Hybrid Breed

Pug + Miniature Schnauzer


Miniature Schnauzer and Pug Mix - a hybrid breed.

The Miniature Schnauzer and Pug mix is a fun-loving and affectionate dog that loves to play. They are best suited for families with children and other pets.

Alternate Name Pugschnauzer
Origin China - Germany
Life expectancy 12 - 15 years
Care requirements low-maintenance - high-maintenance
Activity level low - high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Miniature Schnauzer-Pug Mix - Such is probably its nature.

The Miniature Schnauzer Pug Mix is a small, playful dog that gets along well with children. They are intelligent and easy to train, which makes them a perfect family dog. This breed is loyal and affectionate and forms a close bond with its owner. The Miniature Schnauzer is not an overly active breed and is well suited for a small house or apartment. The Miniature Schnauzer Pug mix does not need a lot of exercise, but does enjoy going for daily walks. This breed is not known for barking and is generally quiet in the house.

The Miniature Schnauzer Pug mix is a hypoallergenic breed, making it a good choice for people with allergies. They do not shed much, and their coats are easy to groom. This breed is a healthy mix and is not prone to major health problems. The Miniature Schnauzer Pug mix has an average life expectancy of 12-15 years.

If you are looking for a small, affectionate dog that is easy to train, the Miniature Schnauzer Pug Mix could be the perfect choice for you.

What diseases can occur in Miniature Schnauzer and Pug Mix.

The Miniature Schnauzer and Pug Mix, or "Pug", is a hybrid dog that is a cross between the Miniature Schnauzer and the Pug. This mix combines the best of both breeds into one loyal and loving package. However, as with any mixed breed, there is always the possibility of health problems. The most common health problems in the Miniature Schnauzer-Pug mix are described below.

Miniature Schnauzer Pug mixes are generally healthy, but like all breeds, they are prone to certain health problems. The most common health problems that occur in this breed include patellar luxation, Schnauzer bumps, Pug encephalitis, and von Willebrand disease.

Patellar luxation is a condition in which the knee joint is not properly aligned. This can cause pain and lameness in the affected leg. Moustache bumps, also called sebaceous gland adenitis, is a skin condition that causes bald spots and scaling. Pug encephalitis is a serious disease of the brain that can be fatal. Von Willebrand disease is a bleeding disorder that can cause excessive bleeding during surgery or after an injury.

Although these health problems can be serious, they are all treatable. With proper care and treatment, your Miniature Schnauzer Pug mix can enjoy a long and healthy life.

The Miniature Schnauzer-Pug mix is a small to medium sized dog with a short, square muzzle and a long, straight tail. They have a double coat, with the outer coat being coarse and the inner coat soft. The coat is usually black, but can also be brown, gray or white. The Miniature Schnauzer Pug mix is an active breed that loves to play and needs plenty of exercise.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

Most Miniature Schnauzer-Pug mixes have inherited the long and rectangular body shape of the Miniature Schnauzer. However, because the Pug's body is much shorter and curvier, the overall appearance of the mix is more compact and robust than that of a purebred Miniature Schnauzer. Most Miniature Schnauzer-Pug mixes are somewhere between the two breeds in size, usually measuring between 25 and 30 inches at the shoulder. Their weight is usually between 4 and 8 kg.

Fur length short - medium
Fur flat coated - rough-haired
Ear shape Tilt-ear
Tail stubby - lang
Anatomy massive, square, hefty, muscular
Size ♀ 22 - 39 cm
Weight ♀ 5 - 8 kg
Size ♂ 25 - 39 cm
Weight ♂ 5 - 9 kg
Suitable For Beginner, Children, Seniors, Children
  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Denture malocclusions

    Malocclusions of the dentition often occur in dogs with short muzzles.

  • Shortness of breath

    Difficult breathing can be recognized by the dog's rattling and sometimes accelerated breathing rate.

  • Overweight

    Often, unfortunately, the dogs very much under excess weight. But the dogs themselves are never to blame!

  • Heart disease

    Can occur frequently in dogs and can sometimes be treated with medication.

  • Breathing problems

    Dogs with shortened muzzles can often experience respiratory problems.

  • A Miniature Schnauzer-Pug mix is a cross between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Pug. These dogs are called Schnug or Pugschnauzer.

  • Mixed Miniature Schnauzers and Pugs are usually small to medium in size. They can grow between 25-30cm high and 4-8kg in weight.

  • Pugs usually inherit physical traits from both parent breeds. They often have the floppy ears of a Pug and the wiry coat of a Miniature Schnauzer.

  • Yes, Miniature Schnauzers and Pugs as mixed breeds are generally good with children. They are generally friendly, outgoing and affectionate dogs.

  • No, mixed Miniature Schnauzers and Pugs don't need a lot of exercise. They are relatively low-energy dogs that are content with a few short walks or play sessions per day.

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