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Which dog suits me - Guide

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Which dog breed suits me? - Have you asked yourself this question many times, but still haven't found a suitable answer? Then this guide will help you, because it not only provides information about which dog breed has which special characteristics, but also what you - regardless of the animals - should consider in any case.

The agony of choice - Which dog breed suits me?

Admittedly - who would like to acquire a dog, which stands before a very important decision. Although it is not a child, the four-legged friend holds in many cases an equal responsibility, which is why the decision should be well thought out.

  • Am I up to the responsibility?

  • Do I have the necessary financial means to care for my dog?

  • Can I devote the time to a pet and ensure that it is always sufficiently outside?

  • What kind of habitat does my pet prefer and what do I have to do to ensure that it is kept in a species-appropriate manner?

You should definitely ask yourself all these questions before making the final selection of the right dog breed.

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Since in the puppy stage all dog breeds are still quite sweet and playful, it is difficult to make a decision based on this. After all, dogs grow quickly and undergo a rapid development, which is why you should be prepared for breed-typical as well as individual traits in the later course.

Which dog fits to me tests

In order to make the decision a little easier, you have the possibility to take part in various tests, which, in addition to your interests, wishes as well as your way of life, will also determine the demands you make on your future family member. Afterwards, the answers will be analysed so that in the end you will receive suitable suggestions regarding the appropriate dog breed.

For example, the Fressnapf puppy club, together with the German Kennel Club (VDH), offers a test that serves as a guide for future dog owners. So far, this test covers the 50 most common dog breeds, such as the Golden Retriever, the Border Collie or the Australian Shepherd, and is intended to give you an initial assessment of which breeds specifically suit you and where it might be worth doing further research. In addition, the test also serves to give you a realistic idea of the resources required, such as time or money, so that you can ultimately give your dog a species-appropriate life.

It should be noted that in addition to typical breed characteristics, it is above all the rearing, upbringing and individual character of the dog that can have a particular influence on how the relationship with the dog will later develop.

If you are interested in the test of the Fressnapf puppy club, just follow this link.

Further tests, which can support you additionally with the decision after the correct dog breed, would be to be found under the following links:

  1. Tierchenwelt
  2. Dog club
  3. MyPersonality

Which dog suits me Questionnaire free of charge

On the net you can find some free questionnaires, which can give you information about which dog breeds suit you. All you have to do is enter your current circumstances and the desired character traits of the dog in order to receive a tailor-made recommendation at the end.

You can visit the following sites, for example, which are also completely free of charge:

Dog site

The real me

Important reminder

As the tests and questionnaires are only meant to serve as a support for you, the results should in no case already reflect the final decision. In any case, it is important to talk again with the respective breeders, because they represent with their expertise probably the best advice for you. No matter which dog breed you should choose, a four-legged friend always needs a lot of love and affection as well as time and especially a consistent education.

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