat or touch. Pet owners should consult a veterinarian to diagnose the allergy and initiate appropriate treatment.
  • Congenital musculoskeletal conditions such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are more common in Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixed breeds than in other breeds. These conditions can be exacerbated by improper training and care of the dog. Therefore, it is important for dog owners to properly train their dog and have health-related examinations performed to detect potential problems early.
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as arrhythmias and cardiomyopathies may also be more common in this breed than others. It is important to monitor the dog's blood pressure and heart rate regularly and have him get regular cardiac exams.

Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixes are wonderful, lovable and loyal companions, but because of their predisposition to certain diseases, owners should have them examined regularly and take seriously any health clues they notice in their dog. In this way, pet owners can reduce the likelihood of disease while improving the quality of life for their Labrador Retriever Cane Corso mixed breed.


Labrador Retriever-Cane Corso mixed breed usually has a soft double coat. It is black, gray or brownish in color. Sometimes there are colored markings on the legs that contrast nicely with the main color. The hair on the body is usually short, while the hair on the ears, on the tip of the tail and on the legs is longer and curly. Most dogs of this breed have a very appealing appearance and can look beautiful for several years.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso mix breed has a compact and muscular build. It usually grows to about 52 cm tall and weighs 45-50 kg. The skin is short and dense, the coat is smooth and quite short. Most have a medium brown, silver or white coat. They have elongated, drooping ears and the tail is usually straight and chunky. The dog's head is broad and strong, with a short, broad bridge of the nose.

Fur length short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Triangle
Tail lang
Anatomy massive, strong, hefty, rugged, massive
Size ♀ 55 - 66 cm
Weight ♀ 25 - 45 kg
Size ♂ 57 - 70 cm
Weight ♂ 29 - 50 kg
Suitable For -
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

    Elbow joint dysplasia is a chronic disease complex of the elbow joint of fast growing dog breeds.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Cardiomyopathy

    In large breeds of dogs, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is by far the most common cardiomyopathy.

  • Overweight

    Often, unfortunately, the dogs very much under excess weight. But the dogs themselves are never to blame!

  • Joint damage

    In some breeds, joint damage can occur later in life, affecting the musculoskeletal system.

  • This breed has an average life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.

  • This breed is characterized by its friendliness, loyalty and intelligence.

  • This breed can be prone to skin problems, eye problems and hip dysplasia. Therefore, regular visits to the veterinarian should be made to monitor the state of health.

  • This breed requires at least 60 minutes of physical activity daily, as well as regular walks, to stay fit and healthy.

  • Yes, with proper socialization, a Labrador Retriever and Cane Corso mix can easily live in a household with other animals.

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