Hybrid Breed

Boxer + Weimaraner


Boxer and Weimaraner mix - a hybrid breed

The Boxer-Weimaraner is a mixed breed made up of the Boxer and Weimaraner parents. This elegant and energetic creation is intelligent and more clever than most other dog breeds. It is a very friendly family dog and is a joy to play and exercise with. Boxer Weimaraners are known for their loyalty, but also for their strong hunting instincts. They can grow large and often have an attractive, lively, athletic build. From their parents, they inherit the characteristics of strength, endurance, and adaptability. Their glossy, plush coats can be brown, white or black and they are often very low maintenance in terms of coat care. This breed is known for its courage, sharp mind and positive attitude. It is an enthusiastic companion that is always amiable. The Boxer Weimaraner is a fantastic family dog that will make a great addition to any family.

Alternate Name -
Origin Germany
Life expectancy 10 - 15 years
Care requirements low-maintenance
Activity level average to high - high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Possible character traits of Boxer and Weimaraner mix - Such is probably his nature.

The character and attitude of a Boxer-Weimaraner mix are usually very positive. This mixed breed has many similar traits to its parents, but also some of its own.

This mix is a very energetic breed. He is very lively and likes to be constantly busy. At the same time, he is very intelligent and easy to train. He is also a very loyal companion who wants to protect his family.

This mix is more intelligent than other mixed breeds, which means he is more entertaining and bright. He is very bright and can be learned very easily. This mix also likes to participate in different activities and sports. He is a very agile dog that likes to run, jump and romp around. This is a very good natured dog that is excellent for school dog activities.

The Weimaraner Boxer mix is very passionate, loving and attentive. He is very protective of his family and very loyal. He is also very well socialized. He likes to meet people and make new friends.

In conclusion, the Weimaraner Boxer mix is a very nice, balanced and intelligent dog. He can be a pleasant and faithful companion for everyone. His love and passion makes this mixed breed special.

What diseases can occur in Boxer and Weimaraner mix.

Boxer Weimaraner mixes have become very popular. They are intelligent, eager and energetic dogs. Just like all other dog breeds, Boxer Weimaraner mixes have certain diseases that can appear in them.

One of the diseases that Boxer Weimaraner mixed breeds can suffer from is cervical discospondylosis syndrome (CDS). Symptoms of this disease include pain of the neck, paralysis of the limbs, and movement problems. Surgery is usually required to relieve the symptoms.

Another common disease in Boxer Weimaraner crossbreds is progressive sclerosing panencephalopathy (PSP). This neurological disorder is usually associated with epilepsy and decreased neuronal activity. Treatment is not always possible, but in some cases the disease can be alleviated with behavior modification, environmental adaptation, and medication.

Atopy is also very common in Boxer Weimaraner crossbreds. In this condition, the immune system is hypersensitive to substances that are harmless to healthy dogs, such as pollen, dust, and dust mites. Allergic itching and skin rash are the most common symptoms. In more severe cases, atopy can lead to respiratory problems.

Some Boxer Weimaraner mixes may also suffer from dysplasia, a genetic deformity of the joint. Symptoms include pain, worsened mobility, lameness or difficulty walking. The condition can be corrected with medical treatments or surgery.

As with any breed, it is important to have regular veterinary visits to prevent possible heart disease and other conditions. Regular routine eye exams are also advisable to detect early signs of disease. The right food, a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise can help prevent possible diseases in your Boxer Weimaraner Mongrel.

The coat of a Boxer Weimaraner mixed breed is of medium length and soft. It is smooth lying, somewhat short on the belly, neck and ears, but longer on the tail and legs. The color of the coat can vary and ranges from lighter gray, brown or blue-gray to darker shimmer, the colors are also always mixed with a silver or gold tinge. However, the typical look of a Boxer Weimaraner is a combination of glossy gray with a slight silver tinge and tan. The paws are usually black.

What are breed characteristics of this mix dog?

A Boxer and Weimaraner mix breed is a medium-sized dog that weighs between 25 and 32 kg and is between 60 and 70 cm tall. Its body is muscular and athletic and has a broad chest with short legs and a slender waist. His back is straight but slightly arched. The head is slightly longer than that of the Weimaraner and the Boxer, with long ears that stick out on the sides of the head. The facial expression is alert but friendly. The body of the dog is mostly short haired and can be fawn, gray, brown or black in color.

Fur length short
Fur flat coated -
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy square, hefty, slim, sporty
Size ♀ 53 - 67 cm
Weight ♀ 20 - 29 kg
Size ♂ 57 - 65 cm
Weight ♂ 23 - 32 kg
Suitable For -
  • Epilepsy

    Definition: Dog has epilepsy if, for example, at least two epileptic seizures occur more than 24 hours apart.

  • Kidney disease

    Symptoms of kidney disease in dogs: increased urination (polyuria) increased water intake. Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth. Loss of appetite

  • Wobbler syndrome

    In veterinary medicine, this is the name given to a complex of symptoms caused by nerve damage in the area of the spinal cord or spinal cord nerves in the area of the cervical spine.

  • Cardiomyopathy

    In large breeds of dogs, dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is by far the most common cardiomyopathy.

  • Hip dysplasia (HD)

    Hip dysplasia (HD) is a genetic condition in dogs where the hip joint is not shaped properly. This leads to pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

  • Gastric torsion

    Gastric torsion is a disease in which the stomach rotates around its own longitudinal axis. The cause of the disease is not known.

  • The Boxer Weimaraner mix is a cross between a Weimaraner and a Boxer that is known as a fun, bright and playful pet.

  • The size of each Boxer Weimaraner mix can vary, but most often it is between 21 and 25 inches and they usually weigh between 65 and 85 pounds.

  • Boxer Weimaraner mixes can come in a variety of colors, including maroon, black, gray, and fawn (also known as brindle Weimaraner).

  • Boxer Weimaraner mixes need at least half an hour of physical exercise per day. They also need a lot of mental stimulation in the form of walks and other activities.

  • All dogs can become aggressive under certain circumstances, including the Boxer Weimaraner mix. However, they are usually no more aggressive than other breeds and are more than willing to make friends with their human family.

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