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Putting a dog to sleep - The sad process, costs and reasons for euthanasia.

Putting a dog to sleep (having to) hurts. You can find all the information, reasons, the procedure and costs now.

When the end is near: reasons for putting a dog to sleep

Just as you may one day have to deal with your own death, the same is true for your dearest friend, your dog. But how can you tell if the time has come to put your dog to sleep, and how can you and your dog prepare for it?

Reasons to put your dog to sleep

As self-protection from natural enemies, animals in the wild are late to show that the end is near. The instinct of the animal signals it that the time has come. As a result, the animal retreats from the pack to die. Similarly, you should pay attention to your dog's signals. These can be:

  • your dog doesn't like to get up,
  • retreats,
  • ...won't eat..,
  • howling in pain.

It is a balancing act between "Is my dog struggling?" and "Does my dog have enough quality of life despite impairments?". The individual character of the dog is also decisive.

If your pet is in pain, you should put it out of its misery. The welfare of your dog comes first. If your animal still has enough quality of life without agony, you must not euthanize your dog because you want to get rid of a burden. That would be criminal! Listen to yourself and your dog, nobody knows him better than you! He will give you the right signals. If there is any doubt, get the opinion of your vet.

Euthanizing a dog costs

The costs of euthanasia amount to about 100-200 EUR. If it is about the well-being of your dog, you should spare no costs and efforts!

Put dog to sleep Shutterstock / wavebreakmedia

Euthanasia procedure

Is it possible to euthanize your dog at home in familiar surroundings? If not, make an appointment with your vet. Decide in advance whether you will take your dog home afterwards or leave it with the vet. It is best to make an appointment at the beginning or end of office hours so that your dog is not exposed to unnecessary stress in the practice.

As difficult as it may be, it is important that you radiate calm and confidence. Otherwise, your pet will feel uncomfortable and abandoned by the pack. Try to hide your sadness and radiate strength for your dog. Consider going inside for the euthanasia or waiting outside. Take a close person with you for support.

The euthanasia process is not painful for the animal. An animal instinctively surrenders to the course of nature without feelings of fear. Technically, euthanasia is called euthanasia, which means "dying well" in Greek. The animal is given an overdose of narcotics by injection directly into the bloodstream. While asleep under anesthesia, respiratory and cardiac arrest occurs without your dog being aware of it. Larger dogs are given a sedative beforehand.

The emptiness and grief afterwards

Now you can take time to grieve. Everyone handles it differently. Some distract themselves, others withdraw or seek contact with experienced animal friends to share their grief. Your dog will live on in your heart and memory! One day, that void may be filled with a new dog, who will again be unique.

"I have often pondered why dogs have such short lives, and have come to the conclusion that it is out of pity for the human race; for since we already suffer so much when we lose a dog after ten or twelve years, how great would be the pain if they lived twice as long?"

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

It is often difficult for children to let go of their own dog. This children's book is suitable so that they can also overcome and process their grief.

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