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Dog ownership tips 02.02.2021

Leaving the dog alone in the garden - advantages/disadvantages

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The dog alone in the garden - can that go well?

Happy is he who has a garden! As a dog owner you benefit in a special way from your own piece of green. In the evening your dog can go out without much effort. During the day, the garden can sweeten the life of your waiting dog. For this to work well, you need to follow a few basic rules.

The dog alone in the garden - the advantages

The advantages are obvious. If your dog is alone during the day for a few hours or completely, it does not have to wait locked up. In the garden it is surrounded by nature, has environmental stimuli and entertainment. This simply makes most dogs feel more comfortable than just sitting indoors. Of course, there are some couch potatoes who are actually happier on the couch than on the lawn. But these are rather an exception.

Outside, your dog can also do his business as he pleases. Especially for older dogs this is a welcome luxury.

When you come home, your four-legged friend won't be quite so loaded.

For many dogs it is important to have something to guard or watch over. Your own garden can provide this in a perfect way.

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You have to reckon with these disadvantages

Sounds too good to be true? In some cases, the adventure of a dog alone in the garden doesn't go so smoothly.

Of course, there are dogs that bark passionately and take their guard dog job all too seriously. If the four-legged darling hangs only with the teeth in the garden fence and barks at passers-by, you have a problem. Even simple permanent barkers rarely make themselves popular in the neighbourhood.

If your dog has a fundamental problem with barking, an increased need to be awake or aggression, leaving him alone in the garden is taboo.

Some dogs also feel abandoned and overwhelmed on a large property alone. Or the dog is bored despite the garden.

Besides that, your dog can get up to a lot more mischief in the garden. From digging holes, to digging up plants, peeing all over and breaking out, a lot is possible. Go the adventure dog alone in the garden therefore only if you know it well and have confidence.

When fellow humans or other dogs become a problem

Sometimes it doesn't have to be your dog that causes problems. If there are difficult dogs on neighbouring properties that like to make a racket, your dog can join in.

Passers-by and children can deliberately tease and provoke dogs.

Even though it is a bitter subject, please do not forget that there are also people who deliberately want to harm dogs. Others may just mean well and want to feed your dog. Anything from chocolate to dog biscuits and bones to poison bait can end up on a property with a nearby public path.

Safety tips

Practice leaving your dog alone in the yard before you actually leave. To do this, just pretend you're away. In fact, watch your dog from a safe distance.

Privacy screens and hedges protect dogs, neighbours and passers-by. It's best if outsiders can't see that the dog is alone.

Your property must be secured and fenced in such a way that the dog cannot escape. Please also note that special regulations may apply to list dogs for safety in the garden.

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