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Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic


PROFILE: Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic - Origin, History & Suitability.

The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic originates from the picturesque Carpathian Mountains of Romania. There he was traditionally used as a herding and guard dog for flocks of sheep. His name "Mioritic" is derived from "Miorita", a Romanian folk song about sheep.


Historical evidence indicates that this impressive shepherd dog was already present in Romania in the Middle Ages. Its robust appearance and tireless work ethic made it an indispensable companion for Romanian shepherds. In the Carpathian Mountains, an area with harsh weather conditions and potential predators, the Mioritic has proven its abilities as a guardian and protector of herds. It is only in the last decades that he became known and appreciated outside Romania.


The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is not only a herding dog, but also an excellent family dog, provided it is properly socialized and trained:

  • Family Dog: Thanks to its loyal and affectionate nature, the Mioritic makes an excellent family dog. He develops a deep bond with his family and is especially good with children.

  • Guard Dog: His strong protective instincts make him an effective guard dog. However, he is not aggressive and tends rather to scare off intruders by his sheer size and presence.

  • Working Dog: The Mioritic is most comfortable in a rural environment where he can roam freely and use his herding instincts.


The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is a proud symbol of Romanian culture and history. Originally bred in the Carpathians as a herding dog, it has proven to be a versatile companion that can be used as a guard dog as well as a family dog. His loyalty, intelligence and need for regular exercise make him a dog for experienced dog owners.

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Romanian shepherd dog with full face. Romanian miorite shepherd dog lying on the grass. Romanian miorite shepherd dog lying on mountain grass Portrait of miorite Romanian shepherd dog guarding the yard Brasov, Romania - Aug 2019: The Romanian Miorite Shepherd Dog is a large breed of guard dogs that originated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.
Alternate Name Romanian Shepherd Dog, Mioritic, Mocano, Barac
Origin Romania
Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
Care requirements high-maintenance
Activity level average
FCI group Sheepdogs
AKC group Foundation Stock Service
KC group not recognised

Loyal nature

A standout characteristic of the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is its deep loyalty. This breed is known to form strong bonds with their family. They are often reserved with strangers, which is due to their traditional role as a guard dog.

Gentle Giant

Despite its impressive size, the Mioritic often displays a gentle and patient nature. Especially in the family circle, it proves to be a loving and calm companion that often holds children in high regard.


Because of his history as a herding and guard dog, the Mioritic is always alert and vigilant. He has a natural need to protect his territory and family. In doing so, he does not tend to be unnecessarily aggressive, but rather relies on deterrence.

Intelligence and Trainability

The Mioritic is an intelligent dog. With the right approach, he can learn a variety of commands. He responds best to positive reinforcement and needs an owner who is consistent but loving.

Need for exercise

As a traditional working dog, the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic has a high energy level. Regular exercise and mental stimulation are essential to keep him happy and healthy.


The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic combines many desirable traits. He is loyal, intelligent, alert, yet gentle, especially towards his family. With proper training and enough exercise, he will become a loyal and reliable companion.

Portrait of miorite Romanian shepherd dog in heart shape of fence

Care of the dense coat

The coat of the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is long and dense, which requires regular grooming. It is recommended:

  • Brush the coat at least twice a week to prevent matting and remove dead hair.
  • Daily brushing may be necessary during shedding periods.
  • Bathing should only be given when really necessary, as too frequent bathing can strip the coat of its natural oils.

Health aspects

Although the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is generally considered a hardy breed, there are some health problems that may be more common in this breed:

  • Hip dysplasia: A hereditary disease in which the hip joints are not formed correctly.
  • Eye disorders: Some lines may be prone to certain eye problems.
  • Regular veterinary examinations and a balanced diet are important to ensure the dog's health.


Breeding the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic focuses on maintaining its traditional working characteristics. The following points should be taken into consideration:

  • Health tests: before breeding, both parents should be tested for common hereditary diseases.
  • Temperament and temperament: Only dogs with a stable and typical temperament should be used for breeding.
  • Breeding selection should be done carefully to avoid inbreeding and to maintain the genetic diversity of the breed.


The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is an impressive dog whose care and health monitoring should be taken seriously. If interested in breeding, it is essential to be fully informed and always have the welfare of the breed in mind.

Cute sheep dog in the Carpathians

The coat of the Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is one of its most striking features. It is:

  • Long and dense: this provides protection from the extreme weather conditions of the Romanian mountains.
  • Variable in color: Although mostly white, shades of gray or slightly spotted varieties can also occur.
  • Texture: The coat is coarse with a dense undercoat, which gives it a certain resistance to dirt.

Visual appearance

The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is characterized by an impressive and powerful appearance. With a broad head, large, expressive eyes and a powerful stature, it attracts attention. His drooping ears and bushy tail complete the picture.

Size & Weight

The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is a large dog. In terms of size and weight it shows:

GenderHeight in cmWeight in kg
Males70-75 cm50-65 kg
Bitches65-70 cm45-60 kg


The Ciobanesc Românesc Mioritic is a proud and majestic representative of his species. Its striking long coat not only offers protection from environmental influences, but also makes it a real eye-catcher. However, those who choose this breed should be aware of the regular care that his coat requires.

Fur length long
Fur -
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail lang
Anatomy rugged
Size ♀ 65 - 70 cm
Weight ♀ 45 - 45 kg
Size ♂ 70 - 75 cm
Weight ♂ 45 - 45 kg
Suitable For -
Portrait of miorite Romanian shepherd dog guarding the yard
Brasov, Romania - Aug 2019: The Romanian Miorite Shepherd Dog is a large breed of guard dogs that originated in the Carpathian Mountains in Romania.
Portrait of miorite Romanian shepherd dog in heart shape of fence

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