Hybrid Breed

Boston Terrier + Shih Tzu


Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu Mix - a hybrid breed.

The Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix is a friendly, loving and affectionate dog that gets along well with children and other pets. They are intelligent and easy to train, which makes them a great family pet. Although they can be ornery at times, overall they are a fun-loving and playful breed.

Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu are both popular dog breeds known for their size, friendly nature and intelligence. A crossbreed of these two breeds could have some of the positive traits of both parent breeds, which is why they may make wonderful family dogs and companion dogs. Boston Terriers are known for their active and energetic nature, while Shih Tzu are more known for their calm and relaxed personality. A Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix will likely have a combination of these traits and may also have a pleasant, woolly coat. If you are considering taking in such a mix as a pet, keep in mind that each dog is unique and that its personality is influenced by a variety of factors.

Alternate Name -
Origin USA - Tibet
Life expectancy 10 - 16 years
Care requirements low-maintenance - high-maintenance
Activity level average - low
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu mix - Such is probably his nature.

Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu mixes are exceptionally loyal, loving and friendly. They make great family dogs and get along well with other animals. They are also very playful and full of energy.

These dogs are relatively easy to train and are very intelligent. They are also very low maintenance and do not require much upkeep.

These mixed breeds are relatively healthy, but like all dogs, they are prone to some health problems. These include respiratory problems, eye problems, and skin problems.

Overall, Boston Terriers and Shih Tzu mixes are wonderful dogs that make excellent companions. They are loyal, loving and full of energy. If you are looking for a dog that will be a part of your family for many years, a Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu mix is a great choice.

What diseases can occur in Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu mix.

If you are thinking of adding a Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix to your family, you should be aware of the possible health problems this breed can have.

One of the most common health issues with Boston Terrier Shih Tzus is allergies. These dogs can be allergic to everything from pollen to grass to dust mites. If you notice that your dog scratches frequently or has red, irritated skin, be sure to have him checked out by a veterinarian.

Another common health issue with Boston Terrier Shih Tzus is respiratory problems. Because of their short noses, these dogs often have trouble breathing, especially in hot or humid weather. If you notice your dog panting or wheezing heavily, be sure to take him to a veterinarian to have him checked out.

Finally, Boston Terrier Shih Tzus are also prone to joint problems such as hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. These conditions can be painful and limit your dog's mobility. If you notice your dog limping or having difficulty standing up, have him examined by a veterinarian to determine if he has joint problems.

Although Boston Terrier Shih Tzus can be prone to some health problems, they are generally a healthy and hardy breed. With proper care and regular veterinary checkups, your Boston Terrier Shih Tzu mix can enjoy a long and happy life.

The Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix has a short, soft and dense coat that is predominantly black and white. The exact markings and patterns on the coat can vary from dog to dog, but they all have a combination of black, white and brown on their coats. The Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix is a small dog, so its coat does not require much grooming. A weekly brushing should be enough to keep the coat healthy and clean.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

The Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix is a small to medium sized dog. They weigh between 9 and 13 kg and have a shoulder height of 30 to 40 cm. They have a short, smooth coat that is black and white in color. They have a relaxed and friendly demeanor.

Fur length short - medium
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Standing Ears - Floppy Ear
Tail stubby - rolled up
Anatomy muscular, rugged
Size ♀ 20 - 44 cm
Weight ♀ 4 - 10 kg
Size ♂ 20 - 43 cm
Weight ♂ 4 - 11 kg
Suitable For Children, Beginner, Seniors
  • Shortness of breath

    Difficult breathing can be recognized by the dog's rattling and sometimes accelerated breathing rate.

  • Patellar problems

    Problems with the Patellar can be a displacement or weak kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs, also because of overweight.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Spinal disorders

    However, as the dog ages, this elasticity can be lost and completely inhibited by diseases such as spondylosis.

  • Eye infections

    Chronic eye infections can be very painful in dogs and can be treated with medication. In rare cases, the cornea must be treated.

  • Breathing problems

    Dogs with shortened muzzles can often experience respiratory problems.

  • Patellar luxation

    Patellar luxation is the term used to describe a displacement of the kneecap, which is one of the most common causes of lameness in dogs.

  • Knee injuries

    Some breeds, unfortunately, especially suffer from knee injuries of various kinds.

  • Yes, they can be great family dogs. They are known to be loyal, affectionate and playful.

  • The average life expectancy of a Boston Terrier-Shih Tzu mix is 10-12 years.

  • No, they don't need much exercise. But they like to play and go for walks.

  • The average weight of a Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu mix is about 9 and 13 kg, respectively.

  • The average size of a Boston Terrier and Shih Tzu mix is about 30 to 40 cm.

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