Hybrid Breed

Poodle + Siberian Husky


Siberian Husky and Poodle Mix - a hybrid breed

The Siberian Husky Poodle Mix is an interesting and unique hybrid breed. This striking dog is a productive minded, energetic and loving companion. He is one of the larger "designer dogs" and is a combination of the loyal Siberian Husky and the intelligent, adaptable Poodle. His slender body, strong legs and fierce but friendly gaze make him a desirable companion. His highly patterned blanket offers a huge variety of colors and patterns. The Siberpoo Mix is a headstrong, good-tempered and playful dog. He enjoys long walks and needs regular exercise to stay happy and healthy. Despite his energy, he is a calm and obedient companion who needs love and attention every day.

Alternate Name Huskypoo, Huskydoodle
Origin Germany - USA
Life expectancy 12 - 15 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Siberian Husky and Poodle mix - Such is probably his nature.

Siberian Husky and Poodle mix dog is a very interesting and popular dog breed, which is gaining popularity. This shell dog combines the best features of the two original breeds, making it a unique and friendly family member.

The Siberian Husky and Poodle mix has a triangular head and shiny, shaggy coat, either in a bright gold or white and black pattern. Their bodies are athletic and muscular, but still light and agile, and they also have a lively personality and friendly temperament.

The hybrid is intelligent, hardy and energetic, but also easily trainable and affectionate. He loves to play and run outdoors, so he needs plenty of exercise and activity. Although this dog is quite affectionate, he never forgets to protect his property. Because of his clever mind and alertness, he can be a good guard.

The Huskypoo is a very active but friendly dog that can get along with people as well as other pets. In addition, they brave the cold, making them an ideal choice for people who live in cold climates. They embrace new adventures every day and love to go out on adventures.

All in all, the Siberian Husky and Poodle mix dog is a unique and fun breed that will be a lively and warm family member. They are also easy to train and can quickly adapt to any weather. This dog is very suitable for people who are looking for a loyal and energetic companion.

What diseases can occur in Siberian Husky and Poodle Mix.

Siberian Husky Poodle Mixes are a popular dog breed that is a fascinating blend of both breeds. The most striking features of this dog breed are their shaggy coats, good manners, and ability to adapt quickly to new environments. However, due to their semi-feral heritage, it is important to be aware of the diseases that these mixed breed dogs can have.

One of the most common health problems in Siberian Husky Poodle Mixes is autoimmune thyroiditis syndrome, an autoimmune disease caused by the overconsumption of iodine. This autoimmune disease alters the dog's metabolism and can lead to hypothyroidism, which in turn can cause weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and other symptoms. A healthy diet and regular blood tests are critical to detect and treat symptoms early.

Another possible condition is hypothyroidism, an underactive thyroid gland that is often associated with age. Again, a poor diet and lack of vitamins can cause a dog to suffer from hypothyroidism. Various tests can be performed to determine if hypothyroidism is present. If so, it can be treated with medication and a special diet.

Last but not least, hereditary diseases can also be present in Siberian Husky Poodle mixes. Although these diseases are determined by chance, tests can be done to find out if a dog has a hereditary disease. These tests are especially important when planning to breed an offspring, as the risk of the puppy having the same hereditary disease is higher than in normal dogs.

It is important that owners of Siberian Husky Poodle mixes have their dog examined regularly by a veterinarian. This is the only way to detect and treat possible health problems at an early stage. With proper care and treatment, Siberian Husky Poodle Mixes can have a happy and long life.

A Siberian Husky and Poodle mix has a soft and fuzzy coat. Typically, it has a light base color that blends into darker shades in its back and head. It is a rich shade that often changes from cream to dark gray, brown or black. Sometimes a reddish brown or golden brown sheen can also be spied in the coat. In general, the coat of the Siberian Husky and Poodle mix is long and soft, with a slightly wavy texture. However, it may vary depending on the parents.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Husky and Poodle mix is usually a medium-sized dog that has a thick and soft coat. Most weigh between 10 kg and 20 kg and reach a shoulder height of 36 cm to 43 cm. Their ears are usually erect, their coat can be curly or smooth, and generally it reaches the hips. They can have a mixed color fur, with different shades of white, gray, brownish, black or reddish brown. Their eye color is usually dark brown, but sometimes blue or an amber tone.

Fur length medium
Fur curly - flat coated
Ear shape Floppy Ear - Standing Ears
Tail lang - fanned out
Anatomy slim, sporty, rugged, strong, sporty
Size ♀ 45 - 60 cm
Weight ♀ 16 - 28 kg
Size ♂ 45 - 60 cm
Weight ♂ 18 - 28 kg
Suitable For -
  • Epilepsy

    Definition: Dog has epilepsy if, for example, at least two epileptic seizures occur more than 24 hours apart.

  • Cataract

    Cataracts are still one of the most common causes of blindness, even in dogs.

  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)

    Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a slowly progressive death of the retina in dogs.

  • Patellar problems

    Problems with the Patellar can be a displacement or weak kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs, also because of overweight.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Skin inflammations

    Can be hereditary in certain breeds.

  • The size of a poodle-husky mix depends on the size of its parent breeds.... Normally they are between 30 cm and 60 cm.

  • The Poodle-Husky mix has a long, wavy or curly coat that can come in many different colors, from white to black.

  • Yes, the Poodle-Husky mix needs to be brushed frequently to prevent matting. It is also important to bathe him regularly to keep him clean.

  • The Poodle-Husky mix is a very energetic dog that needs a lot of exercise and activity. He is intelligent and curious, but also very affectionate.

  • Yes, he can be a great family dog and needs lots of exercise. So an active family is just right for this dog.

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