German Wirehaired Sprointer:German Wirehaired Pointer and Springer Spaniel Mix

Hybrid Breed

German Wirehaired Pointer + Springer Spaniel


Origin and history

The German Wirehaired Sprointer is a relatively new mixed breed whose specific origin can be traced back to the purposeful crossbreeding of German Wirehaired and English Springer Spaniels in recent decades. Its purpose is to combine the best of both breeds: The strength and stamina of the Wirehaired and the gentle nature and athletic energy of the Spaniel.

All in all, the German Wirehaired Sprointer is a lovable, active and intelligent dog, suitable for both individuals and families.

Alternate Name -
Origin Germany - UK
Life expectancy 12 - 14 years
Care requirements low-maintenance - high-maintenance
Activity level high - average to high
FCI group not recognised
AKC group not recognised
KC group not recognised

Personality and temperament

Future owners of a German Wirehaired Sprointer can expect an intelligent, friendly and energetic dog. This breed is very active and willing to play, which makes them excellent companions for families with children or active individuals. They have a strong hunting instinct, so they are happiest when either playing freely in a safe area or participating in structured training activities such as agility or retriever work.

Training and Socialization

The German Wirehaired Sprointer's intelligence makes training relatively easy. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are eager to please their owners. Thus, it is recommended that training begin early and be consistent.

Being both friendly and social, German Wirehaired Sprointers enjoy the company of other dogs and people. Early and frequent socialization helps them develop healthy social skills.

Suitability and Attitude

German Wirehaired Sprointers are especially known for their suitability as hunting dogs. From their parent breeds, they have inherited keen tracking noses and a love of field work. Therefore, they make excellent working dogs for hunters and handlers.

But also as family dogs they fulfill all expectations: They are extremely affectionate and affectionate. They are good-natured, playful and get along excellently with children. Their intelligence and desire to please made them easy to train.

However, owners may need to consider their high activity level and need forregular exercise. They need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to maintain a balanced temperament.

Health and Care

Because the German Wirehaired Sprointer is a mixed breed, it can be prone to health problems common in both parent breeds, including hip dysplasia, skin problems, and ear infections. However, with regular vet visits and a healthy diet, many of these problems can be avoided.

As for grooming, the German Wirehaired Sprointer's wiry coat requires regular brushing to prevent matting. They shed moderately and require only occasional bathing.

His nutritional needs are similar to those of other active dog breeds. It is recommended that he be given high quality dog food based on his size, weight, age and activity level.

Health and life expectancy

The Sprointer has an average life expectancy of about 12-14 years. Like all breeds, he has certain genetic health risks. These include hip dysplasia, eye problems and ear infections. Regular vet exams and good care can help support the health and longevity of this wonderful companion.

Breeding and Purchase

The German Wirehaired Sprointer is a mixed breed dog that is the result of crossing a German Wirehaired and an English Springer Spaniel. Both parent breeds are known for their excellent hunting abilities and friendly temperament. It is important to note that breeding a mixed breed dog requires thoughtful and responsible actions to ensure that the puppies are healthy and well socialized. The German Wirehaired Sprointer is a great companion for active families and hunters.

The appearance of this dog can vary greatly depending on which breed is more dominant. Typically, however, they have a medium to large build with a dense, wiry coat that resembles the wire weave of the Deutsch Drahhaar. This coat ensures that they are well adapted to cold and damp weather and is ideal for outdoor activities.

The size of a full-grown German Wirehaired Sprointer can vary between 50 and 60 cm, and the weight is usually between 20 and 32 kg. Thus, it belongs to the group of medium to large dogs.

Fur length short - medium
Fur rough-haired - curly
Ear shape Floppy Ear
Tail short - fanned out
Anatomy sporty, slim
Size ♀ 46 - 64 cm
Weight ♀ 18 - 32 kg
Size ♂ 48 - 68 cm
Weight ♂ 20 - 32 kg
Suitable For -
  • This mixed breed is a very energetic and lively hybrid breed. They are intelligent, adaptable and love to perform a task. Most of them are very social and lovable.

  • As for grooming, the German Wirehaired Sprointer's wiry coat requires regular brushing.

  • This hybrid breed loves to be outside in nature. They need a lot of exercise, play and fun in the water and on the beach. They will also love to learn new tricks and jog new track.

  • Yes. This hybrid breed is very lovable, playful and loves to spend time with the family. They can be easily integrated into any family life and adapt to the daily routine and habits of the family.

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