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The American Akita, often simply called the Akita, has its roots in the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. He is originally descended from the Nordic dogs that came to the region with the Ainu, an indigenous people of Japan.


  • Early beginnings: known in Japan as the Akita Inu, this hardy dog originally served as a guard and hunting dog for wild animals such as bears and wild boar.
  • World War II: During this time, many Akitas were killed, either for their fur or to stave off starvation. The population decreased dramatically.
  • Post-War Period: After the war, breeding programs began with different types of dogs, including European and American dogs. This led to the creation of two distinct Akita types: the more traditional Japanese Akita Inu and the American Akita.
  • Expansion: In the 1950s, the American Akita was introduced to the United States and quickly gained popularity.


The American Akita is a powerful, independent and proud dog. His suitability includes:

  • Family Dog: With proper training and socialization, the Akita can be a loving and loyal family dog.
  • Guard Dog: Its protective instinct makes it an excellent guard dog.
  • Needs: It is important to note that the Akita requires consistent training and plenty of exercise. He is not suitable for first-time dog owners.
  • Habitat: A home with a fenced yard is ideal for this large dog.

The American Akita is an impressive dog with a rich history. With the right training and environment, he will become a loyal and protective companion. It is important to understand his needs and strong character to build a successful relationship with him.

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American Akita dog looking at camera isolated on white American Akita outside in green grass American Akita standing with head raised American Akita boy dog lying with head turned to the side on a dark background
Alternate Name American Akita
Origin Japan
Life expectancy 10 - 12 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level high
FCI group Asian Spitz and related breeds
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Basic Character Traits

The American Akita is often described as strong, dignified and courageous. This dog is not only impressive physically, but also in character.

Loyalty & Bond

  • Deep Bond: Once bonded, the Akita remains fiercely loyal to its owner.
  • Family Oriented: Although he often chooses one primary attachment figure, he is loyal and protective of the entire family.

Independence & Intelligence

  • Independent: The Akita tends to be independent and sometimes stubborn. This can make training challenging.
  • Intelligence: His sharp mind requires mental stimulation and consistent training.

Protective Instinct

  • Natural Guardian: The American Akita is naturally suspicious of strangers and shows a strong protective instinct.
  • Territorial: It is important to begin socialization early to avoid excessive aggression or territoriality.

Interaction with other animals

  • Dominance: The Akita often exhibits dominant behavior toward other dogs, especially dogs of the same sex.
  • Caution: early socialization is critical if the Akita is to live with other pets.

In essence, the American Akita is a loyal and courageous companion that requires consistent training and understanding. His deep bond with his owner and natural protective instincts make him an incomparable family dog and guardian. It is important to recognize his character traits and act accordingly to build a harmonious relationship with him.

American Akita dog close up portrait in autumn park American Akita dog close up portrait in autumn park Portrait of American Akita puppy against white background

Grooming Requirements

Coat Care:

  • The American Akita has dense, double coats that require regular grooming.
  • During the main molt, which usually occurs twice a year, it should be brushed daily to remove dead hair.
  • Outside of these times, weekly brushing is sufficient.


  • It is recommended that the Akita be bathed only when necessary, as frequent washing can strip the natural oils from his coat.

Health Aspects

American Akitas are generally healthy dogs, but may be prone to certain conditions:

  • Hip dysplasia: A genetic condition in which the hip bone does not fit correctly into the hip joint.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA): an eye disease that can lead to blindness.
  • Autoimmune diseases and skin problems are also known.

Regular vet visits and knowledge of potential health problems will help keep the Akita healthy and happy.

Breeding tips

If you are considering breeding an American Akita, consider the following:

  • Genetic testing: this is essential to ensure that no inherited diseases are passed on.
  • Standard: Breeders should use the breed standard set by Kennel Clubs as a guide.
  • Socialization: Akitas should be well socialized at a young age to ensure that puppies grow up with an even temperament.

Overall, the American Akita requires careful care and attention to its health. Responsible breeding goes a long way in ensuring the welfare of the breed.

Portrait of an American Akita on the door. Nordic dog.

The American Akita presents with a dense, double coat:

  • Outer coat: the outer coat is coarse and straight, with a hair length of about 5 inches at the withers and on the rump.
  • Undercoat: Theundercoat is soft, dense and shorter than the outer coat. This layer provides the Akita with protection from extreme weather conditions.

Coat colors vary and include colors such as white, black, brindle, various shades of red, fawn and pinto.

Visual Characteristics

  • Head: The Akita has a strong head with deep set eyes and a pronounced stop.
  • Eyes: The eyes are small, dark and have an almond shape.
  • Ears: The ears are small, triangular and point upward.

Size & Weight

The American Akita is a massive and well-proportioned dog:

  • Males:
    • Height: Between 66 cm and 71 cm.
    • Weight: Between 45 kg and 59 kg.
  • Bitches:
    • Height: Between 61 cm and 66 cm.
    • Weight: Between 32 kg and 45 kg.

In summary, the American Akita is characterized by its striking appearance and its robust, dense coat. The breed is known for both its impressive size and proud attitude. A well-maintained Akita will undoubtedly attract many admiring glances.

Fur length medium
Fur -
Ear shape Standing Ears
Tail rolled up
Anatomy rugged
Size ♀ 61 - 66 cm
Weight ♀ 34 - 50 kg
Size ♂ 66 - 71 cm
Weight ♂ 34 - 50 kg
Suitable For -
American Akita dog close up portrait in autumn park
American Akita dog close up portrait in autumn park
Portrait of American Akita puppy against white background
  • Arthrosis

    Osteoarthritis is one of the most common diseases in dogs. Dogs have an innate, strong urge to move

  • Allergies

    Can occur in a number of breeds, regardless of genetic makeup.

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