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Dog Guide 07.06.2021

Advantages of pedigree dogs to mongrel dogs

Thomas by Thomas, Thomas has contributed the technical know-wau uh know-how to dogbible and is not only enthusiastic about Japan, but also calls the Shiba his favorite dog, which hopefully will soon be allowed to take up residence in his Rooftopgarden.

Which dog breed suits you?

German Shepherd or Poodle, Pug or Jack Russell Terrier, which dog is right for you? With over 400 dog breeds, the decision is probably not easy. You also have to decide whether you want a pedigree dog or one of the many mixed breeds.

The comparison of a pedigree dog with a mixed breed dog

The choice of your four-legged companion should be made carefully. To do this, you need to know the advantages of a pedigree dog compared to a mixed breed dog. Many dog owners choose a pedigree dog because the appearance and temperament of a pedigree dog are predictable. Over 400 breeds of dogs have been created over time through the purposeful selection of certain characteristics. Depending on the breed, you can assign typical physical features and certain character traits to the dog. If you look closely at a puppy of a pedigree dog, you can already know how big the adult dog will grow to be, what exercise needs your future best friend will have and what tasks you will have in terms of nutrition and care. It is known, for example, that the Beagle is a breed that loves to run and needs daily exercise, or that the Weimaraner is mostly used for hunting.

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The surprise package mongrel

If you decide to get a mixed breed dog, it is like a surprise package. You get a dog that is either the result of mating two animals of different breeds, or your four-legged friend is the result of crossing a pedigree dog with an animal of indeterminate origin. The third possibility is that two mixed breed dogs have mated. The disadvantage of a mixed breed dog is that it is impossible to predict what traits the mixed breed dog was born with from its dog parents. Each mixed breed dog is unique and brings many secrets to its new home that you can discover over time.

Purebred dogs have many advantages

When you choose a purebred dog, you know exactly if the animal will fit your lifestyle. Do you want a dog for hunting, herding a flock, protecting your property, or would you rather have a quiet family dog that gets along well with children and other pets? Your own expectations need to match your dog's needs. There is a world of difference between a Border Collie who wants to run and loves a challenge and a Pug. It would not be correct to say that small, short-legged breeds need little exercise, but not to the extent of a greyhound or the Border Collie mentioned above. In short, the temperament of a pedigree dog is predictable, as is the behaviour, health and character.

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