German Sheprador

German Sheprador:German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever Mix

Hybrid Breed

German Shepherd + Labrador Retriever


German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix - a hybrid breed.

You want the best of both worlds? Then the German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix is the perfect dog for you! This mixed breed combines the loyalty and intelligence of the German Shepherd with the friendly and outgoing personality of the Labrador Retriever, making it a versatile dog.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

The German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix typically weighs between 30-45 kg and is 60-70 cm tall. They have a strong, muscular build with a long head and nose. Their coat is medium to long and can be either wavy or smooth. They can also have a double coat, which means they have a layer of down under their top coat. Dogs of the German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix breed can come in a variety of colors, including black, brown, and tan.

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Alternate Name Shepador, shepherd dor
Origin Germany - UK
Life expectancy 9 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level high - average
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix - Such is probably his nature.

German Shepherds and Labrador Retriever mixes are among the most intelligent and loyal companions you could ask for. German Shepherds are known for their trainability, while Labrador Retrievers are known for their obedience and even temperament. Together, you have a dog that loves to learn new things and wants to please its owner.

These dogs make great family dogs as they are good with children and other animals. They need lots of exercise and love to play. They are very protective of their family and home, which makes them excellent watchdogs.

Because of their high intelligence, German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever mix breeds are easy to train. They are great for obedience and agility testing and make wonderful therapy and assistance dogs.

Whether you are looking for a loyal companion or a working dog, a German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix is a great choice.

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What diseases can occur in Shepador

The German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix is a relatively new mix breed that has only been around since the early 2000s.

The German Shepherd Labrador Retriever is a mix of two popular breeds: the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever. As such, they inherit the best traits of both parents. The German Shepherd Labrador Retriever is a loyal, friendly and intelligent dog that makes an excellent family pet. They are also active and need plenty of exercise, so they are best suited for homes with a garden or access to a park.

Like all mixed breeds, the German Shepherd Labrador Retriever can inherit any combination of traits from either parent. This means that some German Shepherd Labrador Retrievers can be more like German Shepherds, while others look more like Labrador Retrievers. However, most German Shepherd Labrador Retrievers are a mix of both parents, with a coat that is somewhere in between the two breeds.

The German Shepherd Labrador Retriever is a relatively healthy breed. However, there are some health problems that this breed is prone to. These include hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, and skin allergies. The German Shepherd Labrador Retriever can also sometimes suffer from separation anxiety.

Overall, the German Shepherd Labrador Retriever is a great breed for families looking for an active and loyal dog. They are relatively easy to train and make excellent companions. However, it is important to be aware of the potential health issues this breed can suffer from.


The German Shepherd-Labrador Mongrel: A Symphony of Breed Characteristics

The German Shepherd-Labrador mix, often called "Sheprador" or "Labrashepherd", combines in itself the characteristic features of two of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Both breeds, the German Shepherd and the Labrador Retriever, bring their own unique physical and temperamental characteristics to this crossbreed, which when combined produces a truly impressive four-legged dog.

Origin of the parent breeds

To truly appreciate the aesthetics of the Sheprador, one must first understand the origin and physical characteristics of the parent breeds. The German Shepherd originated in Germany and was originally bred as a working dog for herds and as a guard dog. These dogs are known for their intelligence, courage and loyalty. Physically, they are large, strong and have a dense, medium-length coat that can come in a variety of colors, but most commonly black and brown.

The Labrador Retriever, on the other hand, has its roots in Newfoundland, Canada, and was originally bred as a hunting and retrieving dog. They are known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and fondness for water. In terms of physical appearance, Labradors are sturdy, medium-sized dogs with a short, waterproof coat that can come in black, chocolate or yellow.

Physical symphony of the Sheprador.

When you cross these two breeds together, you get the Sheprador, a large, powerful dog that combines the best physical traits of both parent breeds. The Sheprador's build is typically muscular and robust, with a size that falls between the sizes of the two parent breeds.

The coat of the Sheprador is typically medium length, with density and texture varying according to the more dominant genes. It is not uncommon to find a Sheprador with a thicker, waterproof coat reminiscent of the Labrador, or one that has a longer, denser coat more reminiscent of the German Shepherd. The Sheprador's color palette can also vary, with most having a mix of their parents' colors. It is possible to find a Sheprador with a predominantly black or brown coat, often interspersed with lighter markings or patches.

Another distinctive feature of the Labrador-Shepherd mix is its eyes. Many of these mixed breed dogs inherit the warm, expressive eyes of the Labrador, which often appear in shades of brown. However, it is also possible that they inherit the sharper, more alert eyes of the German Shepherd. This combination of gentle and watchful eyes gives the Sheprador a unique, piercing appearance.

The Sheprador's ears can also vary. Some might inherit the German Shepherd's ears, which tend to be more upright, while others might have the softer, drooping ears of the Labrador. There are also many Shepradors that exhibit a mixture of both - half upright, half droopy.

In terms of stature, the Sheprador often has a well-defined chest, strong legs, and a broad back that emphasizes his working ability. Its tail is usually long and can be either straight or slightly curved, often with a bushy appearance covered in dense fur.

Fur length long - short
Fur flat coated
Ear shape Standing Ears - Triangle
Tail fanned out - lang
Anatomy massive, strong, rugged, massive
Size ♀ 55 - 60 cm
Weight ♀ 22 - 32 kg
Size ♂ 57 - 65 cm
Weight ♂ 29 - 40 kg
Suitable For -
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  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Elbow dysplasia (ED)

    Elbow joint dysplasia is a chronic disease complex of the elbow joint of fast growing dog breeds.

  • Eye diseases

    Often occur with allergies and intolerances.

  • Overweight

    Often, unfortunately, the dogs very much under excess weight. But the dogs themselves are never to blame!

  • Joint damage

    In some breeds, joint damage can occur later in life, affecting the musculoskeletal system.

  • A German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix typically has a strong, muscular build with a long neck and head. They usually have a black or brown coat, but some may have a mixture of both colors.

  • A German Shepherd-Labrador Retriever mix is usually a friendly and loyal dog. They are intelligent and trainable, which makes them a great family dog. They can have a high prey drive and need extra exercise to burn off their energy.

  • The average cost for a mix of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever is 1600-1800 Euros. If you adopt one, you have to expect a protection fee of about 500 euros.

  • Probably most likely to adopt as a random litter from a breeder or from a shelter.

  • Before adopting a German Shepherd Labrador Retriever mix, make sure you are prepared to provide adequate exercise and training. This breed can be very energetic and needs more space than other dogs.

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