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Kong filling - recipes for really tasty Kong fillings

This is how you get the best Kong stuffing.

Kong filling - recipes for really tasty Kong fillings

The Kong is a great dog toy. Not only because it is very robust, but also because it can be filled again and again with other delicacies. So your four-legged friend is wonderfully busy and also receives a tasty reward. The Kong serves also to train the dexterity and the perseverance of the fur noses. It is a wonderful intelligence toy. Thus, the Kong should not be missing in any dog household. To give you an idea of what you can fill this toy with, we have prepared some great recipes for the Kong.

Kong recipes - with these treats your dog is guaranteed happy

When driving, in the restaurant or when visiting friends or family, the Kong is perfect to keep your four-legged friend busy. Of course, in these situations it is not a good idea to fill the Kong with sticky fillings. For these occasions you can fill the Kong with dry food or small treats. This will also give your pelt nose a great reward and keep them occupied for a nice period of time and also calm them down. Many dogs also tolerate driving significantly better when distracted with a Kong.

The Kong can be used with:

  • Dry food

  • sticky goodies,

  • but also with ice

can be filled.

Kong in the mouth of a dog, dog runs over meadow, fill Kong

The most beautiful Kong recipes

Of course, it always depends on what your dog likes and tolerates well. Peanut butter, liverwurst, wet food or even curd, yoghurt or cheese spread are simple fillings that you usually have at home anyway. However, you can offer your four-legged darlings special Kong fillings that taste delicious and are also healthy.

Kong filling with fresh berries

You can use any berries that are in season. Berries are a great fruit for dogs because they are rich in vitamins and minerals, but contain relatively little fructose.

It is best to mash the fruit with a fork and then mix it with quark, yoghurt or cream cheese. You can also use granular cottage cheese. If the consistency is a bit too liquid for you, just mix some oat flakes into the mixture. Fill the delicious cream into the Kong and close the hole with a big strawberry. Crushing the fruit is important because it breaks down the cell walls of the fruit and the dog can better absorb and use the vitamins and minerals it contains.

Kong with mashed potatoes and meat

For this filling, you cook an ordinary mashed potato, which you should not salt. If your dog is intolerant to dairy products, it is best to cook the mashed potatoes with coconut milk or a vegetable drink such as soy milk or oat drink. If your dog tolerates it, you can also grate some cheese into the hot puree. Now fry some minced meat and mix it with the puree. Let the mixture cool down and fill it into the Kong. Please take care that the filling is really cooled down, so that your little darling doesn't burn himself with it. If your dog is used to raw food, you can also stir raw minced meat into the mashed potatoes. But be careful: Please use only beef, poultry or game meat, but never raw pork.

Delicious Kong with ice cream - not only for hot days

For the dog ice cream in the Kong, it is best to put watermelon and apples together with oat flakes in the blender. You can also use any other fruit and puree broccoli or other green vegetables if your dog likes it. Fill the Kong with this and let it freeze in the freezer for at least four hours. This is guaranteed to keep your pelt nose busy for a while, and on hot days, dog ice cream is a great way to cool down.

Moro carrot soup in the Kong

If your dog often has problems with digestion, you can also fill the Kong with Moro's carrot soup, which you thicken with oat flakes. Boil the carrots in water for at least an hour, puree and thicken with oat flakes. Let everything cool down and fill it into the Kong. Wear the Kong with a piece of carrot and the game can begin.

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