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Jogging with a dog - these are the tips you should follow to make it work

Finally jogging again without 40 degrees temperature. Ideal to take the dog with you for a jog. These tips will help!

Running with a dog - these are the tips you should follow to make it work

Running with the dog

When the days get longer and the first signs of spring sprout from the ground, you want to get going and go jogging? Preferably with your dog. Jogging is a good opportunity to do something for your health and to exercise your dog. To make sure you enjoy jogging with your dog, there are a few rules to follow.

1. which breed is allowed to jog

As a rule, your dog will be thrilled if he is allowed to jog with you. However, he must also have important physical requirements. For example, it would be animal cruelty for dog breeds with short legs like pugs or dachshunds. Also, overweight dogs and breeds with short noses might get air shortage on the way. On the other hand, a Jack Russell wouldn't even break a sweat.

It is best to have your dog checked out by a veterinarian. He should examine your dog thoroughly to exclude illnesses or physical restrictions. This can also become a torture for the dog when running.

2. the obedience must be right

In order for you to be able to jog with your dog without stress, the basic commands must be correct. A curious dog can be distracted by all kinds of things. Be it from other people, children or free running animals that awaken his hunting instinct. But if your dog is still young, you have plenty of time to practice the basic commands. It is possible that your bond will become so strong that it will bind you together like an opaque leash. Especially in the beginning you have to watch your running partner with the cold snout and take a jogging leash first.

3. run small rounds first

Even though your never can have too much exercise, you should not overstrain it at the beginning. That's why you should jog only small rounds at first, in order to build up a certain level of fitness. At the beginning, choose routes where there are few walkers or hikers. Only if these work out, you can gradually increase the amount of running. Why? Quite simply, if you demand too much from your dog at the beginning, he can lose the fun of jogging. Because just like you, your dog must first get used to running.

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4. sport with dog - paw friendly running routes

It goes without saying that when running with your dog, you run on soft ground. Nice forest or field paths would be ideal for your dog's sensitive paws. This is easy on his joints and yours too. Asphalt or gravel paths heat up a lot, especially in the summer, and can burn his paws.

The time of day is also very important. In the summer, you should go running in the cooler evening hours, as dogs do not tolerate heat well. Therefore, you should always have enough water with you. This is just as important for your dog as it is for you.

When running with a dog, adjust the pace.

It's just the way it is: every dog has its own running speed at which it enjoys. Sure, you are the boss, but you should still adapt to the dog. Anything else is uncomfortable for your dog and he will quickly lose interest. It also takes patience to find the right speed. Plan breaks so that your dog can sniff out his surroundings. And remember: never start running on a full stomach. If your dog has eaten before jogging, there is a risk of gastritis.

Running with dog in the forest and park
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