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Dog training 01.03.2021

5 tips for the trick "give paw" - so you learn it to your dog

Johann by Johann, Johann has been a dog dad since 2018 and a dog fan since 1986.

Teach your dog to "give paw" safely with five tips

"Giving paw" is one of the most popular dog tricks - and it's not that hard to learn. We'll show you how to teach it to your four-legged friend.

"Giving paw" - this is how you teach it to your dog

First, have your dog sit down. Hold a treat in your closed fist and hold it at slightly below shoulder height.

He will try to reach the treat, with his muzzle or paw.

As soon as he touches your fist with its paw, you open your fist, say your command and let it eat the treat.

Repeat the exercise a few times, switching hands so it learns both sides.

After a while, hold out only the fist (without the treat), say the command and give it the treat from the other hand when he has touched the fist with his paw.

The next step is to hold out the flat, open hand to your dog and say the command. It gets the treat and lots of praise when he puts his paw on the hand.

As a final step, shake your dog's paw while praising it, then give it the treat.

If the procedure is too fast for your dog, don't scold it, just take a step back. "Giving paw" can be learned by any dog!

Learn to give paw

"Giving paw" - five tips for easy learning

  1. Tip:

    Your dog should know the command "sit" beforehand, because this is the basic position for "give paw". If your dog is not yet ready, wait a little longer.

  2. Tip 2:
    Before you start practicing, think of a voice command and a matching gesture. For example, "Give paw" and the hand open upwards. Then you can be consistent all the time while practicing, it will make it easier for your dog.

  3. Tip:
    You may be lucky and your dog will give the paw on its own. This happens because the little puppies use the paw to stimulate the flow of milk in the nursing mother. So it is a very natural movement. If your dog gives the paw on its own: Praise it a lot and immediately say the command you've been thinking about. Maybe this will help you avoid having to teach it to it first.

  4. Tip:
    Do you want to choose different commands for the right and left hand? Then think about that ahead of time, too, so you can practice it right along with it.

  5. Tip:
    When you can confidently do the "paw give", you can tackle the "high five" next. For this, you hold the hand vertically and a little higher.

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